Why Renata From 'Big Little Lies' Is The Epitome Of The Lawnmower Mom

We have found that Renata from "Big Little Lies" is definitely a lawnmower parent!

Renata from "Big Little Lies" has proven time and time again that she is the definition of lawnmower parenting. Imagine you are a parent and you are pushing a lawn mower through a field of really tall grass. Your child is following behind you. As a parent, you are pushing through the grass as hard as you can. If you see a rock or a pine cone, you grab it and throw it out of the way so you can keep on pushing your lawn mower. Your child is happily following behind on the freshly cut grass without any obstacle. That is what it is like to be a lawnmower parent. You don't want you kid to struggle so you knock down obstacles so they can easily breeze through their challenges.

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Renata is definitely a lawnmower parent. Ever since the first season, we learn that she is not very flexible when it comes to her daughter, Amabelle. It is her way or the highway and nobody is going to hurt her little princess. Renata even basically tells Amabelle's teachers that none of the other students matter and that Renata is the most important student. She tells the teachers that Amabelle should be their first and only priority. Let us look at that anxiety attack that happened in season 3. Do you remember how Renata responded? She didn't even think that it was her fault. She had no idea that Amabelle's anxiety could have anything to do with her as a parent. In fact, Renata blamed everybody around her. She blamed Amabelle's teachers and the principle. Heck, she even blamed the doctor who was trying to treat her doctor for the whole situation. Like, as if it was the doctor's fault for her daughter's anxiety issues.


We think one of our favorite moments is when Renata tells her husband that she is "sparing no cost" when it comes to her daughters birthday! The greatest part is that their family is struggling with finances and they are actually heading towards bankruptcy! Anything for her baby girl right?!

Lawnmower parenting is not the best way to raise children. It can actually be detrimental to the child's success. Many parents don't know when they are being lawnmower parents and they sometimes even think that they are helping their kids. Mowing down obstacles makes it so that children don't have the ability to learn themselves and they don't know how to problem solve their own problems. The best way to raise children is to allow them to make their own decisions and to knock down their own obstacles much like the Panda parenting style.

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