Replacing Jenelle Evans: 20 Things We Finally Know About Teen Mom Jade Cline

Jenelle Evans has been officially fired from MTV.

That’s right folks. After recent events that stunned the nation, MTV made the smart decision of letting her go. It had gotten so bad that crew members were not only afraid to step foot on her land, but any time Jenelle’s husband David showed up at their filming locations, they had to immediately stop filming and leave. It became so bad that Jenelle had to start traveling just to film her segments, which was a huge inconvenience for everyone and made her husband even angrier.

In an attempt to bring in more views, MTV chose to replace Jenelle with one of the girls from their other shows, Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.

Now, Jade Cline might not have as much drama in her life as Jenelle did, but she still was one of the fan favorites on the show. Like Catelynn and Tyler Batlierra, Jade grew up with a mother who was hooked on different vices. When she became pregnant, she swore to herself that she would do everything possible to be the best mother she could be to her little girl, a promise that she has kept so far.

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20 MTV Has Been Filming For Months In Preparation Of Jenelle Being Fired

Instagimg & Fbook

As soon as news broke that Jenelle Evans had been fired from MTV’s Teen Mom 2, news also broke that MTV would be replacing her with Jade Cline from Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.

According to hollywoodgossip.com, the decision came as a surprise for a lot of fans, mainly because no one outside the Young and Pregnant show knew who she really is. Supposedly, MTV had been filming Teen Mom 2 for a few weeks with the other girls, but nothing had been filmed of Jenelle due to all the controversy and how hard it has been to get any footage of her.

According to an insider, if MTV decided not to fire Jenelle, they were just going to use the footage of Jane for the new season of Young and Pregnant.

19 She Was Looking For A Sugar Daddy (Or Mamma) Before Kloie

In Touch Weekly

Before Jade Cline had her daughter Kloie, she was all about making money however she could, and she wasn’t shy about it either.

According to teenmomtalknow.com, Jade has a profiled on an Indianapolis sugar daddy website. Her profile specifically talked about how she was looking for an older man to “spoil” her.

“I’m very sweet and love to travel,” Jade wrote on her profile. “I love food and shopping and spending nights out on the town. I’m a very outgoing beautiful college girl.”

That’s not all though...

According to starcasm.com, Jade also has a profile on another popular dating site, but this time she was looking for a woman to cozy up to. She hasn’t accessed the profile since February 27, 2018, though.

18 She Loves Having A Daughter


Anyone who sees Jade’s life on TV and looks at her social media profiles will see that she is obsessed with her daughter. Kloie Kenna Austin is not only Jade’s everything in life, but also why Jade fights so hard to have a great life and be the best person she can be.

…And, she is not the only one who thinks their daughter motivates them.

According to romper.com, Sean Austin, the father of Kloie, also thinks his daughter motivates him to try and be a better person. “My daughter is my motivation, if she becomes half the woman her mother is, I will be very proud,” he wrote as his bio on his social media account.

17 She Is The Prime Example Of How Life Sometimes Doesn't Go Our Way


Having a child at a young age is not something anyone ever expects to happen unless they do it on purpose. When it comes to Jade Cline and her (then) boyfriend, Sean Austin, they defiantly had no plans on getting pregnant at such a young age.

According to moms.com, Jade opened up in a recent interview about how she used to see other young mothers and think to herself, “better them than me.” She never saw herself being one of them one day, and defiantly had no intention to try.

Well, it seems as Jade figured out real fast that things don’t always go like we want them. Sometimes we are destined to go down a certain path.

16 Baby #2 (Was) In The Talks

IG & In Touch Weekly

When Jade posted a picture to her IG with her family and captioned it, “Big News to Follow,” fans went crazy with what the possible big news could be.

According to starcasm.net, soon as fans saw the post, they immediately jumped the gun and thought that she was pregnant again. Jade made sure to clear up the confusion quickly though by assuring everyone she wasn’t pregnant again, but... she also hinted that she might be soon. “I’m not pregnant,” she wrote in a graphic text on her IG story. “Sean and I have discussed having a second child because he really wants a son and wants our kids close in age.”

15 She Was Engaged...

In Touch Weekly

Jade Cline and her boyfriend Sean Austin have had some pretty serious up and downs in the past. On Monday, April 23, 2018, Sean popped the question with the sweetest proposal while they two enjoyed a romantic date night.

According to popculture.com, the conversation started off by Sean talking about how happy he was that they were getting along so well now, which Jade agreed. Sean then continued by talking about how all he wants to do is make her happy, how is tired of seeing her upset all the time, and how he can’t see himself with anyone else but her. That is when he asked her to marry him and, bursting with excitement, she quickly responded yes.

14 ...But She Recently Split From Her Baby Daddy For The Last Time

In Touch Weekly

Another one bites the dust!

