Ranked: 13 Babies That Came From 90 Day Fiancé (And 2 The Mamas Already Had)

90 Day Fiance is a reality show like no other. It chronicles the romantic ups and downs of couples who have decided to tie the knot early on in their courtships...but that’s just the beginning. Explaining the show’s fascinating premise, IMDB.com states, “Using a unique 90-day engagement visa, [foreign fiancees of US citizens] travel to the US to live with their fiancees for the first time. Each couple has 90 days to wed before the visas expire and the [fiancees] must return home.” Talk about pressure!

Despite the seemingly stressful and wildly unconventional ways the couples who have appeared on the show since 2014 began their lives together, many of them have been able to make their relationships work, and have started families together.

The babies that have resulted from 90 Day Fiance unions have been celebrities from the moment they arrived on earth. They may not know it yet, but someday they’ll be all-too-aware that their parents shared the early days of their courtships with millions of viewers, for better or for worse.

These famous tots are beloved by fans of the show, but some are getting a little more love than others. Read on for 13 bundles of joy from 90 Day Fiance (and two who have been around since before their parents became bonafide reality television stars). 

15 Axel Mayfield


Axel Mayfield has been a major celeb in his own right from the moment his famous mom and dad shared the joyous news that he was on the way. Paola and Russ Mayfield are one of the most controversial, polarizing and well-known couples to ever appear on 90 Day Fiancé.

Axel’s mama has a huge following on social media, and the pics she shares of her little man garner likes from around the world. Little Axel may be tiny, but the love fans have for him is astronomical.

Speaking about the adoration she has for her newborn on social media, Palo has shared, “I feel so blessed and I can’t believe I’m a mom now! I’m ready to start this new adventure and be the best mom for baby Axel.”

14 Eleanor Louise Castravet


Eleanor Louise Castravet entered the world just three weeks after Axel Mayfield, and is another celebrated addition to the 90 Day Fiance family. Her parents, Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet, appeared on season five of the show.

Soon after Eleanor’s arrival, her mom and dad told E! News “We welcomed her on January 23 at 6:13 a.m., weighing in at 6 lbs., 11 oz. This is such a joyful and amazing moment for us. We have never felt this rewarded in our lives and we are looking forward to our bright future as a family of three.”

They continued, “Thank you so much to our fans for their continued support and love during our journey.”

13 Olivia Eloshway


Bouncing baby Olivia Eloshway is every bit as adorable as her lovely parents. She arrived right after the new year to 90 Day Fiance alums Mike and Aziza Eloshway.

The news of her birth became public knowledge after Aziza captioned a shot of her man snuggling their new baby, "Guess who's here [heart emoji] Little Miss Olivia Joan."

Mike wrote on social media, “Our princess has arrived! Welcome, Olivia Joan! Great job, mommy!” He has said of his wife, whom he met online, “I never expected to fall in love with someone who lives halfway around the world.”

12 Alex Frend 


Steven Frend and his lady love Olga Koshimbetova are in their very early 20's, and are among the youngest couples to appear on 90 Day Fiance. They recently became new parents to a beautiful baby boy, Alex, but have had to spend their first few months as parents apart.

As of January, Olga was still living in Russia with their new baby waiting for clearance to return to the US. 

According to SoapDirt.com, “Fans will be happy to learn that Steven, Olga, and their baby boy Aleksander ‘Alex’ Frend are about to be reunited for good. Steven jetted to Russia this week to escort his new little family back to [the US] to start their new lives together at last.”

11 Liam Cox


Alan and Kirlyam Cox won the hearts of 90 Day Fiance viewers everywhere when they appeared on the show’s first season. They met while Alan was on a mission for the LDS church in Brazil.

Kirlyam was in labor with her little man for 20 hours, and told People magazine, “It was an absolute unique experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I was overcome with pure joy I had been carrying him inside of me for nine months, and in an instant, he was in my arms.”

The new mom also told the mag, “Alan and I honestly could not be happier right now...We look forward to all the happiness Liam will bring into our lives.”

10 Avah Walters 



Avah Walters is the adorable daughter of Melanie and Devar Walters. The couple appeared on season three of 90 Day Fiance, and have since been described as one of the show’s most successful couples. 

Little Avah has become quite the social media darling since her November 2017 arrival. Her proud papa shares adorable pics of his precious princess with his many followers on a regular basis.

One of the most notable photos Devar has shared of his darling daughter was a pic snapped right after her birth in which he is wearing scrubs and holding his newborn baby close. He captioned the shot “My world.”

9 Isabelle Otto


Isabella Otto is the adorable daughter of Brett and Daya Otto. The proud parents met on an online dating service, and Daya moved to the US from the Philippines to be with her man soon after they met.

Brett has a daughter, Cassidy, from a previous relationship. Daya and Brett are now married and welcomed Isabella to the world in the summer of 2017.

