• 5 Reasons To Pick An Unusual Name (& 5 To Stick With Something Classic)

    One of the toughest moments you will experience in your pregnancy is selecting a name for your baby. There are so many amazing names out there that both you and your partner love that it can be hard for you to pick the best one to give to your child.

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    Think about it, this decision is something you and your child are going to have to live with for the rest of their lives, so that’s a lot of pressure to put on someone. We are here to help you decide if you should pick an unusual name or a classic name for your child.

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    Unusual: Popular Names Are Not Always Better

    Sometimes you hear a name on TV, in the movies, or just out in your daily life that you love. This can be a name that sticks with you, but before you know it this name is becoming more and more popular among parents.

    Though a popular is loved by many people, sometimes it can be a bad idea to go with the flow. Some names come in and out of popularity quickly and you do not want your child to think you only gave them a name because of a fad.

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    Classic: Traditional Names Are More Likely To Be Given To Future Family Members
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    Many people are so proud of their family that they want to give their names to their children to carry on the tradition. If you are wishing that one day your child gives your future grandkids the name that you gave them, then you need to pick a common name.

    Common names are more likely to be passed down to other family members. If your child had a unique name growing up and it something they didn’t love or appreciate then they will not give to someone else.

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    Unusual: Unique Names Typical Have More Meaning
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    What’s in a name? This is a good question. Some people go based on if a name sounds right, but many times if a person has given their child an unusual name it is because they love the meaning and origin of the name.

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    Sometimes it's the meaning behind the name which is more important than the actual name. A meaningful name is something that can inspire your children to be their best and live a beautiful and adventurous life. So if you are looking at an unusual name because of the meaning this can be a perfect reason to give your child that name.

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    Classic: There Are A Reasons Some Names Are Timeless

    Some names sound great no matter what decade they are in. Many of these timeless names are also common names. As a parent, you want to be able to pick a name that is going to sound great when your child is a baby or an adult.

    There is just something about a timeless name that everyone loves, whether it be friends, family, or your future child. Give your child a name they will love at any stage of their life and look for a common name you and your partner both enjoy.

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    Unusual: Commons Name Might Not Suit Your Child

    If you want your child to be able to grow up and live whatever kind of life they want you might want to consider giving them an uncommon name. Sometimes it can feel like the names we are given can help steer us in life.

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    Some parents worry that if they were to give their child a common name, that they would end up being bland and just going with the flow of life. Encourage your child to stand out and give them an unusual name to help them with it and become the person they are meant to be.

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    Classic: Common Names Are Easier To Spell

    A name is something your child will have throughout their whole life. So if you are thinking about given your child an unusual name remember that they are going to have to learn how to spell it.

    This doesn't just matter when they are in kindergarten learning who to spell their name for the first time since this is their name for life. So don’t let your child be the one that always has to spell out their name when they grow up and order a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

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    Unusual: A Quirky Name Can Make Them Feel Special

    One of the worst feelings that someone can feel like they are not unique in any way. Even though you know as a parent that your child is going to be special no matter what they do, an unusual name can help your child feel special.

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    Unusual names are the names that people hear and wish they used for their kids. These names get a special reaction that common names do not get. Let your little one have a name that is going to be as special as they are and give them an unusual name.

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    Classic: Some People Just Won’t Get A Unique Name

    Whenever someone tells you about a common name they are thinking of people tend to go off and share a story about someone they know that has that name and how your child will love it too.

    But when you say you are going to name your child an unusual name people tend to have a different reaction and this is because some people just don’t get it. If there is an unusual name that really speaks to you and your partner then do not let other people's opinions affect yours.

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    Unusual: They’ll Be The Only One In Their Class With It

    Every generation there seems to be a couple of names that are so common and so overused that there are thousands of children born with one specific name in a year. This means when your child is older and is in school they are going to have to deal with other classmates having the same name as them.

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    This means a unique name will guarantee that your child will not have anyone else with their name in their class, meaning they are not going to get lumped in with a group of people with their names.

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    Classic: Your Child Can Get Picked On With An Unusual Name

    Kids can just be the worst sometimes. They can be mean and cruel for no reason for other kids. Though there are typical deeper issues for kids to become a bully, giving your child an unusual name can become an easy target for these bullies to pick on.

    And of course you hope that if your child does get bullied they will be able to handle it, but it is just easier to avoid the whole situation. So before you give your child any name think about if it is a name that people will tease your child about in school.

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