Reasons ​Why Your Baby is Mad at You

Isn’t it one of the biggest mysteries for first time parents and old pros- how to figure out what your newborn is thinking? Sure, there are books and blogs to decode the basic needs of your baby, but rarely will those tell you about the important stuff.

Like, why your baby’s cries have become so shrill that even bats might be able to hear it, why your baby won’t stop tugging at that onesie you dressed them in in the morning, or why your baby thinks that the best surface to throw up on is your lap. Luckily, we have figured out the reasons why your baby has had just about enough with these negligent shenanigans of yours and more.

8  An empty tummy

Look at how petite your baby is. Now imagine how tiny their stomach is, especially when it can’t hold food for long. Your baby is bound to give you the death stare when they have to wait for you to figure out they're hungry.

Don’t be the cruel parents that your baby is silently accusing you to be. If you’re breastfeeding, be nice and offer your breast, even if the last feed doesn’t seem that long ago. If you’re formula-feeding, make sure it doesn’t taste like goop (that’s what comes out, not what goes in). 

If you have left them unfed for too long, be prepared for the cold shoulder. Try distracting them with sparkles, while you sneakily feed them the perfect mix of vitamins and nutrients.

7  They just want some lovin'

Your baby loves it when you get cuddly with them. Hugs are a baby’s second favorite thing after gigantic teddy bears. Deprive them of your precious hugs and they'll shower you with a series of pouts, pinching and bawling. How dare you leave them unattended like the Thigh-Master you bought a week ago? Letting your little bundle of joy turn into a little heap of rage -why wouldn’t your baby be indignant with you?

Your warmth, gentle talk and kisses are a few things that your little one craves dearly. The rhythmic heartbeat and a familiar touch can help a great deal with calming down your baby. You can even pick them up and sing to them (no matter how horrid you think you sound), rock and sway them to the beat in your melody. Frequent physical contact can be really assuring to your baby and help with the fits of anger.

6  They’re just tired :(

Over-exhaustion is a very real problem for your baby. Your relatives and friends streaming in and out all day along, pulling the baby’s cheeks, and showering them with gifts, attention and cuddles, are sure to tire your baby. 

Looking cute and adorable can be really taxing! They'll need their rest after all the hard work you made them do throughout the day.

Often times, babies find it hard to fall asleep. Take them to a quiet room, find them a snug pillow, and rock them gently (rhythmic pats work too) until you have lulled them into a deep sleep. Make sure they aren't disturbed by any more visitors when it’s nap-time. Your baby won’t be very understanding, if woken in the middle of a peaceful nap to be man handled by another stranger.

5  They need a nappy change

Some babies start squirming uncomfortably when their nappy becomes wet or soiled. Other babies show displeasure when they ultimately get a rash because of their diaper. Your baby’s skin is softer than veal, and failing to care for it will most definitely incite a tantrum from your newest addition. Be prepared to duck from that rattle flying your way.

Some babies don’t like the cold air on their skin during a nappy change. Either learn to control the weather or learn to be quicker at nappy changes. Don’t worry, it won’t be that hard once you've changed your hundredth diaper. Otherwise, use a toy or music to distract your baby from the oncoming unpleasant activity. Don’t forget to use powder to soothe the diaper rash.

4  *Cough* *cough* *sneeze* *sneeze*

If your baby’s cries are a little different than usual - high-pitched, continuous and urgent - or if they have become uncharacteristically quiet, then you should prepare for the worst. Your little bundle of joy is not well. And they're going to be livid with you. How could you not protect them from the germs in the air? Or pick those microbes off when feeding them food and water?

Your baby needs to be taken care of like never before. Of course, medical attention is the first thing they should be given - call your doctor immediately. Make sure you pamper them with extra affection, when they're irritable and restless.

Try to appreciate receiving their coughs or sneezes on your face or even in your mouth, because they need you the most when they're sick.

3  It’s way too hot or too cold

Don’t be fooled by the temperature of your baby’s feet and hands - those will always be cold. The best way to dress your baby for the weather is to dress them how you're dressed. If you are wearing layers, then dress them in layers.

If you overdress your child during any weather they'll sweat and be quite cranky. So avoid this or your baby might take revenge with a well timed puke or throw of a toy. Also, socks. What were you thinking? Babies hate socks, so why are you constantly trying to cover your baby's toes when they clearly don't want them covered!

2  It’s something trivial

Even if you've fed your baby and tried to amuse them, they might start crying for no conspicuous reason. Look for the minute details that might be bothering your little burrito. They can be troubled by something as hard to spot as a hair strand wrapped tightly around their finger, cutting off blood circulation (doctors call it a “hair tourniquet”).

Sometimes they might not like the texture and tint of the clothes you put them in (this shirt does not match their eyes), and sometimes they might dislike the bottle you offer to them. Or the position you hold them in. If the problem is not major, know that your baby has a short attention span, and can be easily distracted with a comforting rock-a-bye, or a soothing bath. Try those, and hope that your baby’s frown gets turned upside down. 

1  Just remember that....

Your baby getting pissed at you is not normal. So if they’ve turned on the waterworks or upped the wailing pitch, you have got some explaining to do. But that doesn’t mean that they want a different set of parents. They just want an improved version of you, which you most definitely should strive to be. Remember that soon enough your baby will grow, and will be able to complain using proper sentences and gestures. Till then, happy parenting!

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