Save Some Cash And Storage Space By Renting Baby Clothes

Why Buy Baby Clothes When They're Available To Rent

A mother in the UK is changing the baby clothes game by starting a subscription service.

Why should a parent buy baby clothes that will only become useless after a few months? It makes a lot more sense financially to simply rent the clothing for a time and then give it back so another family can use it for their child. This will not only cut down on personal costs but will keep millions of dollars worth of baby clothes from winding up in a dumpster every year.

Those were the exact thoughts that Belles and Babes founder Emma Gillespie had when she decided to create her own startup. The idea was simple: offer an inexpensive rental service that delivers clothing for your baby to your door and then takes it back when your baby outgrows it.

Signing up costs £40 per month (or about $53) and comes with a "set of 18 essential everyday items ready for your baby's arrival." You can sign up for the service either before or after your baby is born, and there’s no contract to worry about. Cancel any time, for any reason, and all you need to do is just return the clothes. Your monthly fee includes both delivery and returns.

via Belles and Babes

What you receive monthly depends on your baby’s age and gender. For a newborn, Belles and Babes will send "5 sleepsuits, 2 long-sleeved bodysuits, 3 short-sleeved bodysuits, 1 kimono top, 2 cardigans/sweatshirts, 2 pairs of leggings/trousers, 1 pair of dungarees, and 1 set consisting of a top/vest and romper/shorts." Each bundle is worth between £300 to £400 and includes such brands as Mori, Pigeon Organics, Kite Kids, and Piccalilly. Items will also be tailored to the season, so you’ll get more baby shorts in the summer and warmer items in the winter.


A new, upsized bundle will arrive after 3 months automatically, but if your baby grows very quickly then you can easily contact Belles and Babes to return the clothes for an upsized bundle. There’s no extra charge for returning your clothes early--Belles and Babes understands that babies grow at their own pace and nobody else’s.

There’s one thing every mother knows will happen to an infant’s clothes, but Belles and Babes has parents covered there too, "We are becoming experts in stain removal and can remove even the baby poo stains that you think will never come out!"

You’ll only be charged for the clothes that become physically damaged or that are not returned.

Belles and Babes does more than just baby clothes. They also offer maternity clothes and one-off outfits for special occasions.

Currently, they only provide service in the UK, but it's an idea that might catch on in other countries if it grows large enough. And there’s always time for an enterprising American mom to get in on the ground floor before the service expands across the pond!


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