15 Of The Worst Moms Ever

For most, Being a mom is the most amazing thing in the world. Some people never feel complete until they have children. Some others however, should never have been allowed to have kids. While most moms are worried about making sure that their children grow up in a loving and caring home, there are other moms who are either completely narcissistic, emotionally abuse their children, set their kids up for failure, or even murder their own kids. Some moms use having kids as a way to get a man to stay with them, and some who have kids decide they simply just do not want them anymore and they then do the unthinkable and then there are celeb moms we just love to hate even if it is for no good reason at all.

In today's society everything gets uploaded to social media so, even if you haven't committed a horrible crime, odds are even the smallest parenting mistake a mom makes will end up on the internet for all to judge. Everyone has their opinions and whether a mistake was really made or not we all seem to need someone to hate on. Sometimes all it takes is one little mistake for the internet to go wild and a mom to, whether she meant to or not, become the most hated mom ever. So, from simply not being there enough for their children, all the way to murdering them, here is a list of 15 of the most hated moms of all time and what they did to earn that title.

15 Casey Anthony - Accused Of Murder

Casey Anthony made national headlines many times after her daughter Caylee Anthony's death. Caseys mother, Cindy reported Caylee missing on July 15th 2008 by making a call to 911. Caseys mom stated that she had not seen Caylee in 31 days and that Casey's car smelled like a dead body. Casey eventually admitted that she had not seen her daughter in weeks and then tried to accuse a nanny of kidnapping her.

Caylee's remains were found inside of a plastic trash bag in nearby woods and Casey was charged with first degree murder when her story just didn't add up. Caseys defense argued that Caylee had drowned and that Caseys father had disposed of the body. After a six week long trial and little to no evidence Casey Anthony was set free and found not guilty. She became the center of focus for a while as people noticed that, although her daughter had just passed, she was out partying and never once grieved over her daughter. Many believe that she just wanted to rid herself of her parental duties, thus making her one of the most hated moms ever.

14 Katherine Knight - Cooked Her Boyfriend For Dinner

Katherine Knight, born in October of 1955, was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole in 2001. Katherine was married to David Kellett, who was warned by Katherine's mother that he better not ever cheat on Katherine because she (Katherine) is crazy and would kill him. Katherine was very dominant over David and seemed to have played the role of the man in the relationship. She was always very violent towards him. Despite the violence the couple went on to have two children together.

Katherine ultimately ended up leaving David. She had three other relationships following the end of her marriage as well as two more children. Katherines final relationship was with John Price, who already had three daughters from a previous marriage. As with all of her other relationships this one was very violent. Price refused to marry Knight and that upset her very much. One night during one of their fights she stabbed him 37 times. She then decapitated him, made soup with his body parts, and served it to their children. It's easy to see why she made the list of 15 of the most hated moms.

13 Jenelle Evans - The Bad Teen Mom

Known for starring on the MTV show, teen mom 2, Jenelle Evans quickly became one of the most hated moms on the show, underneath of course, Farrah. Janelle has been known to have drug and alcohol problems. Custody of her son, Jace, was awarded to her mother, Barb. Janelle had a second son named, Kaiser with a man named, Nathan. She has been seen on tv saying that her second child Kaiser is un-managable and very bad, but perhaps she just is not mom material.

Janelle is now dating a man named, David and they are now pregnant with her third child, Ensley. She has been arrested in the past and her arrests include charges of drug possession, breaking and entering, and assault. In 2013 she completed rehab for a heroin addiction and has since tried to gain back custody of her first born, Jace, but it was denied. Janelle has faced a lot of hate through social media, but is currently working on getting her life back in order.

12 Barbara Atkinson - Locked Her Daughter In A Closet

Barbara Atkinson, a woman from dallas, is very easily one of the most hated people of all time. She locked her one daughter in a closet without food or water, trying to starve her to death and forget she existed. Barbara only referred to the girl as “it” or “that girl” to other children and it is still to this day unknown as to why she singled out this one specific child. Some of the children would try to sneak food to the girl, but if they were caught they would be beat.

The girl, 9 years old at the time, was rescued and adopted by a loving couple who have been there to help her get over what had happened to her. The girl is now full grown and has appeared on the DR.Phil show to talk about what happened to her, she is still affected by it to this day. Barbara has made an apology on video, but appears to have little emotion behind the apology.

