Reporter Hilariously Interrupted Live On-Air By Child

NBC correspondent Courtney Kube is the latest newsperson to have their children run-in on them mid-broadcast to hilarious, and viral, results.

They say don't work with animals and children, but sometimes you don't have a choice. Being a parent isn't easy, especially when you're children are nearby. Double that when you're on live TV on NBC. Kube, ever the professional, however, had to figure out a way to deal with her adorable son while talking about the serious topic of Turkey's invasion of Syria.

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Initially, trying to keep him away, her son persisted. Reaching out and touching her in what looks like an attempt to be picked up. You can hear Kube say "Excuse me, my kids are here, live television," before the screen cuts to a map of the middle east. The reporter kept her composure, however, and quickly transitioned to the story at hand while the graphic took up the screen.

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MSNBC's official twitter handle was quick to jump on the incident, and tweeted the clip, and became the talk of the internet. Yet, despite all the conversation, most viewers seemed to respond positively to the event. With over 15, 000 comments and 58, 000 likes, this clip has officially gone viral.

In the aftermath, Kube admitted that the TV spot didn't line up with her twins' drop-off for preschool. However, it did spark a discussion online when one user said working moms everywhere deserved understanding. According to the US Department of Labor, women make up 47 percent of the United States labor force. 70 percent of mothers who have children under 18-years-old are part of the workforce, and 75 percent have full-time jobs. Not only that, but 40 percent are the sole earners of their households.

With that said, Kube isn't the first person to be interrupted by a child while on live TV. In fact, in 2017, Robert Kelly, a political analyst, was on BBC via Skype discussing the South Korean President Park Geun-hye. During the conversation, his child came running into his home-workspace while his second baby rolled in on a walker. While he tried to keep his composure, his wife came running into the room frantically trying to gather the children.

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