Speaking about his new daughter, Brett shared on his family blog, “Our family is now complete. Now we can focus on our jobs and travel. One goal we have for next summer is to bring Cassidy with us to the Philippines.”

8 Jedidiah Frishmuth


Jedidiah Frishmuth is the firstborn son of Danny and Amy Frishmuth. The two met in Australia on a Bible study trip, and the rest is 90 Day Fiance history. Amy is from Cape Town, South Africa and Danny hales from Norristown, Pennsylvania.

Amy and Danny may have grown up on two separate sides of the world, but their instant connection knew no bounds. The couple was married in 2014, and have since welcomed two children into their family.

Jedidiah is now nearly 4 years old, a fact that prompted his mama to post an adorable pic of her little man to social media along with the caption, “My wild, crazy, fun, cuddly, and oh-so-sweet almost 4-year-old! HOWWW?”

7 Anna Frishmuth


Anna Frishmuth is Amy and Danny's second child. Amy has her hands full with two little ones in tow, but she’s incredibly thankful for her handsome husband and two beautiful babies.

Speaking about her baby girl, the mother-of-two recently wrote on social media, “She’s my quiet one (probably because Jeddy doesn’t give her a chance to say a word), and when she does speak I’m always surprised by her vocabulary.”

Amy continued, “She’s smart and observant, she’s not one for cuddles or tickles, it takes a little more effort to make her laugh but when she does it feels like I’ve hit the jackpot...I absolutely love this little girl.”

6 Kaya Strobel



Kaya Stroble is the firstborn daughter of Aleksandra and Josh Strobel. The proud parents met while Josh was on an LDS mission in Russia. It didn’t take long for Aleksandra to convert to his faith, after which the two became engaged and eventually wed.

Since Kaya’s arrival in March of 2016, her complexion and hair color have caused speculation among suspicious fans.

The rumors eventually led both Aleksandra and Josh to disable their social media accounts for a time. The couple did take to social media right before the new year to announce they are expecting their second child together. The family now resides in Australia where Josh is attending medical school.

5 Oliver Pulaa


Oliver Pulaa is the firstborn child of 90 Day Fiance alums Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa. Since their stint on the show, Kalani and Paul have kept a pretty low profile, but fans can’t get enough of the adorable couple and their beautiful baby boy.

SoapDirt.com has reported, “Fans [can’t] help but gush over Asuela and Oliver’s very own cooking show, filmed by none other than Kalani. Most of the videos feature the father and son duo cooking...traditional Samoan dishes."

Kalani and Asuela tied the knot in September of 2018, and made sure their little man was a big part of their special day. The pair recently revealed that one-year-old Oliver will soon become an older brother.

4 Baby Boy Pulaa 


Kalani recently revealed on social media that she is expecting a baby boy. On January 10th, she told her followers “We’re having another boy. I’m now 24 weeks and due at the end of April.”

Fans are anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby boy Pulaa. Kalani has admitted on social media that her second pregnancy has been a rough one. She has shared, “I haven’t done many pregnancy updates because I haven’t been doing very well both mentally and physically.”

The reality star continued, “I’m so thankful that my mom’s in town for a while so I can have a break and finally start nesting. I’m fortunate to have such strong women in my life who help me when I’m struggling.”

3 Baby Staehle



Paul and Karine Staehle are the newest 90 Day Fiance couple to announce they’ve welcomed a baby to the world.

Pierre Staehle arrived on March 22, 2019, and, while he was hospitalized for a few days due to Jaundice, Paul has since revealed on social media that mom and baby are now both at home and doing well.

The couple chose to take a break from social media during Karine’s pregnancy. Right before going dark, Paul shared, “At the start of the New Year we will be taking a long break as a couple from all social media...because we want to be drama free as we prepare for the birth ”

2 May Nafziger


May Nafziger is the daughter of Nicole Nafziger. According to Nicole, May’s biological father has never been in the picture. She and her fiance Azan Tefou appeared on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, and many have speculated that their relationship has seemed strained from the start.

Despite these observations, and the fact that the pair has not yet set a wedding date, it’s apparent that Tefou loves little May. He is a hands-on future stepdad who dotes on his future step-daughter whenever he sees her.

When asked on social media what the future holds for she and Azan, Nicole replied, “We want to add two more to our family! So [three] including May."

1 Kensley Hopkins


Kensley Hopkins is the youngest daughter of Molly Hopkins. Molly made waves among 90 Day Fiance fans when her love story was featured on season five of the show. She met Luis Mendez, who is many years her junior, while on holiday in the Dominican Republic.

He asked for her hand in marriage soon they met, and the two were wed in July of 2017. Mendez moved into Hopkins’ Woodstock, GA home, but didn’t love helping her raise her two daughters, one of whom isn’t much younger than he is.

He eventually walked out, and Molly decided to divorce him. Kensley is a bright spot in Molly’s life, and has stayed happy and upbeat through it all.

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