Ray J & Wife Princess Film Gender Reveal Aboard A Helicopter

Ray J and Princess Love revealed their new baby’s gender by flying a helicopter. As far as gender reveal parties and videos go, this one is for sure one of the most extravagant ones. With the help of their 17-month-old daughter, Melody Love, they took to the skies to announce the next baby’s arrival.

The couple first announced that they’re expecting a baby back in August. Around January 2020, the family will grow to a unit of four. With all the buzz around their lives, the couple surely wanted the best way to wow their audience with their gender reveal method. And that they did for sure.

Last week, the couple took to the skies and brought along video equipment to capture the moment. Once they were high enough, the crew would release smoke: pink for girl and blue for boy. The helicopter, however, was too loud for Melody, so the rapper had to board the chopper himself—leaving his girls on the ground. He nervously hopped on the chopper, and he waited for a big reveal for the next chapter of his life.

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The helicopter released blue smoke with a picturesque view of the skyline behind it. The musician excitedly celebrated as the realization sunk in that he’s about to have a son. Right after the flight, he took to Instagram to share his excitement with his fans. His wife did the same, and they both thanked the powers above for their blessings in life.

Gender reveal parties and videos have become a big thing in recent years. From the traditional balloon pop to extravagant ideas like smoke from a helicopter, couples have been looking for new, creative ways to reveal the gender of their baby. While there are many critics for these kinds of parties and events, it’s ultimately up to the couple how they wish to present their child into the world. Not all couples even opt for a gender reveal, but the trend is still gaining more followers as more millennials have children. Whether you love them or hate them, one thing is for sure: we’re always looking for the next big way someone is going to reveal the gender of their baby.

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