Research Finds That Hugging A Child Can Impact Their Intelligence

According to Newsner, new research has found that the more hugs a parent gives their child during the developmental stages of life are even more crucial than originally thought. The Nationwide Children's Hospital in Ohio conducted a survey, which indicates the more a baby is hugged, the more their brain grows.

The study focused on 125 babies and both premature and full-term infants were included in the program. Each baby was monitored for how they responded to physical touch. Two different results came out of the study. One finding was that premature babies responded less to affection than full-term babies. Babies who were shown a lot of affection, regardless of when they were born, had a stronger brain response.

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Researcher Dr. Nathalie Maitre shared that the last finding is vital because there is now a specific connection between hugging or rocking your baby and the child's brain development. Although it is essential for all babies to have affection for a smarter brain, Maitre indicated it is essential for preterm babies to feel a positive touch, love, and affection from parents, as their brains need more reinforcement. Again, it is not that full-term babies don't need to feel the same soft touch, but preterm babies need it a bit more since their brain and body didn’t have the full 40 weeks to develop.

It seems like cuddling, hugging, and just loving your child more would be common sense. Kids deserve to be showered with love and affection and that should be enough of a reason to hug your child. A gentle, kind, caring touch goes a long way with a little one, it can make the most significant problem or booboo go away in a second. The fact it can make your child smarter should be an extra-added bonus, not the reason you act that way with your baby.

What do you think about the new research hugging your child will make him or her smarter? Will it really change the amount of affection you give your kid? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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