Researchers Develop Cheap & Simple Test To Diagnose Preeclampsia

Edith Cowan University researchers have developed an economical and straightforward test to diagnose preeclampsia, which affects around 5 to 8 pregnancies out of 100. It can be fatal if not treated on time.

Preeclampsia poses a severe health risk and can even cause death. It becomes all the more critical when it further develops into eclampsia. Once acquired, eclampsia is untreatable until the mom delivers the baby. Needless to say, the results are devastating, as they result mostly in stillbirths and severe deformities.

Furthermore, it carries a high chance of maternal fatality. In fact, it is one of the top causes of maternal mortality in developing countries. But, if we want to treat preeclampsia before it develops into this untreatable condition, then we need a reliable diagnostic method.

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For a healthy person to show symptoms of the disease, it needs to affect the targeted part, but sadly the damage would already have occurred by then and is sometimes beyond control. But there might be a solution.

Suboptimal Health Status Questionnaire (SHSQ-25), developed in 2009 by Professor Wei Wang from ECU's School of Health and Medical Sciences, helps identify the disease condition before it manifests into serious complications. Using a questionnaire format, when used on subjects with preeclampsia, it can reveal some interesting facts about diagnosing the condition.

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Wei Wang finalized 25 crucial questions, which are now the SHSQ-25. It was developed for the general population, and further research in 2012 expressed its possibility to be used as a translational research tool.

Now, in 2019, Wei Wang's Ph.D. candidate Enoch Anto of Edith Cowan University furthered his research so it can be used with pregnant women in the aspect of preeclampsia.  593 participants of 10-20 weeks pregnant were followed up at an interval of 11 and 12 weeks, respectively, till the 42nd week. Only 498 participants returned for the follow up for this routine, which helped further collect their health history information.

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Anto’s research group concluded that the higher the SHS score, the more distinguished are the chances of the person in question of developing preeclampsia. The study concluded a success rate of 61% with only questionnaires, and when combined with the blood tests of calcium and magnesium, there was a success rate of 80%.

It would prove to be a boon for developing countries where the condition has a higher incidence. Mr. Anto noted, "In Ghana, it's responsible for 18 percent of maternal deaths."

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Maternal deaths would be reduced as well as many significant complications, and stillbirths of babies can be dealt with much-improvised treatment. Since the procedure is also inexpensive, this mainly includes blood pressure-lowering medicine and does not require any sophisticated setup, makes it usable right away.

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