10 Baby Names For Reality TV Fans

The names you end up choosing for your little one says a lot about us. The names we pick can be passed down within our family, an important person in your life or just a name you heard and love.

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But if you spend a lot of time watching reality TV then you are very involved with the stars’ lives. You probably follow them on social media and bought their products, so why not name your child after one of your favorite reality TV stars? Make sure to keep reading to discover ten baby names that are perfect for any fans of reality TV

10 Jonathan

One of the best reboots of a show that has come back on TV is Queer Eye. If you have loved all of the episodes of Queer Eye then name your daughter after one of their stars and call your son Jonathan.

Jonathan is an amazing person who shines in every episode of Queer Eye. Naming your son after him may inspire him to be gentle and to love themselves and everyone else around them. The compassion that Jonathan has is a wonderful trait you would love any child of yours to have.

9 Cynthia

A guilty pleasure for many reality TV fans are The Real Housewives franchise. Though there are so many wonderful ladies in several cities to choose from you are going to want to name your little one Cynthia from The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

The name Cynthia is uncommon so your daughter will not have to worry about others having her name growing up, but this name is still common enough that everyone has heard it before. Select a name that your daughter is going to love growing up with and give her the name Cynthia.

8 Jax

One of the most well-known housewives on TV got her won reality TV show called Vanderpump Rules. Though the show follows her someone else ended up stealing the spotlight, Jax Taylor. The name Jax is also a perfect name to consider for your son.

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This name is short and sweet, which is the big trend going into 2020. So make sure the next time you are talking about baby names with your partner you bring up the name Jax as a possible name for your little one.

7 Kylie

We know you keep up with them so why not name your little one after Kylie Jenner? Kylie is the youngest out of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters and though she is the youngest she is very savvy when it comes to her business.

Giving your daughter this name can be a reminder for her to go after what she really wants to do in life and not to let anything hold her back from reaching her dreams. And who knows if you name your daughter after Kylie Jenner your daughter can grow up to be the next self-made billionaire.

6 Bentley


Once you say the name Bentley on our list you instantly knew that it was after Teen Mom and Teen Mom OG Maci’s son. Bentley is a charming name for any boy to have and is perfect at any stage of their life.

Though the show mainly focuses on the moms, we can already tell that Bentley is growing up to be a kind, athletic boy, and these are treats that you want in your soon too. Talk to your partner about the name Bentley for your son.

5 Joanna


Not all reality TV shows fallow housewives and famous celebrities and that is why the show Fixer Upper was a huge success. Even though the show is about home renovation, you can take inspiration from it and name your daughter Joanna.

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Naming your daughter Joanna can be a memento for your little one to not be afraid to get crafty and get her hands dirty. Not only that this name can remind your little one to follow her heart and do what makes her happy for a career, just like Joanna Gaines does.

4 Paul

A show that you loved back in 2009 is now back in full swing with the reboot, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. It doesn’t matter if you followed the show on its original run or if you are a new fan, you need to think about naming your son Paul if you love the show.

At times, Paul can feel like too much to handle with his out-there personality, but there is one thing to know about him and that is he will always be there for his friends. Watching his friendships grow throughout the show is amazing to watch since he there when he is needed. Name your son after Paul if you want your son to be a good friend to the people in his life.

3 Nikki

You might know the name Nikki from the show Total Divas, but know Nikki has her own show called Total Bellas, which stars her and her sister. Selecting the name Nikki for your daughter is perfect for those who want to inspire their little girls to grow up to be strong and independent.

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Nikki has proven herself in and out of the rink with being tough with punches her opponents throw at her and what life throws at her. So name your daughter Nikki if you want your daughter to grow up being strong both inside and out.

2 Tan

One of the most fashionable men on reality TV is Tan from Queer Eye. Tan is also a fantastic name to name your son if you love watching reality TV Tan is not just stylish, but he is also charming and caring to everyone he helps with his show.

Both of these personality types are ones that you want your son to have. Being charming can get your son far in life, and being caring shows that they can have a soft spot and truly show they love the people in their lives. Make sure to add Tan to your list of possible baby names.

1 Kim

The most well-known family on reality TV is the Kardashian-Jenner crew. Their family has been on TV with their main for years and they also had a wonderful string of spin-offs to let us keep up with our favorite stars.

A wonderful name to name your daughter is Kim. Though Kimberly is Kim’s full name, the nickname trend is very popular in 2020 and you can still name your little one after a Kardashian. Kim is a very smart businesswoman and naming your little one after her can inspire your daughter to dream big when it comes to her career, just like Kim does.

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