Mom's Rainbow Twins Are 'Everything' After Several Miscarriages And Seven Rounds Of IVF

Losing a child is never an easy thing to endure, whether it happens at 6 weeks gestation or in childhood. Infertility and loss are one of the hardest challenges this life can throw at you and, with every one out of 10 couples struggling to have a child, it's a lot more common than you think. Emma Rees is one of many moms who has been faced with heartbreak after heartbreak, almost losing hope she would ever have a baby.

In the span of nine years, Rees, now 38, went through three miscarriages and seven rounds of IVF, with most of them failing to even take. Like most people, she and her husband Lyn, also 38, assumed getting pregnant would be easy and began trying soon after getting married.

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As many women can relate, Rees did get a few positive tests over the course of nine years but each one ended tragically in miscarriage, leaving her heartbroken and feeling like she would never be a mom.

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After Lyn suggested they stop IVF because of how much the miscarriages took a toll on his wife, Rees decided to look at things from a different perspective. "Once I'd had time to reflect, I was able to see the positive side- I was definitely able to get pregnant," she says. With a hopeful mind, the couple tried IVF again but to no avail.

After a fourth round of IVF, Rees finally fell pregnant and felt it was so perfectly timed as her sister had gotten pregnant right around the same time. Mid-way through the first trimester, she noticed she no longer felt pregnant. At the 8 week scan, Rees says that "until the day I die, I will never forget the look on the nurse's face when she did the scan."

When her sister gave birth, Rees was right by her side and although devastated that she couldn't have that same thing even after yet another round of IVF, Rees decided that for now- being an Auntie was enough.

Over the next few months, Rees bonded with her little nephew and the strong urge to get pregnant subtly subsided. She felt like a changed person and began opening up to her friends about her struggles. Stopping IVF for two years, Rees gave her body a rest and focused all of her love into her nephew.

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After attempting IVF again and it failing, Rees had a couple more eggs and decided to give it one last go. The doctors transferred two eggs, as one was 'low quality' and shockingly, both took! Although Rees found herself worrying her entire pregnancy, she soon found herself welcoming twins, Sophie and Ollie, who came into the world via emergency c-section 7 weeks early.

Now a busy mom, Rees couldn't be more thankful and is happy she never lost hope.

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