Ranking Baby Outfits: From Most To Least Comfortable

Baby clothing is a massive industry, and moms are always trying to find the best clothing for their little ones. But sometimes the best clothing isn't always the most stylish, or the most expensive. In the world of baby fashion, it's all about comfort. Babies don't really care about looking good or following the latest trends. Those are adult problem. Babies just want to stay comfy and get through the day without throwing a tantrum. And that's why the best baby clothes in the world are the most comfortable.

But sometimes, it's just not that clear which clothes are actually the most comfy. Baby clothes can come in all different shapes, fabrics, and styles. It's definitely hard to make the right choice, especially with so many new trends popping up. In this article, we're going to rank 20 baby outfits from most to least comfortable. Mom might be surprised which ones win a high ranking, and which ones are all the way down at the bottom. Sometimes, comfort levels depends on the baby. After all, adults find certain clothing more comfortable than others, often for reasons which depend totally on their personality... And babies are no different.

Here are 20 common baby outfits, ranked from most to least comfortable.

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20 Just A Good Old-Fashioned Onesie


Sometimes, you just can't beat the classics. And when it comes to baby clothes, a good old-fashioned onesie usually does the job just fine. And in terms of comfort levels, there's not much that comes close. Onesies represent the perfect baby outfit, and they make mommy's life easier, too.

Onesies are easy to put on and take off, and they're totally comfortable for the baby, too. There's nothing really constricting or inhibiting the baby's movements, and they'll love wearing these things. A few snap buttons on the bottom make them great for diaper changes as well.

19 Kimono Tops Are So In Right Now


Kimono tops for babies are a close second place in terms of overall comfort. This is a relatively new trend in the baby fashion world, but it's one that we really love. Why is the Kimono so comfy for our little ones? It's all down to that flowing, luxurious design. It's also built in the same way as a dressing gown - with a sash or a small tie to hold everything in place.

This amazing design makes it easy to dress the baby, and change them if their diaper needs checking. Kimonos are just made to be comfortable, and babies love them.

18 Dresses


Most people would agree that dresses are reserved for female babies. Or not. Whatever floats your boat. Actually, boys and girls were dressed in long gowns just a few decades ago, and until a certain age babies were seen as essentially genderless.

But enough about that. Are dresses really comfortable for babies? The answer is a resounding yes. Dresses are the ultimate outfit choice for flowy, non-constricting clothing, and babies will definitely feel super comfy when wearing them.

17 Rompers Are A No-Brainer


If any of our readers have ever worn a romper, then they already know how insanely comfortable rompers can be. Seriously, whoever invented these things deserves a Nobel Prize. Well, the good news is that you can dress your baby in a matching romper, and it's probably one of the most comfy outfits for your little one.

Rompers are made to be flowing and luxurious. And the good news is that boys can wear them too! It's essentially just a onesie with shorts added on, so it's pretty unisex. The only reason why rompers aren't higher in this list is the fact that they might be hard to take on and off.

16 Fleece Makes For Great Outwear


Outerwear is definitely a challenge when we dress our little ones, and there's a number of factors that we have to keep in mind. Sure, we all want to keep our babies warm in the cold weather, but overheating is actually a huge concern as well. That's why in colder temperatures, fleece really shines.

Fleece is an amazing fabric, because it's great in pretty much any weather. When it gets too hot, fleece doesn't get too warm and sweaty. But in the cold, fleece does an amazing job of keeping the baby warm with just a thin layer of fabric. And fleece is of course an incredibly comfy fabric.

15 Clothing With Snaps Is The Best


When picking out baby clothes, it's tempting to think in terms of style and flair. But every veteran mommy knows that logic must play a huge part in the baby clothes we pick out. Good fashion is all about functionality, and the baby fashion world is no different.

That's why the best baby outfits are the ones that feature snap buttons. These are the easiest to handle when you're dressing and undressing your baby, and it only takes a few seconds of effort to get everything snapped into place. Zippers and traditional buttons just don't stack up, and they'll be less comfy for the baby throughout the day.

