Reddit Confessions: 15 Women Who Just Hated Being Pregnant

Life can be pretty tragic sometimes, but it can also have its fair share of celebrations. Usually, these celebrations occur when something life changing happens in a person's life. One of the most celebrated things to happen in a woman's life is when she becomes pregnant. Pregnancy is certainly a joyous event, and it is often treated that way. Of course, nothing in life can really be considered great all the time. Pregnancy is no different. There are things that come along with being pregnant that just are not fun by anyone's standards. It is because of that some women find pregnancy a less than joyous experience.

In fact, some women down right hate being pregnant. They may hate it for a wide variety of reasons, but they all totally hate it. These women have something else in common. They admit to hating being pregnant on the popular website Reddit. On that site, they are able to secretly admit to just how little they liked being pregnant. Viewing these Reddit confessions can be very enlightening, and are worth taking a look at. With that in mind, here are 15 confessions on Reddit from women who hate being pregnant.

15 Nausea And Guilt

The thing about pregnancy is that it is very often and rightfully viewed as a blessed event. The only issus is that pregnancy often comes with several rather unpleasant side effects. Those side effects can get to an expecting mother some of the time. That seems to very much be the case with the first confession.

The poor woman talks about how she is miserable being pregnant due to such things like constant nausea. No one can really blame the poor woman or at least no one should blame her. However, the most interesting thing about this confession is that she feels bad about making it. It just goes to show that some women are under pressure to never have any bad feeling about the miracle that is pregnancy. It is actually kind of a sad state of affairs.

14 It Was All She Ever Wanted

Pregnancies can be and often are planned events. However, sometimes pregnancy does not happen as easily as one might like. For example, the woman in the next confession evidently had quite a time getting pregnant, and it apparently took years. Despite that, she still hates being pregnant.

It really says something about the kind of pregnancy experience this woman must be having. It must really be particularly unpleasant for her to hate being pregnant after how hard she worked to become pregnant. It also somewhat suggests that pregnancy, in general, tends to be a pretty unpleasant experience if someone who worked so hard to achieve it hates it so much. Interestingly enough, she also mentions how she feels guilty for hating being pregnant. That is just further evidence of women being under pressure to not have any disdain for being pregnant.

13 What People Don't Talk About

So it has been clearly shown that pregnancy, at times and for some people, can be a pretty unpleasant experience. The thing is, that is not the case for everyone. In the next confession, the woman writing openly admits she did not have all that terrible a pregnancy. Yet, she also openly admits that she is hating being pregnant.

The only real issue she seems to be having is that she feels “big and gross." Interestingly, that might be something that does not get talked about when it comes to pregnancy. It seems like it is more common to talk about things like nausea. It does not seem like people talk about simply being big and feeling uncomfortable even though that is clearly something that is going to happen. Also, like all the other confessors thus far, she feels bad about hating being pregnant.

12 Just Get It Over With

This next confession certainly takes things to a much more serious level. The woman behind it is hating being pregnant, but for a very serious reason. It is because she is carrying twins and things are not going all that well. This confession just goes to show that pregnancy can not only be an unpleasant experience, but also a scary one.

It is important for women to remember that no one is guaranteed to have an easy pregnancy. There is always a chance that there could be some kind of complications. Those complications probably would make any mother to be hate being pregnant. For those mothers, they just want things over with and to have a healthy baby. There is little doubt that is the case with this mother who is having to make some hard decisions regarding her twins.

11 A Love-Hate Relationship

Until now all the women that have been confessing have stated simply that they hate being pregnant. This next confession is a bit different. She says that she too hates being pregnant, but she also loves it. Her feelings are, arguably, more in line with how most women feel when it comes to being pregnant.

It seems pretty fair to say that most pregnant women have mixed feelings about being pregnant. They love it sometimes and then they hate it other times. It all depends on what is going on with their bodies at that moment. This confession also points out a unique side effect of being pregnant which is saving issues with smells. That is probably something a lot of people do not think about when it comes to pregnancy like they would think about weight gain and nausea.

10 Guilty About It

It has already been shown multiple times that women who hate being pregnant tend to feel guilty about it. That appears to be the case with this next confession. It deals with a woman that is that is hating being pregnant. However, there is an added wrinkle to her guilt for feeling that way.

They had fertility problems in the past and did not have an easy time getting pregnant. Despite that, she is currently hating being pregnant. This just goes to show that even someone that struggled to become pregnant does not mean they will completely enjoy it when they actually get pregnant. It is actually a little bit of a case of being careful what you wish for. Although, to be fair, it is not exactly hard to blame her for hating her pregnancy. It does seem like she has been having a hard time at it.

9 Heartburn Ruined Everything

Up to this point, pretty much every woman has felt some guilt over hating being pregnant. However, the woman in this next confession does not seem to feel much guilt at all. She is simply totally over being pregnant. In fact, she seems to hate being pregnant more than any other woman thus far. One of the reasons is that she is having a whole lot of heartburn.

