New Research Links Bad Sleep Habits To Poor Fertility Rates In Men

It looks as though some men out there are going to have to make some adjustments to their lifestyles, or at least their sleeping patterns if they plan on being fathers in the future. That’s because there’s a new study that suggests poor sleep could lead to male fertility problems in the future. In other words, men should get all of the shut-eye that they can get – while it’s still possible.

According to Earth.com, a team of researchers from Aarhus University in The Netherlands looked at how different sleep patterns impact sperm quality. They found that the more rest a man gets, the better his sperm count was while those who were often tired or sleep deprived had less than healthy sperm quality.

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The research found that men who went to bed before 10:30 pm each night had healthier sperm count compared to men who liked to stay up until much later in the night. If that weren’t enough, both poor sleep and stress were also two factors when it came to poor sperm quality. A lack of a good night’s rest not only increased stress levels, but it also made it harder for couples to conceive.

The study looked at the data that was collected from 104 male participants. They were all over the age of 34. The researchers tracked their sleep patterns during a two-year period and also analyzed sperm samples from the participants. They found that even the time that the men went to bed made a huge difference in their sperm quality. Those who went to bed before 10:30 had sperm that was at least 2.5 healthier than those who went to bed at 11:30.

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The study also pointed out that one of the reasons that lack of sleep had such a profound effect on sperm quality is because oftentimes the immune system is forced to go into overdrive. As a result, it attacks the healthy sperm, which is why those who went to bed later had lower quality sperm.

With that said, those couples looking to have a baby might want to get as much sleep as they can. It’s without a doubt that they will surely miss it, especially when that new bundle of joy arrives.

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