On Tuesday, January 19, 2019, Jade revealed via an IG Q&A, that she was no longer with her longtime boyfriend, Sean Austin.

According to theashleyroundup.com, a fan asked Jade if she was still with Sean and she replied, “definitely not.” This isn’t the first time the couple have had problems, though. What makes this breakup so different than the others though, is that Jade is pretty sure it is over for good. When a fan asked her if she would ever consider giving him one last chance, she replied, “Lol, nooo.”

Jade did not go into detail about why they called it quits, but she did hint it was because he was being secretive.

13 She Had A Rocky Relationship With Her Mother

In Touch Weekly & Radar Online

Back on March 8, 2014, Jade Cline’s mother Christine was arrested for possession and theft while shopping at a Meijer supermarket in Indiana.

According to okmagazine.com, Police were called to the scene after a loss prevention officer witnessed Christine removing tags off certain items. She later pled guilty to conversion and was sentenced to four days in jail, 365 days probation, and ordered to complete a substance evaluation at a treatment center.

When Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant first aired, Jade is heard talking about her mother’s issues and admits that it has been a struggle for her. “It’s hard to trust anything she says to me,” she admitted. “If I found out she was using again, I don’t think I would be able to let her around Kloie. That’s a decision I have to make.”

12 Even After Everything, Jade Still Wanted Her Mother In Her Child's Life


It is obvious that Jade hasn’t had an easy life when it comes to her mother and her vices. Luckily, although Jade has said in the past that it is hard to trust anything her mother says to her now, she still wants her in her and her daughter’s life.

According to moms.com, Jade has talked previously on the show how she wanted her mother there to help with the baby. Maybe Jade has finally forgiven her mother? Or maybe its because when a woman has a child, she sees quickly everything that her mother had to sacrifice and do when she was born, and it makes them more grateful for their mother.

Either way, it is a good thing that their relationship still has hope.

11 Her Mother Was Not The Only One Struggling With Vices On The Show

hollywoodlife.com & Starcasm

During a November 2018 episode of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, fans saw Jade starting to get suspicious that her baby daddy was up to something when Sean decided not to go to the pumpkin patch because he was “too sick.”

According to hollywoodlife.com, that is when Jade demanded Sean take a test. Sean was furious and accused Jade of not trusting him but agreed to take the test, which he failed, proving to Jade that her worries were valid.

Jade was quick to kick him out, but he managed to weasel his way back in by begging for forgiveness and asking what he could do in order to stay. She told him he had to do outpatient care, but by the time the episode ended, he still hadn’t gone.

10 Her Family Opened Their Own Restaurant


It looks like Farrah Abraham isn’t the only one venturing into opening her own restaurant.

According to starcasm.net, Jade and her family have opened their own restaurant out in Greenwood, Indiana called Sanders Family Kitchen. “My grandma and papaw are the owners, Sean, myself, and our immediate family are the staff.” Jade wrote on her IG months before it actually opened, along with a family picture that she captioned, “Big News to Come!!”

Before the grand opening, Jade talked to Champion Daily and told them how at the time the restaurant was in the remodeling process and they were buying all new equipment for it, but the menu was already finished, and the license had already been granted to them.

9 She Was Crushed When Her Grandmother Was Diagnosed With Cancer

16 and Pregnant & Teen Mom Wiki - Fandom & Starcasm

Fans of the show Teen Mom Young and Pregnant understand when it comes to Jade and her grandmother, they are super close. Jade’s grandmother Lori is probably the only person in Jade’s life that she can go to for advice and support.

Meaning, when Lori was diagnosed with cancer in 2018, she was absolutely crushed.

According to starcasm.net, Lori’s cancer initially started in her uterus but spread to her fallopian tubes and she needed immediate surgery to remove them.

To help her grandmother, who works at Denny's and doesn't make much money (who also accumulated thousands of dollars in medical bills), Jade started a GoFundMe to acquire donations to help pay for bills, plus all the upcoming surgeries and treatment she will be needing in the future.

8 ...But Now She's Cancer Free!

Radar Online & Starcasm

As stated earlier, Jade grandma Lori developed cancer in her uterus, and it spread to her fallopian tubes and needed scheduled surgery to remove the cancer.

According to starcasm.net, Jade took to her IG account with a graphic text back in 2018 with some amazing news. “My grandma’s surgery went great!” she exclaimed. “She’s cancer free!”

She continued in a separate post to explain in greater detail after a fan asked how she was doing:

“She is in the hospital recovering from her surgery. Her fallopian tubes were in a knot causing her to lose [plasma] flow, but they did a surgery similar to a hysterectomy and they removed any masses! She has no cancer! We are so happy. She should make a fine recovery in no time!”