11 Nadya Suleman - The Welfare Queen

Also known as, Octomom, Nadya Suleman became very popular when people discovered that she was pregnant with eight babies at once and decided to carry them to term. The octuplets were the second set of octuplets born that actually survived. The world followed her pregnancy and delivery very closely, but once everyone discovered that she already had six other children, was unemployed, and receiving government assistance, everyone started to hate her. She began receiving death threats and there were protests outside of her home, people feared that her decision to have 8 more babies would cause harm to taxpayers. The octuplets were planned, despite her being unemployed, they were conceived via IVF.

Nadya was featured on many tv shows and magazines, such as DR.Phil and the Oprah Winfrey show. Despite being offered money to star in a reality T.V show, Nadya ended up filing for bankruptcy and went back on welfare. In an effort to raise money to live, she ended up doing porn after receiving many plastic surgeries earning her an award for best celebrity sex tape of 2013. She then received even more hate, making her probably the most hated mom in all time.

10 Susan Smith - Rolls Her Family Into A Lake

Susan smith is currently serving life in prison, after she intentionally drove her children into a lake while they were strapped into their car seats. Susan had two little boys, 3 year old Michael, and 18 month old Alexander. The case gained international attention because she had claimed that a black man had stolen her car and kidnapped her children. She did later, however, confess to strapping the two boys into the car and letting it roll into a lake, ultimately leading to their death.

She was quoted saying that there was no motive behind the incident and that it was not planned, that she simply just was not in her right mind. Susan is said to have mental health issues, but of course one would think she would have to have some type of mental illness in order to do such a horrifying thing. We may never understand how some of these women do these horrendous things to such precious innocent children.

9 Patricia Krentcil - Took Her 5-Year-Old Tanning

Everyone loves a good tan, it's nice to have a little color, some people however take it way too far. Patricia Krentcil, better known as, tanning mom, came into the spotlight when she took her 5 year old daughter to a tanning booth in new jersey. The 44 year old was charged with second degree child endangerment after the 5 year old suffered from a severe sunburn from the booth. Patricia of course faced a lot of backlash for this, but even though it is against the law. She was not indicted. She has since become somewhat popular on social media, but for all the wrong reasons. It is a wonder how Patricia herself has not suffered from any burns or medical conditions, as she is so tanned that you can not tell what her original skin tone was. This is another mom who people seem to love to hate.

8 Brenda Slaby - Forgot Her Toddler In The Car

Moms have it tough, things get hectic, they get stressed, forgetful, and overwhelmed, but is that an excuse for the horrible tragedy that happened to Brenda Slaby's daughter? Brenda has appeared on Oprah after being dubbed the most hated mom in America. Some have come to her defense saying that accidents happen and that we should all leave the mom to grieve in peace. Others are crying neglect and believe that she should be locked away.

It was hot day in august and Brenda’s husband, Gary, usually takes their one daughter to daycare and the other to a babysitter. Today however, he asked his wife to take the one girl for him since he was running late. Brenda loaded up the 2 year old girl into her car and drove off around 6 am that morning, realizing it was too early to take the girl to her baby sitter, Brenda took her with to do some errands. The young girl fell asleep in the car, and the silence caused the mom to forget that she was there.

Not realizing it the mom went on about her day and went to work, at about 4 pm that day as she was getting ready to leave work a coworker, who had walked past her car, came running in saying “BRENDA YOUR BABY IS IN YOUR CAR” of course, it was too late and the little girl had already passed away. Brenda received a lot of hate for what had happened, making her one of the most hated moms of all time.

7 Andrea Yates - Ended Her Children's Lives

Andrea yates, said to have been suffering from postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis, was convicted of capital murder in 2002 and she was sentenced to life in prison. In 2006, during a retrial, she was moved to a high security mental health facility. One day, yates was left alone with her five children, despite the doctor warning her husband against it. Her mother-in-law was supposed to come over to her house an hour after her husband left her alone, to take over for her, as she still needed time to recoup after a psychiatrist determined that she was suicidal. In that hour that she was alone however, yates managed to kill all five of their children.

She started with three of her boys, drowning them and then laying them in their beds. She then drowned her daughter in the tub and left her there, when her last little boy came into the bathroom and asked her what was wrong with his sister, she chased after him. She drowned her last son and left him in the tub with his sister. She then called 911 and her husband and told him to come home immediately. The fact that she was having so many problems and still left alone with the children makes one wonder if she should be the most hated one here or the husband for allowing it.

6 Mama June - Brings A Violator In The Home

Mamma June got her start when her daughter, known as honey boo boo, was on the show, toddlers and tiaras. The family gained a lot of attention for their weird ways, and mamma junes high weight. They even ended up with their own show called, of course, here comes honey boo boo. The family became the center of some drama when junes oldest daughter had been molested by the man that june was seeing at the time, one day when june was at work. The man left the family and that was the end of it...or so they thought. Until someone photoshopped a picture of june and the man in bed together stirring up a whole lot of hate and causing the show to be cancelled.

