Rates of Pregnant Women Using Marijuana Has Doubled In US

A recent study shows that the amount of pregnant women smoking pot has increased!

Research has shown that pregnant women smoking pot has doubled and it is at an all-time high during the first trimester. According to the most recent study, 1 in 14 pregnant women have smoked pot in the last 30 days. As opposed to a study that came out back in 2003 that showed only about 1 in 28 pregnant women using marijuana during pregnancy. This rise in marijuana use is mostly explained by the number of states that are now legalizing marijuana.

Although marijuana has been legalized it has been shown to have very negative effects on unborn babies. Babies who are exposed to marijuana during pregnancy have an increased chance of premature birth, and low birthweight. There haven't been too many studies of pregnant women and marijuana use, but during animal studies, smoking pot during pregnancy caused fetal brain abnormalities. Although we don't know exactly the effects of human pregnancy.

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Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse said that since they don't know exactly the effects that marijuana causes during pregnancy it is important for women to err on the side of caution. Volkow went on to say, "marijuana use during pregnancy is not worth the risk." Women tend to use marijuana during pregnancy because they claimed that it helped them ease their morning sickness. Although none of the women said that a doctor had advised them to use pot as a solution to their morning sickness.


There are 10 states right now that have legalized pot whether for medical, or recreational purposes. Researchers are afraid that the number of pregnant women using pot during pregnancy will increase more as the number of states legalizing marijuana increases. It is especially dangerous because there hasn't been much research and therefore we don't know all of the harmful side effects that women are subjecting their unborn children to by smoking pot during pregnancy.

Experts are advising women to stop using pot during pregnancy because the potential`1 risks just don't outweigh the benefits. There are many other things that pregnant women can safely take during pregnancy that can help ease some of the pain and discomfort that pregnancy may cause.

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