10 Daily Habits To Help Raise A Happy Baby

It’s amazing how adding a few habits to a daily routine can help parents raise a happy baby. We’ve compiled a collection of simple ways mom and dad can create an environment that will boost their baby’s emotional health. It’s astonishing to see just how easy it is to encourage a little one to have a positive outlook on life.

From maintaining eye contact to learning language through listening, infants are hardwired to bond with their parents. By tapping into their baby’s physical and emotional needs, parents will set their infant up for a joyful life. Please enjoy this list of 10 daily habits to help raise a happy baby.

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10 Plenty Of Eye Contact

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Perhaps one of the most important things you can do to raise a happy baby is to establish eye contact with your little one as often as you can. This simple gesture forms an emotional connection between the two of you and will make them feel secure and loved.

Eye contact is a crucial form of nonverbal communication that stimulates emotional and intellectual growth in a baby. Their eyes are always scanning for a connection, so be sure to meet their gaze. It plays a huge role in their literacy and language development. So, take a moment and get lost in each other’s eyes.

9 Respond To Their Cries

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Another powerful step you can take to encourage happiness in your baby is to respond to their cries. It’s especially important during the first 6 months of life to answer their call. Crying is the prime communication that babies use and by tending to them, you lay down a positive emotional foundation.

If you were to ignore your baby’s crying, it could cause them unnecessary anxiety. You can’t spoil a newborn with attention so be sure to respond if they cry. Hold them, swaddle them, show them that they can rely on you for comfort, and you’ll raise an emotionally healthy baby.

8 Feed On Demand

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It’s so important that breastfeeding moms feed their babies on demand. This just means that you watch your baby’s for physical cues that they are hungry and feed them at that time. Be on the lookout for signs like your baby sucking on their wrist or smacking their lips.

By allowing them to set the feeding schedule, your body will produce the right amount of milk to fill their tummy. It may tempting to get your baby on a feeding schedule but it’s so much better to let nature take its course. Your baby will feel so secure if you feed them on demand.

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7 Talk To Them

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One easy daily habit that can help you raise a cheerful child is to make it a point to talk to them often. It may seem silly to have conversations with someone who doesn’t talk back but your little one is quite an avid listener.

So, be sure to tell them a running commentary as you go about your day. Something as simple as talking about colors while you fold the laundry or talking them through a diaper change can do so much to encourage their language development. This interaction is crucial and will make them feel so safe and secure.

6 Make Sleep A Priority

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Healthy sleep can play a huge role in raising a content baby. One way that you can encourage a sleep schedule is to start a bedtime routine. Perhaps you could give them a warm bath before you put them to sleep or have snuggle time in the rocking chair.

It’s also important that you make naps a priority as well. Life can be busy, so don’t sweat it if your baby falls asleep in the car on the way to their sibling’s soccer practice. Yet, if you can schedule your day around your baby’s naps, they’ll get much better sleep in their own crib.

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5 Try A Pacifier

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This next topic can be a bit controversial. Many professionals urge breastfeeding moms not to give a pacifier to their baby to avoid nipple confusion as they get the hang of breastfeeding. We totally respect this perspective but can also see the benefits of pacifier use.

There are several pros to using a pacifier. This handy little tool can help soothe a fussy baby in no time. It can help tame a gassy tummy and could even prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. If your baby has colic or cries often, you’d be smart to let them suck on a pacifier.

4 Validate Their Emotions

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Another way to help raise a joyful baby is to make it a point to validate their emotions. This simply means that you acknowledge your infant’s feelings. By showing them that you care about how they feel, they will feel understood. This plays a big role in their emotional intelligence.

It’s never too early to show your baby that their feelings matter. Be there for them when they cry and don’t dismiss their emotions. A hug and kiss can go a long way when a little one is upset or struggling. This will help build their self-esteem and set them up for happiness.

3 Read To Them

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There are several habits that can enrich your little one and boost their brainpower at the same time. One way to help raise an emotionally stable child is to read to them daily. Be sure to have plenty of books around the house and spend some time reading to them every day.

Bedtime offers a great opportunity and reading could easily be worked into a bedtime routine. By taking the time to read to your little one, you’ll instill a love for books that will help both their language and literacy. Your baby will enjoy bonding with you over a good story.

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2 Playtime Is Important

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Parents who are hoping to raise a happy baby might be surprised at just how simple it can be to add small habits to your daily schedule. Giving your baby plenty of playtime is an easy way to create an upbeat environment and foster happiness.

Babies learn so much when they're allowed to play and explore their world. It’s even more effective if you get down on the ground and interact with them. It may seem silly to stack blocks and knock them down over and over but your baby will love spending time playing and being silly with you.

1 Take Care Of Yourself

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The best way that you can help raise a happy baby is to make it a point to take care of yourself. There are several steps you can take to become a happier mom. It’s so important for you to make self-care a priority because it will give you the energy needed to face motherhood with confidence.

From finding a support group to making time for your spouse, it’s so healthy for you to focus on you. Be sure to fit in daily exercise and get plenty of sleep. A happy mom is much more likely to raise a happy baby.

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