Reddit Thread Calls Out Dad Wanting To Divorce His Wife Who Got Pregnant With Second Child

The act of becoming a parent is completely life-altering, and it's no secret that it can take its toll on a relationship. In fact, it's not uncommon for many partnerships and marriages to come under extreme stress after the birth of a child. In some extreme cases, these relationships dissolve.

One anonymous dad-of-two, in particular, took to Reddit last week to admit that he's considering ending his marriage over the decision he says his wife made to carry their second child to term.

"After the birth of our first child I discovered that I don't like being a father," he wrote. He added that he felt he just wasn't "good" at it, and was looking forward to when his child was older so that he could more or less get his freedom back.

"Then my wife got pregnant [again]," he said. "We made an appointment to terminate the pregnancy, but the day before the appointment . . . she guilted me into cancelling [it]."

This was two years ago. Today, he admitted he still resents his wife for not terminating the pregnancy, finds every little thing she does "annoying", and has been thinking about divorce.

While his original post has since been removed, the comments have not - comments which overwhelmingly call out the anonymous dad for being, well, a jerk.

"If you absolutely 100% didn’t want any more children, you should’ve gotten a vasectomy," one user wrote.

Other's echoed this sentiment, adding that he needs to hold himself accountable for the part that he played, and step up and be a man - and a father - to his two children.

"These kids deserve a father that can take some responsibility," one user pointed out.


Not everyone, however, was as quick to jump down anonymous dad's throat. In fact, one user pointed out that people were reacting before they fully understood the question.

"You can fall out of love with someone for any reason," one person said. "It’s not your fault."

Others went as far as to blame the man's wife because she deliberately ignored his wishes and went on to have the baby. Some even agreed that this decision was grounds for divorce.

We may never know how this story plays out, since the original poster has since removed his confession. We do know, however, that this is the second time in the last little while that a Reddit post involving spousal disagreements about parenting and pregnancy has gone viral.

A couple of weeks ago, the internet called out a doctor for claiming that his pregnant wife (also a doctor!) was "lazy".

Pregnancy and parenting are no joke, guys. Hopefully, by now, both families have come together for the sake of their children and worked something out.

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