What amazing news for the young reality TV show starlet!

7 Her Daughter Is Just Like She Was At A Young Age: Happy, Goofy, And Super Funny


According to people.com, Jade recently talked about how happy her daughter is and how blessed she is to have a child like Kloie. “She’s very happy! She’s a super happy baby, she’s got a really funny personality,” Cline gushed about her daughter. “I can tell, she kind of reminds me of myself when I was little, kind of goofy, very funny. We wake up in the morning and I go and get her and she’s all smiles, laughing. She’s always, always happy.”

She then added, “I got lucky having a kid that’s so happy all the time. There are times where she’s upset, she’s teething right now so she can get a little grumpy sometimes but most of the time she’s a very, very happy baby.”

6 The Lies Her Baby Daddy Told Her

Bio Wikis & 16 and Pregnant & Teen Mom Wiki - Fandom

People need to learn, the truth always comes out, no matter how much someone tries to hide it.

According to teenmomtalknow.com, the real reason Jade ended her engagement to her longtime boyfriend Sean Austin was due to a few lies she caught him in. One being that all the overtime he was working was a lie and she realized this after seeing his paychecks and how low they were...

Fans began to soon notice that something was wrong when she tweeted multiple tweets about being unfaithful. One, in particular, read: “He could be with you for five years and do you [wrong] that whole five years meanwhile, y’all breakup & he treats his new girl like a queen.. just how the cookie crumbles.”

It’s sad. She had just gotten engaged too.

5 Her Advice On How To Co-Parent

Radar Online & In Touch Weekly

Co-parenting with an ex can be super hard, especially when a two people have nothing but disdain for one another now.

According to starcasm.net, when a fan asked Jade on how her co-parenting was going with her child’s father, whom she had just broken up with, and if she could give her some advice because she was going through the same thing, Jade responded: “we make sure to communicate often, and we both make sure our daughter always comes first! With co-parenting, you have to make sure your both on the same page. But I know sometimes it doesn’t always work out that way.”

She then ended her message: “Best of luck to you love.”

Great advice Jade.

4 Despite Having The Baby Daddy Around, Jade Always Felt Like A Solo Parent

In Touch Weekly

Jade has always been 100% honest when it comes to her real-life problems and what she deals with on a daily. Sadly, when she got pregnant, she thought that her baby’s father, Sean Austin, would be there for her after the pregnancy.

It stinks when things like that don’t always happen for us.

According to moms.com, Us Magazine talked about one episode where Jade admitted she felt like a solo mother all the time, even though she did have Sean there in her life.

Having a child changes everything for a person, and it is sad when that child can not have his or her parent’s full and undivided attention.

3 The Controversial Selfie That Was Immediately Deleted


When it comes to social media, it seems like all these Teen Mom girls do not understand what is okay, and what is not. That, or like Farrah Abraham, they feel like all publicity is good publicity.

According to starcasm.net, Jade came under fire back in 2018 when she posted a bathroom selfie in which showed clear as a day something illegal sitting on the counter next to her, along with a rolled-up dollar bill and an ID card. Once fans started to question her though, she quickly deleted the post. Unfortunately, fans had already screenshotted the post, and it was being shared all over.

In the end, Jade deleted her Twitter account but left her IG account active with the comments turned off.

2 She Is Going To School To Be A Cosmetologist


When Jade announced that she was going to be one of the staff members at her family’s restaurant, fans were stunned due to her announcing her recent interest in cosmetology.

According to starcasm.net though, she heard her fans concerned and made sure to address them in a YouTube video. “Right now, I’m enrolled in cosmetology school full-time, so I plan on being a hair stylist,” she explained in her video. “But I also see myself in the future traveling, doing makeup, possibly doing hair. I really want to get into a different trade with cosmetology. I don’t want to stick to just doing hair because there’s so much more in the field to do.”

1 She Was Completely Supportive Of Fellow Co-Star Kayla Sessler

Pinterest & Starcasm

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant follows the life of five young mothers, including Jade Cline. One of the girls, Kayla Sessler, took to her IG recently to announce that she is expecting baby number two with her boyfriend.

According to inquisitor.com, Kayla shared a photo of her son Izaiah, whom she shares with her ex-boyfriend Stephan Alexander, wearing a shirt that had the phrase “only child” marked out in blue and replaced with the phrase “big brother.” She then went on to post a second photo of her son smiling big as he held a picture of a sonogram. She informed everyone that she is due in August.

Jade commented on one of the photos: “Was wondering when you were going to tell! Lol. So excited for y’all. I love you guys.”

Sources: teenmomtalknow.com, starcasm.net, theashleyroundup.com, okmagazine.com, popculture.com, starcasm.net, moms.com, people.com, hollywoodgossip.com, hollywoodlife.com

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