What might be the most interesting thing about this woman's confession is how she admits she cannot tell anyone that she hates being pregnant. Every time she does tell someone how she feels, they scoff at her. It is interesting that a lot of people do not really want to hear about a woman hating being pregnant. People just do not like the notion that a woman dares to not like being pregnant.

8 Just Depressing

This next confession deals with a mom hating being pregnant. However, it also deals with another emotion. That emotion is depression. The mom is very depressed about being pregnant for several more weeks. It does not seem this mom so much hates being pregnant so much as she is simply depressed by it.

She is depressed about all the misery that she has to go through while being pregnant. Interestingly she also admits to being excited to meet her new baby. This just goes to show that being pregnant can actually be a mixed bag of emotions. It is only normal that pregnant woman to feel less than thrilled with some of the things that is going on with her body. Nevertheless, she is bound to be pretty excited about actually having her baby despite not always loving being pregnant.

7 For No Reason At All

Whenever a woman is pregnant and hates it, she probably has a good reason for hating it. However, that is not always the way it goes. That seems to actually be the case for this next confession. The woman claims she is hating being pregnant, but she really does not have any reason to hate it.

She claims she is having an easy pregnancy, but she just is not liking it. This goes to show that for some women pregnancy just is not their thing. Some women just are not going to like pregnancy for no reason in particular. The woman who wrote this confession seems to largely prove this point. She openly claims to not want to jump on the “pregnant goddess” bandwagon even though she wants to so badly. The problem is, as mentioned, pregnancy just is not her thing.

6 Pregnancy Was The Obstacle To Motherhood

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It is important to make a major distinction at this point. The women making these confessions hate being pregnant. However, they do not hate being a mom. That is painfully true in this next confession.

She loves being a mom, but she really hates being pregnant. It is not hard to see why she is hating being pregnant. She mentions how she is suffering due to being pregnant. That is the thing, pregnancy can cause a lot of suffering, but women are willing to put up with it because of the joys of being a mother. It is really an example of having to take the good with the bad. There are a great many good things that come along with being a mom, and there are a lot of not so fun things about being a pregnant woman.

5 Basically Living In The Hospital

Some reasons for hating being pregnant are probably better than others. The woman in this next confession seems to have a pretty good reason to hate being pregnant. She has been in and out of the hospital while pregnant. This does bring up a pretty good point that should be mentioned.

When it comes to pregnancy, it does not always go smoothly. Sure, a woman will have some unpleasant side effects like nausea. However, she might also have actual medical issues that need to be treated at a hospital. No woman is guaranteed to have a safe and smooth pregnancy. That is something that women need to be aware of. Along with pregnancy may come several visits to the hospital, and women are probably not going to like it. In fact, they will probably hate it. Who likes to be in the hospital?

4 Not My Body

There is pretty much one thing that is for certain when it comes to a woman being pregnant. That woman is going to gain weight. It just depends on how much weight she will gain. The only problem is no matter how much or how little she gains, she probably will not like. She may even hate it.

That certainly is the case for the woman in the next confession. She hates that she has gained weight and that her body is uncomfortable. That is not even that most interesting thing about her confession. She also mentions that she did not even want to have kids. It is no wonder why a woman that never wanted to be pregnant is hating being pregnant. It does make one wonder about the circumstances of how this woman became pregnant in the first place.

3 So Over It

It is true that a woman will gain weight while pregnant, and she may very well hate that. Of course, a woman may hate her body while she is pregnant for a reason that goes way beyond weight gain. There may be a far more serious reason why she hates her body. The woman in the next confession makes this clear.

In the confession, she goes through all sorts of medical issues that she is having with her body. It is no wonder that she is hating being pregnant. Basically, she is just over being pregnant. This is just further proof that no woman is guaranteed a smooth pregnancy. There may be things that go on with a woman's body that she will hate because it will cause a great deal of suffering for her, and they may be pretty serious.

2 Didn't Even Last 9 Weeks

When it comes to how long pregnancy lasts, pretty much everyone knows that it goes on for around 9 months. That means a woman is going to have to go through all the unpleasantness of pregnancy for 9 months. The only thing is what if a woman starts to hate being pregnant after only a few weeks? That is what is happening for the woman in the next confession.

It just goes to show that a woman may not be pregnant very long before she starts to hate. It does not take all that long for things like morning sickness to start. That means a woman may be somewhat miserable for quite some time. That is certainly a downside to being pregnant. 9 months can go by pretty slowly when a woman is not exactly feeling her best from being pregnant.

1 Cramps In The Weirdest Places

Obviously, when a woman is pregnant that means that she is carrying a baby. Likewise, that baby is going to move around when it is in its mom which everyone knows. However, that could be an issue in and of itself. The woman in the next confession points this out pretty clearly for everyone.

Her entire confession is pretty much all about her baby moving around in her belly and how it makes her feel. Her confession really points out that pregnancy has its blessings and its curses. Ironically at times, they can come from the same source. A baby moving is one of the great joys of pregnancy, but it can also cause some serious discomfort for a pregnant woman like it does for the mom in the confession. Women should be aware of that when they become pregnant.

Sources: Reddit.com

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