Rarest Baby Girl Names That Will Dominate 2018

Let's call things by their name: being pregnant is challenging. Fear, excitement, joy; so many emotions and dreams mixed in one. And believe it or not, choosing a name is one of the main worries mommies and daddies have. That's not surprising, though.

Names stick with people and letters are powerful enough to shape people's lives. Names can add exotic vibes and unique charisma to one's personality. Often, names carry people's roots and origins. Let's admit it, often people name their kids after their loved ones.

Recently, people want something trendy or foreign, and name their little ones after celebrities. The popularity of each name fluctuates through the years and may represent the social situation throughout the world.

Last but not least, parents want first names and last names to go well together and form one harmonic entity of beauty.

Choosing a baby girl name is even more difficult. Simply because moms and dads want their little princess to have a name that shows she's gentle, beautiful and smart at the same time.

If you are bored of traditional and overused names, then this is the right place for you and your bundle of joy. Here are some of the rarest names that will make the  biggest come back in 2018. Ready to explore?

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20 Vale

Looking for a rare and beautiful baby girl name? Then put Vale on your list. Okay, I might be biased as my baby girl is called Valeria, but Vale is a perfect name for a baby. Simply because it means 'brave.' In a world where equality is still just a word on paper, women need to be independent, healthy, and strong. Not only little princesses dressed in pink... (alright, I admit, we have a lot of colorful dresses at home). Vale is a Latin name, and some cool variations are Val, Valari, Valary, Valerie, and Valeria.

The numerological meaning of the name is also very powerful: people named Vale are very spiritual and compassionate. They have magnetic personalities and tend to be very romantic. As people called Vale are adventurous, they can become humanitarian workers or world leaders.

19 Dove

Dove is another rare name that's an amazing match for baby girls born in 2018. Dove is a bird, which often symbolizes peace. It's pure, clean, and loved. In Christianity, the dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the third entity of the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, each one being God. Girls called Dove will be spiritual and kind people, simply a pleasure to be around. A famous bearer of the name is the American actress Dove Cameron.

It's interesting to mention that Dove is also a Scottish surname that comes from the old Gaelic word 'dub', which means 'dark' or 'black'. The American Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Rita Dove is one of the famous bearers of this name. So maybe your little Dove will become also talented and famous!

18 Fair

Fair is another unique name that sounds soft and sweet. Little Fairs are open-minded and respectful. At the same time, their soul is bright and golden. They treat everyone equally and fair. Another gentle variation of the name is Fairlie. Little girls called Fairlie bring only positive emotions and create a circle of love around them. Another unusual variation is Fairoza. Fairoza is an Arabic name, which translates as 'turquoise.' Just like the precious stone turquoise, little girls Fairozas are beautiful and with shining personalities.

The numerological meaning of this rare name is also impressive. People called Fairoza are organized and powerful. They value justice, equality, and love, and at the same time, they tend to be practical and successful. Great qualities for a little ball of love!

17 Credence

Credence is also on our list of rare baby girl names that will make the biggest come back in 2018. That's not surprising as Credence is a lovely name. The name has Latin roots. Credere means 'to trust', and credentia means 'belief'. Little girls called Credence will have many virtues and they'll have faith in the world. In fact, they will fight for truth. They can become great lawyers or advocates for human rights.

Another variation of the name is Creedence. In fact, Creedence is a name of the American band Creedence Clearwater Rival, which was popular in the 60s. With their social lyrics and great tunes, Creedence Clearwater Rival became legendary. Did you know that Rolling Stone ranked the band on its list of The Top 100 Artists of all time?

16 Alexandra

Alexandra is a wonderful name with powerful vibes. This beautiful name means 'Defender of man' or 'Defender of mankind.' The origins of this name are Greek; the Ancient King Alexander the Great and his military strategies around the world made this name not only popular but loved and wanted by many. After the marriage of King Edward VII to Princess Alexandra of Denmark (in 1863), the name became popular in England and the English-speaking world.

According to numerology, people called Alexandra are powerful and able to achieve status and wealth. They'll be independent kids and organized teens. When applied to our society, we can guarantee that little Alexandras can become great businesswomen, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Thus, Alexandra is an amazing name to consider for your little one. What do you think?

15 Abigail

The name Abigail is a sweet baby girl name that you should consider. It has a Biblical meaning. The wonderful Abigail was Old Testament King David's third wife, presented in books as 'good in discretion and beautiful in form.' The name translates from Hebrew as 'The father's joy' or 'Father rejoiced.' As the name implies, little girls called Abigail bring a lot of joy.

Mixing Christianity and numerology might seem strange but it makes sense. Girls called Abigail are harmonic, spiritual, and loving. They seek love and companionship. At the same time, they are dynamic and free. Kids called Abigail are energetic, smart, and friendly. Note that sometimes they can become too restless and rebellious. Other variations are Abi, Abbie, Abby, or Abbye. When it comes to spelling, names are colorful.

