13Perfect Time For Cold Leftovers

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Along with no romantic date night, having a newborn may come with no romantic dinners or dinner at all for that matter. By the end of the day, both parents are likely to be exhausted and feeling a little burnt out. So, this may mean no homecooked dinner, but rather,

fast food dinner or something quick—like quesadillas or cold leftovers from a few nights ago. None of those options are very nutritious, but a parent has to do what a parent has to do. A new baby, especially in those first few weeks, can also make it difficult to get groceries or even remember to get them. Hello, online grocery shopping!

Furthermore, whichever parent is designated to stay home with the baby may even forget to eat other meals, like breakfast and lunch. This happens for many reasons including sleep deprivation, exhaustion or simply being preoccupied with the baby’s needs. And no parent wants to experience the horrendous screams when a baby is hungrier than a hippo.

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