Rescuer Becomes Grandmother To Newborn Saved From A Drain In India

A newborn baby was saved from a drain in India by a woman who then lovingly declared herself his grandmother. Geetha, 45, pulled a small infant out of a drain from the streets of Chennai, India on their Independence Day. It was all captured on video.

This emotional video is absolutely heart wrenching as Geetha gently pulls the baby out by his feet. She gently works him down and pulls him out of the dirty drain completely. With the umbilical cord around his neck, Geetha quickly removes the child and bathes him in water before he is taken to the hospital.

The baby was crying and moving which was definitely a good sign. It was determined that he had breathing problems, but he was stabilized and is expected to survive. There is no word on how the baby was put in the drain.

Via Central European News


The video on BBC is really hard to watch, especially for us moms, but it's easier knowing that there is a happy ending.  Please be warned that the footage may be disturbing to some. Geetha named the boy Sudhandhiram which means "freedom".  In an interview, Geetha said she recalls the moment when she was actually able to hold the baby, "I had the shivers but my only intention at that time is to save the child." She added, "He is my grandson. As I handled the delivery, he became my grandson." How sweet!

She was first alerted to cries in the drain by her milkman. At first, they thought it was a cat that was trapped but they soon realized it was a baby, a small one who was in trouble. Geetha reached in and pulled out a small foot before it became clear to everyone that a human infant was trapped in the drain, not an animal.

Suthanthiram is now under the care of state government’s Cradle Baby Scheme. There will be an investigation to determine how the baby ended up in the drain.

Via Central European News

It's incredible to see this rescue and heartwarming to see such a happy ending. Geetha is proof that not all heroes wear capes.

Does this make your heart happy? Would you have gone out of your way to save this infant? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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