14 Sofia

Sofia – a name full of wisdom! The Greek word 'sophia' means 'wisdom.' The term sophia is a central part of many ancient philosophies and also, in theology. Not surprisingly, Sofia is a wonderful name for a baby girl. Gentle and feminine wisdom! Other variations of the name are Sophia, Sophie, or Sopherina.

In numerology, the name Sofia gives a unique personality to people. Girls named Sofia are quiet and able to analyze the world around them. They are visionary and free. Also, they are very talented. Some of the famous bearers of the name are the iconic actress Sophia Loren, the French actress Sophie Marceau, the American actress Sophia Bush, and the English-born Australian singer Sophie Monk. Oh, and let's not forget that Sofia is the name of a beautiful European capital.

13 Silvia

Silvia is another wonderful name that will make a great come back in 2018. Silvia is a Latin baby name. It means 'from the forest.' Little Silvias love their freedom and seek harmony with nature. In fact, it's believed that the mother of Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, was called Rhea Silvia. Silva also appears in a comedy written by Shakespeare, "The Two Gentlemen of Verona."

People called Silvia are charismatic leaders, organized people and very independent individuals. They're very affectionate and are able to become a living inspiration for many. In fact, they can devote their life to a cause they feel passionate about. All these characteristics are great for a little girl, so why don't you put Silvia on your list?

12 Iva

Iva is another rare name that brings beauty and love. The name Iva translates from Hebrew as 'Gift from God.' Girls are marked by divine personality and are loved by many. At the same time, little Ivas are serious and harmonic. As Iva is also a plant, it's believed that little Ivas love nature and animals. Some variations are Ivy, Evelyn or Ivelina. In fact, Ivy was a very popular name in 2012. Note that some of the famous people called Evelyn are the American model Evelyn Nesbit, the American singer Evelyn King and the American celebrity Evelyn Lozada.

According to numerology, people called Iva are optimistic and versatile. Little girls named Iva are curious and lovely. All this makes Iva a great baby girl name that should be on your list.

11 Charlotte

Aww! The name Charlotte is marked by royal vibes and elegant beauty. As we know, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, the daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton, is more than adorable. The English name Charlotte means 'feminine manly.' Charlotte is also a popular French name, which is the feminine form of Charles (meaning 'man'). The name Charlotte means tiny and feminine as well.

Little girls called Charlotte have creative ideas and are able to express themselves. They are wonderful at acting, speaking and writing. Not surprisingly, just like little princesses, they love beautiful environments. Often they are the center of attention and sometimes they get involved in many activities all at once. However, Charlottes are loved by many and can give love in return. Perfect little princesses that can become queens ready to conquer the world!

10 Isadora

Isadora is another unusual baby girl name, which is a wonderful addition to our list. The origins of the name are hidden in Ancient Greece and its mystical influence on the rest of the world. It means 'Gift of Isis.' Isis is the Egyptian goddess of children and nature, and she is often seen as the ideal mother and patroness of nature. Although Isis is an Egyptian goddess, Isadora is a Greek name.

Just like goddesses, little Isadoras combine practicality and divinity in one. In numerology, the name Isadora is linked to solid foundations and discipline. So girls called Isadora will be attached to their home, family and roots. One of the famous bearers of this unique name is the American dancer Isadora Duncan who performed through the whole of Europe.

9 Sasha

Although Sasha is a Russian boy name, Sasha has become a trendy baby girl name. Usually Sasha is short for Alexandra. As mentioned above, Alexandra comes from Ancient Greece and means 'defender of men.' Little Sashas as charming and courageous at the same time.

According to numerology, the master number of Sasha is 11, which matches her tremendous physical and moral strength. Little girls called Sasha are honest and direct. Although they are very frank, they love beautiful things and human touch. As a little girl, Sasha is energetic, spontaneous and talkative. Actually, she'll enjoy bedtime stories. People called Sasha are also talented and creative, so arts and crafts will be a must. To sum up, Sasha (or Sash) is a wonderful name for a little baby girl.

8 Vera

Vera is another name that's not only rare but beautiful. Vera is a popular Russian name, which is loved across the globe. The meaning of the name is wonderful: Vera means 'true.' In some Slavic languages, such as Bulgarian, 'vera' means 'faith.' An interesting variation of the name is Viara or Ve.

Usually, people called Vera need a stable family for support. As we know, all kids need a loving family. Kids called Vera also love being surrounded by people. Although they are very loving, Veras are very independent and powerful personalities. They are great leaders and resent authority. Not surprisingly, there are many famous Veras across the globe: the actress Vera Farmiga, the tennis player Vera Zvonareva, and the designer Vera Wang are only a few of them.