Mamma June most recently had a show of her own called, mamma June from hot to not, where she transforms her life by losing a lot of weight and having her extra skin removed. In the show she seems like a pretty decent person, and I personally feel for her in this series. June seems to be another one that people just love to hate. This also goes to show that we can't believe everything we see online.

5 Mary Ann Cotton - 21 Victims

Mary ann cotton, born in 1832, was a convicted serial killer, and hanged for her crimes. Mary had thirteen kids of her own and she is said to have had around 21 victims, 3 of them being her husband's, and eleven of her thirteen children. Mary liked to poison her victims using arsenic. Her reason behind killing off her three husbands was to collect their insurance policies.

She even had a show, dark angel made after her. Following her death, like with Lizzy Borden, Mary had a nursery rhyme made up about the horrendous crimes that she had committed. The nursery rhyme is as follows,

“Mary Ann Cotton, she's dead and she's rotten

Lying in bed with her eyes wide open.

Sing, sing, oh what should I sing?

Mary Ann Cotton, she's tied up with string.

Where, where? Up in the air.

Selling black puddings, a penny a pair.

Mary Ann Cotton, she's dead and forgotten,

Lying in bed with her bones all rotten.

Sing, sing, what can I sing?

Mary Ann Cotton, tied up with string.”

Also known as the black widow, it is easy to understand how Mary ended up on this list, having had killed 11 of her own children, she is understandably one the most hated women of all time.

4  Farrah Abraham - A Dirty Role Model

Taking a step back from moms whose kids died, here is a mom who, although she hasn't abused her child in any way (that we know of) is still one of the most hated moms in the world. Getting her start on the hit Mtv show, 16 and pregnant, Farrah has since become a bit of a narcissist. She's known for how poorly she treats her parents and anyone who interacts with her.

Farrah became talked about a lot on social media after a sex tape was “accidentally” leaked of her and fans began calling her a bad mother. One of the stars on the show with her, Macey, even threatened to leave the show as she did not want her son associated with being on a show with a porn star. The drama doesn't stop there, however, Farrah has since then launched a sex toy line, and has had multiple plastic surgeries. This is one celeb everyone seems to love to hate, from her rude behaviour, to her poor adult choices fans still can't seem to get enough.

3 Heather Martin - Films Disturbing Pranks On Her Kids

Heather Martin, from the former youtube channel, daddy o five, was at the center of an abuse scandal when fellow youtuber philip defranco brought to light the horrible things that were taking place in heather and her husbands videos. In one such video they are seen “playing a prank” on the one kid cody, who's not heathers kid. The video, however, is no laughing matter as they scream and curse at the boy until he is in tears, and then yell at him some more crying.

Looking at their other videos, this behaviour was not uncommon. They always seemed to pick on Cody, they can be seen hitting and pushing the boy in several videos. Custody has since been given back to Codys real mom, who came forward saying that heather had forged adoption papers. The internet went crazy sending them all types of hate mail and threats and she quickly became, rightfully so, one of the most hated people on the internet.

2 Kate Gosselin - Fame Over Family

Kate Gosselin, A 42 year old woman from Pennsylvania, was a just an average woman. She was a nurse, married an amazing man named john, and had two beautiful twin girls, but that all changed when she became pregnant for a second time. Kate became pregnant with sextuplets! Yeah, that's right, six babies!

Being pregnant with so many babies at once the family was quickly signed for a show on the tv network, NBC. things slowly started to go downhill from there. John and Kate divorced, and the fame seemed to go to Kate's head. She became controlling and some even say verbally abusive towards her children. Recently she was in the news for having the cops called on her for a custody dispute and john has been seen using the hashtag, #help save the Gosselin kids from abuse. Kate has faced a lot of backlash on social media and easily became a very much so hated mom.

1 Kim Kardashian - The Superficial Role Model

We all know who Kim K is, though most of us aren't quite sure why she became famous to begin with. Most hate Kim, and her family, because she has no real reason to be famous other than her looks. Kim and her family have been given their own T.V show, keeping up with the Kardashians. Kim has undergone multiple plastic surgeries to perfect the look that she sports today. Married to her also hated husband, Kanye west, Kim and Kanye have given birth to their son, saint west and daughter, north west. Kim has come out publicly saying that she unable to have any more kids, but would like more in the future. Of course, it is easy to have as many kids as one wants when they don't need to be there to care for them all the time and can afford a nanny. Kim Kardashian is indeed one of the most talked about celebs and receives a lot of hate and mockery.

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