5 Reasons To Give Your Child A Family Name (& 5 To Pick Something Totally Original

Just like people have opposite personalities (go with the flow vs. planning, stay positive no matter what vs. worry about everything), we feel differently about picking out baby names. Some couples totally welcome the challenge of finding one beautiful, perfect name out of thousands. Others are less than certain that they'll be able to find a name that feels just right.

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When you're choosing a name for your little girl or boy, you could go one of two ways: a traditional name that has been in the family for generations... or a name that you come up with yourself. Here are five reasons to give your child a family name and five reasons to pick something totally original.

10 Family Name: Your Family Will Be Touched

One reason to give your child a family name is that your family will be touched. They will really love that you've gone down this route, and while they will say that they would have loved any name that you chose, you will probably be able to tell that this makes them really happy.

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Family is so important and since you're creating a family of your own, it's pretty nice to keep the tradition going strong. You'll also feel extra connected to the person whose name you're using.

9 Totally Original: You Can Pick A Name You Truly Love

On the other hand, going with a totally original baby name could appeal to you if you want to pick a name that you truly love. No offense to your family members and their monikers... but you might not be over-the-moon about some of the names that you could choose.

It's okay to be honest here and admit that you would rather find your own name. After all, this is a big deal and a big choice. You want to make sure that you're comfortable with it.

8 Family Name: You Can Pay Your Respects/Honor A Beloved Relative

Picking a family name is a nice idea when you can honor a relative who you love and miss. You can pay your respects to them in this way, and you'll remember them every time you see your child's name.

When you're not sure whether to go with a family or new name, this could be the thing that tips the scales in that direction. It's a beautiful thing to do.

7 Totally Original: There's No Pressure

Are you feeling pressure to go with something traditional and pick out a family name? Sure, your family might have said that you can choose whatever name you want... but you still wonder if tradition is the way to go. After all, it seems like something nice to do.

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If you're stressed out about picking a baby name, then going with a moniker that is totally original could be the answer. There isn't any pressure since you can pick from countless names, and since there are so many things on your plate as you get ready for your baby to arrive, that could be the deciding factor.

6 Family Name: It Makes The Decision Easier

On the other hand... maybe looking at lists of baby names and wondering what you could decide for your sweet baby is the thing that's stressing you out.

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If you want to make picking out a baby name much simpler, then you can go with a family name. As a bonus, you'll honor a relative and make your family feel great, as mentioned above. But you'll also feel the relief of knowing that you've chosen a strong name and you don't have to search through hundreds.

5 Totally Original: Your Siblings Have Chosen Family Names

It can be tough to be a younger or older sibling. If you're younger, you feel like your older brother or sister is always in the spotlight, and if you're older, you can feel like you're held to a higher standard since you're experiencing milestones first.

If your siblings have already started their families and have chosen family names, that could be a reason for you to pick something that hasn't been picked out before.

4 Family Name: You Have A Middle Name In Mind

Sometimes people will decide on an original baby name but they'll go with a family name for the child's middle name. This is a really nice compromise and definitely pleases family members.

If you already have your baby's middle name picked out, though (maybe it's to honor a friend who passed away or a place that means a lot to you), then going with a family name for your child's first name could be a good choice.

3 Totally Original: You Want Your Kids Names To Match/Be Part Of The Same Theme

Many parents decide on a theme when picking out a baby name and then, if they have a large family, they choose to keep going. Famous chef and foodie Jamie Oliver, for example, has kids with nature names: Poppy, Daisy, Petal, Buddy, and River.

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If that's something that appeals to you, then a family name might not fit into that plan, and going with a name that is totally original could work better.

2 Family Name: There's A Name With A Cool, Special Meaning

It's pretty cool when you start looking into the meanings behind certain names. If your family has a name that has a really special meaning, that could be one reason to go for it.

Not sure if your family names have any cool meanings? Do a bit of research and see if that helps your decision. Even if you don't go down that path, it'll still be a really fun, interesting exercise.

1 Totally Original: Your Partner Has Their Heart Set On A Certain Name

Sometimes people choose baby names before they're even expecting or expanding their family... or before they've even met their own true love.

If your partner has their heart set on choosing a certain baby name, they might be upset about not being able to pick it out. This is definitely something to consider during the baby name choosing process. But whether you go with a family or new name, you're going to pick out a really amazing one.

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