7 Reina

Reina is another regal name that's perfect for a cute baby girl. Simply because in Spanish, the word 'reina' means 'queen.' In fact, it comes from Latin. The Latin word 'regina' means 'queen', which is the feminine version of 'rex' (the Latin word for 'king'). Also, we should mention that the Celtic-Welsh word Rhiannon and Rihanna mean 'great queen.' However, the name Reina has some Yiddish origins, and it means 'clean'; In America, the meaning of Reina is also 'clean.' Either way, little Reinas are beautiful, majestic, and pure. A nice variation of this unique name is Raina.

Numerology links the name to the expression number 11, which means that people with this name are intuitive and imaginative. Although they are dreamers, they can inspire and lead. Reinas are great rulers!

6 Ruth

Ruth is another unusual baby girl name. Why is it on our list? Because it will make a great come back in 2018! The name Ruth has some ancient origins and biblical meaning. In Hebrew, Ruth means 'companion.' Also, the name is linked to the pure vision of beauty. On What's more, Ruth is a biblical name: Ruth is the great-grandmother of King David. Actually, Ruth is one of the Bible’s great heroines and a wonderful friend of her mother-in-law Naomi. In fact, the Book of Ruth and the Book of Eshter are the only two books of women in the Bible.

Littler girls called Ruth love beautiful surroundings and keep things tidy. They also care about the environment and will be great with pets. At the same time, Ruths are powerful and charismatic leaders.

5 Reuben

Reuben is a lovely baby girl name. It's a Biblical name and it means 'the vision of the son' or 'who sees the son.' In Hebrew, the name Rueben means 'behold' and 'a son'; Rueben is the first child of Jacob in the Old Testament. Although it's used for boys, Rueben is a wonderful name for little girls. We are living in a world where boys and girls are equal. Another variation of the name is Ruben. A wonderful nickname is Ruby. It comes from the gemstone ruby, which comes from the Latin word 'ruber.' 'Ruber' means 'red.' The name Ruby was very popular in the Victorian era.

Little girls called Reuben are creative and at the same time, they are conventional. Also, they are dreamers and people with rich spirituality.

4 Astrid

Do you want to add some divinity and spiritual strength to the unique personality of your baby girl? Then choose a name that will suit your little bundle of joy. Astrid is one of the amazing names that you should put on your list. Astrid comes from the northern parts of snowy Europe. In Danish, Swedish and Norse, the name means 'divine strength', 'godly strength' or 'divine beauty.' In American, the name has the same meaning. In fact, the name Astrid is very popular among the Norway's royal families. Note that in Teutonic, the name means 'impulsive.'

Little Astrids are impulsive and independent. They are practical as well, which can help them obtain great power and wealth. Older Astrids can be great businesswomen. With all these qualities, Astrdis can become wonderful individuals.

3 Anouk

Anouk is perhaps one of the rarest names on our list of names that will make the biggest come back in 2018. In Dutch and French, the name is diminutive of Anna. Some of the variations of Anna are Channah and Hannah. It's the name of a prophetess who recognized Jesus as the Messiah. Note that it was a popular name in the Byzantine Empire. Let's not forget that Saint Anna is also the mother of the Virgin Mary.

Anouk is a beautiful name and a great variation of Anna. Little Anouks tend to be creative, artistic and loving. They are friendly kids who understand the world around them. A famous bearer of this unique name is Anouk Teeuwe. She is a Dutch singer Dutch, with numerous hits on Dutch and Belgian charts.

2 Eleanora

Eleanora is a majestic baby girl name. Its origins can be found in Ancient Greece. The meaning of the name will grab your heart. Eleanora means 'light,' 'shining light' or 'the bright one.' Not surprisingly, little Elanoras shine from the inside. They are smart and charming, with a great sense of humor. At the same time, they achieve their material dreams, as they are practical and hard-working.

Another variation is the classic Elanor. Note that the final vowel gives a playful flip and makes Eleanora more modern. A cute nickname is Nora. It's interesting that Edgar Allen Poe has a short story named "Eleanora," which is more or less an autobiography and compared to his other masterpieces, "Eleanora" is more cheerful. Do you like it for your little girl?

1 Faye

Last but not least, Faye is another magical name on our list. The name means 'confidence,' 'trust' and 'belief.' Little girls called Faye are honest, friendly and curious about the world around them. Also, they are great at organizing events, school plays, and parties. They tend to be wonderful and powerful leaders. They might be impatient from time to time, but they always achieve great results.

Some of the famous bearers of this cute name are the American actress Faye Dunaway, the business leader and activist Faye Wattleton, and the German Youtube vlogger Faye Montana. In fact, statistics show that around that 63,162 girls in the United States have been named Faye (since 1880). Note that Faye was a very popular name in 1943. We are sure that it will make a great come back in 2018.

Of course, baby girls are beautiful, and names are just an addition to their charm.

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