14 Bloomers - Why Not?


Bloomers are one of our favorite picks for comfy baby outfits. These are basically super baggy shorts that fit in with just about any outfit that we pick out for a baby. They'll never interfere with a baby's movement, and they'll offer warmth and style for our little one throughout the day.

So why aren't they ranked higher? Well, Bloomers are a little tricky to take on and off. We're not saying it's impossible, but a few snap buttons on the bottom of a onesie is less of a headache that taking bloomers on and off multiple times throughout the day.

13 Animal-Themed Coveralls


We just had to add this one in for cuteness reasons. Do babies feel more comfy in animal themed onesies as opposed to regular onesies? There's no logical reason why they would. But they definitely look more comfortable when they're dressed up as a little bear or even a dinosaur.

One reason we love animal themed onesies is the fact that they often feature a large hood. Those cute little ears won't make the baby more comfortable, but a hood is a pretty smart choice in of itself. It'll keep the baby's head warm, and if you need to cool your little one down, just take the hood off.

12 Baby Sweatpants Are Amazing


At this point, we're moving into the slightly less comfortable zone of baby outfits. But baby sweatpants definitely have the potential to be seriously comfy. After all, there's really no better choice when lounging around the house all day - and that's pretty much all that babies do!

Sweatpants can be a great choice - until you start taking them on and off multiple times throughout the day. Pants are always a little tricky with infants, and it might be uncomfortable for the baby when you're trying to get that elastic waistband in the right place. There's also the fact that you have to combine sweatpants with other pieces of clothing - like a onesie or a top. Sticking to one piece of clothing is way more convenient and comfortable.

11 Footy Sleepers And Onesies Are "Meh"


Onesies are great - but they're not all created equal. Honestly, some mommies might completely agree with this... But in the end it all depends on the baby's habits and preferences. Some veteran moms say that footed onesies and sleepers aren't the best choice. Some sleepers even have "mitted" hands as well.

While this might seem like a logical choice to keep the baby warm and comfy, it can have its downsides. Babies use their hands to sooth themselves. Some people worry about the baby scratching themselves, and that's a valid concern. Some babies also prefer to have their feet free of fabric. Again, it all depends on the baby in question, and that's the reason this outfit is around the middle of the list.

10 Baby Socks Aren't The Most Convenient


Sure, baby socks might be comfy for the little one. But are they really that convenient. As any mom will tell you, the answer is no. Adult socks can get lost super easily, and baby socks are even more elusive. They're so small that we can lose track of them within a few seconds.

Socks are also uncomfortable because they involve more time and effort when mommies are dressing their little ones. Sometimes, it's just much easier to slip on a pair of warm, soft booties and leave it at that. That being said, socks aren't the worst idea in the world, and many moms probably have experienced success with them.

9 Mittens Can Get Seriously Uncomfortable


Plenty of moms out there probably can't understand why mittens are ranked so low in our little comfy competition. After all, mittens are like the most comfortable thing you can possibly put on your hands... Right?

Well, in the case of babies, that might not be exactly true. Once again, babies use their hands to sooth themselves. They also block your baby's sense of touch. In the early months and years, it's important to let your baby explore their senses and figure out what different surfaces feel like. They also don't really stay on too well - even with elasticized cuffs. And if you're worried about your baby scratching itself, just make sure you regularly trim and maintain their nails. It's that easy.

8 Pants In General Are Tiresome


We already mentioned sweatpants once before in this list, but talk about pants in general terms. They're probably not the best choice if you're trying to build the most comfortable baby outfit ever. Sure, you might be able to get away with a super pair of comfortable sweatpants. But once you get into rougher, tighter fabrics, you're veering into dangerously uncomfortable territory.

