Research Shows Many Women In US Still Drinking During Pregnancy

A new study has revealed that the number of women who consume alcohol while pregnant has actually increased over the past decade.

As a race, humans have never been more aware of what is good for them and what isn't than they are right now. Not only are we fully aware of things like alcohol and smoking being bad for us, but an increasing number of people are also choosing to say goodbye to dairy, gluten, meat, and for vegans, any and all animal products.

On the other hand, despite us knowing things are bad for us, we continue to consume them. For many women, getting pregnant is the perfect excuse to give up some of their bad habits. Smoking and drinking alcohol are both absolute no-nos when pregnant. However, a recent study has worryingly revealed that women are continuing to do the latter.

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via Medical News Today

In fact, the results showed that more pregnant women are drinking alcohol now than they were eight years ago. The research, reported on by WebMD, discovered that around one in nine women continues to consume alcohol while pregnant. What is even more concerning is that around a third of those women binge drink while pregnant. The study defines binge drinking as six or more drinks in one session, and at least 4.5 sessions per month.

6,800 women between the ages of 18 and 44 were included in the study. 11.5% of those women continued to consume alcohol while pregnant, and 3.9% of them admitted to binge drinking while expecting a baby. In both instances, that is a higher percentage than the number of women who were found to be doing so during a similar study that was conducted between 2011 and 2013.

Despite the fact that drinking alcohol while pregnant being bad is something everyone knows at this point, perhaps not everyone is aware of the damage it can do. It can lead to your baby's intellectual development being impaired, damage its central nervous system, and even lead to stillbirth or miscarriage in extreme cases. We also realize that going cold turkey when it comes to alcohol isn't an option for some. If that is the case for you or someone you know, there are groups and medical professionals out there designed to help.


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