Reagan Charleston Is Married And Is Expecting a Little Baby!

We are so excited to hear that Reagan Charleston got married! She and her new husband are also expecting their first child!

Southern Charm New Orleans, Reagan Charleston, announced that she is not only married but that she is also pregnant with a sweet little baby. She tells People that she is very excited to have a second chance at love, marriage and being able to raise a beautiful family! Charleston said that she and her new husband, Reece Thompson, had the opportunity to get married. They are also expecting their first child together due June 18.

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Charleston said that she is thrilled to be able to have a child. She said that she knows that her husband was born to be a dad and that he already has a "dad hat" on. Charleston is very excited to be a mother and being able to raise and take care of a sweet little baby. She admits that being a mother is the "sweetest feeling in the world."

Charleston and Thompson said that they dated back in college. However, after college, they parted ways Charleston got married to her previous husband. After the relationship didn't work out she reconnected with Thompson. They said that it was "instant chemistry" and that it felt like no time had passed. They picked up where they left off. Charleston said that "it felt like they were in their 20's again." She said that after her divorce it was really nice to have somebody to be there for her that felt familiar. She adds, “I had spent months living on my own in the French Quarter, living an independent life. And right when I felt ready to start dating again, Reece came back in my life. It felt like serendipity. Like everything happened for a reason. There’s no other way to describe it: it just feels right.”

She never thought that she was going to have a family because she was so focused on her career. However, when she started dating her current husband it all came naturally. They got married quickly after dating and got pregnant shortly after. She said that it wasn't that she didn't want to have kids, she just wanted to have kids with the right person.

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