Reddit Post Begs Parents To Vaccinate For Chicken Pox (Even Though Most Don't Even Know There's A Vaccine)

One mother has sparked yet another conversation about vaccines after her eight-month-old child spent Father’s Day fighting the chickenpox. The anonymous mother took to her Reddit account to show other parents just how serious the chickenpox can be by posting a photo of her daughter in the bathtub and covered in scabs no less. The family spent their Father’s Day weekend at home rather than celebrating the holiday with loved ones.

Many Reddit users offered their sympathies and shared their chickenpox horror stories, too. One user said that her daughter also got the chickenpox at just nine-months-old and a few months before the vaccine came out. Another one pointed out that chickenpox is a good topic to explore where the line lies between people who are either pro or anti-vaccinations.

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According to WebMD, the chickenpox vaccine is a shot that can protect both children and adults who receive the vaccine from the often cumbersome and itchy chickenpox. Also known as the Varicella vaccine, the chickenpox is caused by the varicella-zoster virus. Just one dose of the vaccine can prevent about 95 percent of a moderate form of the disease and 100 percent of a more severe form of the disease. With that said, two doses of the vaccine are definitely more effective than one.

Many pediatricians recommend that children receive their first dose at around their first birthday. Their second dose should be sometime between the ages of 4 and 6.

Seeing how the little girl in the photo was only eight months at the time, she was too young to receive the chickenpox vaccination. That’s why the mom – along with so many other parents who strongly believe in vaccinations – are reaching out to parents to do what’s not only right for their children, but also for those kids around them.

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The chickenpox vaccination is especially important for people who care for or around others with weakened immune systems along with adolescents and adults that live with children.

However, if you are someone who has had a life-threatening allergic reaction to a previous dose of the chickenpox vaccine, definitely talk to your doctor or health professional about your next steps. If you are already pregnant, it’s advised that you do not get the chickenpox vaccination until after delivery.

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