Research Shows Babies Born In December Are Nicer & Live Longer

Does it make a difference what month you were born in? Evidently it does- and we’re not just talking about horoscopes. According to several studies, babies born in December grow up to be nicer people and generally live longer.

One study published in the Journal of Ageing Research claims that people born in December have the highest likelihood of living past the age of 100. The study looked at the effects of birth months on the chance of surviving a century. They looked at the month of birth for 1,573 American centenarians born between 1880 to 1895. This information was then compared to their 10,885 siblings and 1,083 spouses that lived shorter lives.

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"This study suggests that the December-born have a significantly higher risk of surviving up to age 105+ compared to the June-born,” the authors explained. October and November babies also showed the next highest likelihood to live to 100, while those born in March were the least likely.

Even more interesting, another study has suggested that December babies grow up to be nicer people, on average, Mirror reports. The survey, which evaluated college students in America, determined that folks born in December have the least tendency to complain. They’re also less prone to mood swings.

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If you wanted even more reason to have a December baby, then perhaps the fact that one study found December babies to be natural-born athletes will convince you. A study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine found that children born in October, November, or December tend to have better physical fitness.

“Sandercock and his team of researchers found the November-born children had the most stamina, and power, and were the second strongest,” Medical Daily explained of the results. “Those born in the month of October were almost as fit, scoring highest for strength and coming third for power, while December children closely followed.

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The researchers attributed their findings to the fact that babies born in the autumn months have more exposure to Vitamin D in the womb, as their mothers were pregnant in the summer. “The authors believe a contributing factor to autumn-born children being sportier than their counterparts could be due to sunlight exposure during the summer months, toward the end of pregnancy,” Medical Daily explains.

There you have it- December babies are awesome!

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