10 Reasons To Wait Until Your Baby’s Arrival Before Picking A Name

If you are expecting you have a lot of things to do before your little one arrives. You need to get baby items, get their nursery set up, pick out your labor hospital and so much more. One thing that you cannot forget to do is to pick out a name for your baby name or can you actually wait on that? Yes, you can! Many parents do not like to pick out a name for their baby until their little one arrives. This might be right for you and your partner. So keep reading to discover ten reasons to wait until your baby arrives before picking a name!

10 It Will Come More Naturally

How many times have you and your partner sat down and started talking about baby names? We beat you are tired of picking out random names that you like, just to get them vetoed by your partner.

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If this is you then you need to wait until your baby arrives before picking out a name. Waiting to pick out a name will be easier since after you see your baby a name for them will come more naturally to you. Don’t settle for a name you don’t love and just wait until you meet them to name your baby.

9 You’ll Have A Great Story To Tell Them When They Are Older

Kids love knowing where their name came from. Many families have family names they pass on, most parents pick out baby names from a book or online. We are not saying there is anything wrong with getting inspiration there, but you will have a better story to tell your child if you wait until they are born to name them. This means that you didn’t just select a random name out of a book. Instead, you’ll be able to tell them that after meeting them you knew there were going to be a Paul or a Samantha.

8 You Won’t Get Sucked In By Passing Trends

There are so many trends out there when it comes to baby names. Though there is nothing wrong with picking out a name based on a trend, but waiting until you meet your baby means that you are going to be more likely to pick out a timeless name.

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This is because you won’t be looking at articles online or reading from baby books for names. Instead, you are going to be able to choose a name that really speaks to you and your partner. If you don’t want to pick out a baby name from a passing trend then you need to wait until you meet your baby before picking out a name.

7 Gives You Something To Think About During Labor

The biggest moment you will experience once you find out that you are pregnant is the labor. Labor has been known for being long for many first time parents. There is no better time for you and your partner to talk about baby names then when you are in labor. This gives you something to distract you from any pain you might feel during labor and it gives. Don’t rush to pick out a name once you find out you are pregnant, instead wait until you are in labor and you meet your baby.

6 You Can Select A Name From A Doctor Or Nurse That Really Helped You

The doctors and nurses that work in the labor and delivery area of the hospital are special since they spend every day at work helping mothers deliver their baby. If you wait until you meet your baby you can name your baby after a nurse or doctor that helped you out during your labor.

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This can be a nurse who went above and beyond to make you feel comfortable or the doctor who was there for you when you had a million questions. Either way, you know you would name your baby after a fantastic person.

5 You’ll Feel Less Stress Throughout The Pregnancy About Names

Something parents spend a lot of time on during a pregnancy is talking about baby names. When you already talked to your partner multiple times and you still can’t both find a name you like it can be stressful. Don’t get stressed out over a name, instead relax and wait until you meet your baby. This will give you a chance to clear your mind and focus on the enjoyable moments of your pregnancy. Stress less about names and just wait until your baby arrives to decide on an official name for your little one.

4 Not Picking One During The Pregnancy Lets You Focus On Other Things

There are times when a woman finds out that she is pregnant that her mind starts to race about everything she has to do and everything she hasn’t learn. Though this is common among soon-to-be-parents you do not want to feel more pressure just to pick out a name.

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Waiting to pick out a name until you meet your little one can help you focus on other things you want to get done before your baby comes home like setting up their nursery and picking out the hospital you want to deliver at.

3 Less Worry About Picking A Gender-Neutral Name If Your Baby’s Sex Is A Surprise

A big trend that has been on the rise for pregnant women are not finding out your baby’s sex before birth. There are so many wonderful gender-neutral names that you can pick for your little one without knowing their sex, but if you wait until you meet your baby you can pick a name that you love for them. This gives you a chance to pick out a gender-specific name for your little one without having to go through the trouble of having a backup name just in case they turn out to be the different sex than you thought.

2 You Get To Pick A Name Based On Your Baby’s Personality

One thing parents always wonder about a name they pick for their child is if the name is going to suit their baby. The best way to know for sure a name is going to match your child’s personality is waiting to pick out a name after you meet them.

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Though your are meeting a newborn there are some traits that will not go away as they grow that you can learn about after meeting your baby for just a few hours. Talk to your partner about waiting until you meet your baby before picking out a name for them.

1 Other People’s Opinions Won’t Affect Yours

The worst part about picking out a name for your baby is hearing what everyone else thinks about the name you choose before you go into labor. The people who have strong opinions about names are typically close friends and family members since they think they are helping you out. But instead, it can just hurt your feelings and make you doubt the name you picked. Waiting until your baby arrives can ensure that no one’s opinions are going to effects your own when you select a name for your baby.

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