Rare and Exotic Baby Names

Choosing a name for your baby is not always an easy task. Unique names are all the rage right now. Many parents-to-be are looking for a name for their baby that is a bit different from many of the other names you see. If you want to give your little one a name that is all their own, check out these 25 rare and exotic baby names.

25 Roderick

This strong, German name is perfect for your little king, since it means famous ruler! Although this name has been around, it is quite rare to meet one a baby or child named Roderick. You may find an old man by this name, but it seems to be gaining momentum. Give your price this royal moniker before it gets too popular!

24 Allegra

This rare and exotic baby girl name may be perfect for your little sweetie pie. Allegra, of Latin origin, means full of joy and merry. What little girl is not full of joy?! It is not too popular yet, but is rising in the charts. The name Allegra is beautiful for any little girl, and if you want, you can call her Allie for short.

23 Mathias

A lesser given version of Matthew, Mathias is a fantastic baby boy name and is different and rare. Meaning gift of God in Hebrew, you know your little one certainly is an amazing gift. A regal name for your boy with a nickname of Mat if he so chooses one day.

22 Kaira

This exotic name is not one you often find. Kaira is thought to be a variation from different names in different languages, such as Katherine and Cara. In Greek the name means pure, while in Italian in stands for beloved. Your baby girl will certainly be pure and beloved. With a pretty, and rare, name like Kaira she is sure to be a beauty.

21 Shiloh

While you may have heard of the name Shiloh, it is still a rare name. Hebrew for sent from God, it may be just the baby boy name you are looking for. And actually, Shiloh works just as well as a baby girl name too, especially after a certain celebrity couple named their daughter Shiloh. While classically a boy's name, it is much more rare for boys, if that is what you are looking for!

20 Imani

The name Imani evokes a strong, gorgeous female. Of African origin meaning faith, your little girl will be super confident just by having been giving this sweet yet powerful, and not to mention exotic, baby girl name.

19 Taj

Although rare and exotic, the name Taj can be found in many different cultures. Meaning crown in both Persian and Sanskrit, your little boy will be quite the prince with this cute yet noble name.

18 Giselle

The name Giselle just summons beauty. While the name origin is German, meaning pledge, the the flowy pronunciation can be traced to the French, who can take credit for giving it a more lovely tone. You may have heard of the supermodel by this name (she spells it Gisele), the name is still very rare and obviously, wonderfully exotic.

17 Laszlo

If you are looking for a tough, robust name for your little guy, Laszlo may be the name to choose. Hungarian in origin, this powerful moniker means glory rule. Your baby boy is probably going to rule your roost with this exotic and rare name.

16 Sarita

The exotic name of Sarita comes from the Sanskrit language meaning river. If you are looking for a twist on the name Sara, Sarita is a nice way to spruce up and give life to a name. A great choice for any baby girl.

15 Solomon

Although the name Solomon may not seem rare to you, it is exotic (and a bit rare) as a first name for a boy these days. The name invokes a sense of endurance and royalty. Meaning peace in Hebrew, Solomon is gaining on the charts, so use this name while it is still rare.

14 Fleur

This exotic and quite rare name means what you probably think it means- flower. French in origin, the name Fleur gives us sugar and sweet, something all little girls are made of.

13 Theron

A century or so ago, Theron was a name you heard every so often, but now it is very rare. Greek for hunter, your little boy will be on the hunt for your love with a name like this.

12 Vara

Vara is a name that gives us something a little bit different from the rest, with a bond, sleek, beauty. This exotic name has a few origins. In Latin, Vara means true, in Scandinavian it means careful, and in Greek the meaning is the bearer of victory. Your little girl would certainly be a winner with this rare name.

11 Bodhi

Once a ultra rare name, Bodhi is beginning to rise on the charts thanks to celebrities using this moniker for their babies. Quite exotic (and still rare) Bodhi is taken from Sanskrit meaning enlightenment. You may get that feeling of being enlightened if this exotic, yet fun, name speaks to you for your baby boy.

10 Talia

This stunning, exotic name fits with any sweet baby girl. Talia has two origins. In Hebrew, it means gentle dew from Heaven, while in Australian it means near water. Talia just give us pure beauty.

9 Vidor

Are you looking for a strong, exotic, and rare name for your baby boy? Vidor may be the right choice. While the name may sound tough, it actually means happy in Hungarian.

8 Lizeth

An exotic name, with a common nickname of Liz, Lizeth is pretty and cute. In Spanish, Lizeth means God is my oath. Make a vow to your little baby girl and give her this sweet, rare name.

7 Orion

Orion is not uncommon, as many of us know the constellation Orion, one of the most recognizable constellations in the world. In mythology, Orion was a hunter who was placed in the sky by Zeus. Orion is now used as a name for little boys, but is still rare and exotic. Meaning rising in the sky, the name Orion is a name with quite a story attached!

6 Amelie

Though not as rare as it is exotic, thanks to a movie by the same name, Amelie is still a beautiful choice for a baby girl. Depending on where you believe the name is derived from, Amelie can mean both work and rival. Your little girl is bound to put you to work with this splendid name.

5 Dante

This exotic name is fitting for your little spitfire. In Italian, Dante means steadfast and enduring, two robust traits in any baby boy. This name has been on the charts for some time, and while it may not be rare, it is still not very common. Choose this sturdy moniker for your tough little guy.

4 Mika

Looking for a cute baby girl name that is exotic and rare, but also easy to spell and pronounce? Mika may be your perfect choice. This sweetheart of a name has many origins. In Japanese it means beautiful smell, in Finnish the name stands for who is like God, while in Native American it means wise little raccoon. Such fun variety in a name, great for your feisty little girl (or should we say raccoon?)!

3 Cian

This name gives us a sense of nobility and playfulness. Cian is Irish for ancient and enduring. A take on seriousness with a side of pleasure, this rare and exotic name is fitting for any baby boy.

2 Isadora

We can look at the name Isadora as a take on the ever popular Isabella (currently topping the charts). Isadora gives us class and rarity. A pretty name for a sweet baby girl, in Greek Isadora means gift of Isis (a mythological Greek goddess). Your little girl will certainly be a princess and little goddess with this name!

1 Hamlin

German for loves the little home, Hamlin is an interesting, almost presidential, name that we do not see too often. If the name sounds a bit familiar to you, it was the Pied Piper who visited Hamelin! We like the spelling as Hamlin, gives it a twist of merriment and sincerity, right up the alley of any little baby boy.


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