Rebecca Minkoff Included A Breastfeeding Model For New York Fashion Week

For many years, fashion was extremely exclusive- save for those who had the perfect weight, height and looks for this cutthroat industry. But more recently, restrictions have relaxed due to severe public pressure for more inclusivity. That's why we're seeing more plus-sized models, models of colour, and even models with disabilities. That doesn't even cover it all because more change continues to occur within the fashion industry.

Case in point: Rebecca Minkoff's fashion show for New York Fashion Week included a breastfeeding model. The model's name is Mara Martin, and the baby in her arms in her own baby girl. In the photos from the fashion show, Martin is wearing a blue-and-black patterned dress with strappy sparkly high heels. While her breastfeeding on a fancy chair is center stage, there's also a breast pump on a table that's beside her.

The reasons for Minkoff wanting to showcase a breastfeeding model during one of the biggest fashion events of the year weren't just for business, though. Minkoff is a mother of three herself, so she has an excellent idea as to what it's like having to breastfeed on a regular basis. It's also why she's recently gone out of her way to have her clothes become accessible for more and more women- including breastfeeding and working moms. Minkoff even partnered with breast pump manufacturer Medela during New York Fashion Week.



Many watched this fashion show in New York City or online- or are now scrolling through photos online after the fact. There's already been a lot of praise for Minkoff's choice to showcase a breastfeeding mom. But the highest praise definitely came from Martin- the breastfeeding model herself. She couldn't help but gush when she uploaded an Instagram post from Minkoff's show.

"Posting twice in one day because it was that MAJOR," she began. "When @rebeccaminkoff asked me to be a part of her show as a model and mother while nursing Aria I immediately said yes. She wanted me to represent the working mom for her during part of her show, because that’s what I am. As women we wear many hats, Rebecca being a prime example of that. She is a mother, wife, designer, business woman, and all around boss. She is the example I am constantly looking up to. So proud to be a small part of your vision. Congratulations on an incredible show and thank you for including us!"

Is this something that we're going to see at more fashion shows in the future- be it from Minkoff or other fashion designers? It's hard to say at this point. But with modeling becoming more inclusive for people from all walks of life, it wouldn't be all that surprising if this turned out to be the case.

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