The main problem here is taking them on and off. Most baby pants don't feature snap buttons or anything similar, which means you'll actually have to take the pants off entirely. It's just not too fun for the baby, and it leads to greater discomfort.

7 Denim Overalls Might Not Be Soft Enough


Everyone knows that while jeans might look fashionable, they're not the most comfortable choice. While it might be tempting to dress our little ones in cute little denim overalls, we should probably give this outfit a skip if we're going for maximum comfort.

Can you think of a rougher, more rigid fabric than denim? Didn't think so. If you get a little tired of wearing jeans all day, imagine what a baby will feel like. Softer, lighter fabrics are definitely a better choice in all situations. Wait a few more years before you start introducing denim. Your baby will thank you for it.

6 Avoid Any Outfit With Way Too Much Wool


At first glance, wool might seem like the obvious choice for babies. After all, it's warm, cozy and incredibly soft. But veteran mommies know that in some cases, it might be best to steer clear of woolen outfits. Why? Because wool can be a serious irritant for babies, and it can even trigger certain allergies.

At the end of the day, it all depends on the baby. Some moms like to go by trial and error, trying out wool and waiting to see if there's any allergic reaction. Some moms just don't want to take the risk. If you really want to play it safe, stick to hypoallergenic fabrics, such as bamboo.

5 Heavy Winter Coats


As previously mentioned, outerwear for babies can be a real struggle. But there's a few simple rules to live by if you're trying to create the most comfortable outfit possible for your little one in the cold weather. And as many moms know, the key is layering.

Instead of going with huge, heavy layers, it's best to stick with a few thin layers of warm fabric such as fleece or heavy cotton. This means that heavy winter coats are probably not the best choice for babies. This outfit can cause the baby to seriously overheat, which is neither comfortable or particularly safe.

4 Clip On Ties And Bow Ties


Clip on ties and bow ties might look cute, but are they really worth the hassle? Let's be honest, these little decorations are going to get lost or ruined in just a few days. And are they even comfortable for the baby to wear? Of course not!

We know that in some rare cases, moms might want to dress their little ones up in formal wear. But a better alternative would just some really nice, clean baby clothes made out of high quality fabric. Clip on ties are a recipe for disaster, no matter which way you slice it. And they belong way down on the ranking for comfy baby outfits.

3 Too Many Ribbons, Frills, And Decorations


The previous entry was focused pretty heavily on male formal wear. Of course, little baby girls can still wear clip on ties, but it's definitely not the norm. The female equivalent would probably be cute ribbons and frilly details. But these are just as pointless and as uncomfortable. Ribbons are bound to get lost, chewed on, or otherwise ruined. And frilly details will not stand the test of time.

They're probably not going to be very comfortable for the baby either. Anything which is tied in place or constraining in any way is probably just going to make the little one a little frustrated. Dangling ribbons and decorations might even represent a health hazard.

2 Baby Suspenders


Why on Earth would babies need suspenders. This is 2019 people! Clothing technology has advanced far beyond this already! Suspenders might be a common choice for little babies attending formal events. But what sort of baby would actually enjoy wearing these constraining items? Just throw on some clean, neat baby clothes and be done with it. Seriously, no one will judge you for not dressing your baby in formal clothing - even if the occasion calls for it.

Suspenders are a needless hindrance for babies, and they go against the commonly held logic behind baby fashion: less is more. Minimalism is the way to go when you're dressing a baby. This is both for convenience and comfort.

1 Baby Tuxedos Are A Bad Idea


Right at the bottom of the list we have the ultimate in baby discomfort - the baby tuxedo. We seriously hope that few babies have ever been forced to wear something like this. Sure, you might find companies that sell baby tuxedos made from soft, comfortable fabrics. Some might even feature snap buttons and other convenient features.

But at the end of the day, a baby tuxedo will never be as comfortable as some of the other items we've mentioned in this article. There's literally no reason to try this hard with baby formal wear. The baby doesn't even know what formal wear is. They just want to be comfy, and this is not helping.

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