'Real Housewives Of Potomac' Star Ashley Darby Gives Birth To Baby Boy

Ashley and Michael Darby have welcomed their first child together and they are so very excited.

Real Housewives of Potomac star, Ashley Darby was able to welcome a sweet little baby into this world. She shared on Instagram that she finally was able to give birth. She shares on Instagram how surreal the entire pregnancy really was and how she can't believe that this has happened. When she got pregnant she kept on thinking about when she would feel the baby move. When she felt the baby flutters she instantly wondered when she would be seeing her belly grow. As her belly got bigger and bigger she started thinking about becoming a mother and giving birth. It finally hit her one day that "this was really happening."

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She shared that she is savoring every moment of her new son. Ashley said that the day that her baby boy came into this world it was the sunniest day. She said that there had been so many gray skies, but the day that he was born was all blue skies. This is Ashley's first child. This is her husband's third child. Her husband, Michael Darby,  has two additional children from a previous relationship.

Ashley shared that she was pregnant back in February. She announced her pregnancy to the world by sharing a picture of her and her husband wearing shirts that they used to announce to her family. When they announced to their families they were wearing shirts that clearly stated they were pregnant. Michael was wearing a shirt that stated, "this Christmas I am drinking for TWO" and then Ashley was wearing a shirt that said, "this Christmas I am eating for TWO." Both Michael and Ashley had huge smiles on their faces and they said that their families reactions were amazing and it was such a great moment.

Both Ashley and baby boy are doing great! They are both so healthy and Ashley said that her son is perfect. We are so very excited for this family and their sweet little guy. We all hope that Ashley is able to recover from labor and delivery and that little boy is able to grow healthy and strong. Congratulations you two on the sweet little baby boy! We are so excited for you guys. Please share a million pictures with us.

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