10 Retro Baby Names That Still Work Today

Retro names are all the rage. And they've got the Royal seal of approval. Why is retro the way to go?  Well, old-fashioned names remind people of what they see as a simpler way of life. Retro evokes the good old days. Retro could mean something in vogue in the mid-twentieth century, but it could equally well hark back to the early 20th century. These names are tried and tested, not fancy but rather nostalgic. True winners.

Some parents say who needs fancy, chic or sophisticated names? The retro names may be totally not modern, but we as parents are totally up for that. Bring on retro, big time. Here are 10 retro baby names that still work today. Read on and find out if they are right for your baby.

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10 Archie

Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor in South Africa. Meghan and Prince Harry chose an informal old-fashioned name for their much anticipated firstborn child. Archie means genuine, bold or brave.

Not surprisingly, it is more popular in Britain than in the U.S. It's a diminutive of the unwieldy Archibald. Archie is a friendly, informal kind of name that sends out a message about how the Sussexes want their child to be raised. We're betting babies being named retro names will spike all over the world.

9 Charlotte

Charlotte is a sweet, old-fashioned name that is derived from the masculine name Charles. There are lots of cute nicknames that can be used with it. There are Lottie, Charlie, and Carlotta, just to name a few. Charlotte is a great choice for your sweet baby girl.

Famous Charlottes include actress Charlotte Rampling, a queen or two and the 19th-century writer Charlotte Bronte. And Charlotte is a popular name, regularly appearing in the top ten baby name lists. It has staying power. And it will never go out of fashion. Pair it with a one-syllable middle name like Anne. It's a winner.

8 Clive

Until hunky actors Clive Owen and Clive Standen came along the name Clive was beyond the pale. The name conjured up Victorian soldiers in pith helmets. But now it's blissfully retro and in fashion once again. It doesn't really lend itself to nicknames, which may well be a good thing.

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It is not a fun kind of name. But it is a good, slightly friendly and masculine one. Clives are kindly, certain and self-confident people who often have a smile on their faces.  It also has the benefit of being unusual, but familiar enough to make it a viable choice. We like it a lot.

7 Victoria

Recognize the royal wave? Victoria is the feminine side of Victor. It implies victory and triumph. And it's got the option of the nickname Vickie, which is softer and a lot more friendly.

Probably the most famous Victoria was the 19th century Queen of England, closely followed by singer and super-rich Victoria Beckham. Beckham is a great Victoria (not Vickie ever), with a regal sense of entitlement and a "we are not amused" air about her. If you are looking for a regal, dignified girl's name, Victoria may suit.

6 Gideon

Gideons are heroes, who go their own way and do their own thing. Gideon was a judge in the Old Testament Bible who, against all the odds, led the Israelites to a famous victory. Don't tell Gideons what to do, ever.

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It is a strong name that doesn't really lend itself to nicknames. In addition to making a nice first name, we think Gideon is a cracker of a middle name, as in Roan Gideon whatever. If your baby seems strong and determined, Gideon may be a great choice for that all-important name.

5 Lily

Lily is one of the flower names, like Rose and Jasmine, that were popular in the early 20th century. Like the lily flower, the name Lily conveys a sense of purity and cleanliness. It is a very feminine name that is totally retro, a real classic.

It can be on its own or be a shortened-version of something like Lillian. It is a simple, happy name. It comes from the same Hebrew word as names such as Susan. It's a sweet, girlie-girl kind of name that we think is due for a comeback. Flower names may be the next big thing.

4 Noah

Like Noah in the Bible who built the ark and saved the world from a terrible flood, the name Noah brings with it a sense of strength and leadership. It's not a fancy sophisticated name, but rather a good, solid one, with a friendly yet strong vibe. You can depend on a Noah.

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While Noah is almost always a boy's name, there are one or two female Noahs out there. Take Noah Cyrus, the actress who is Miley Cyrus's sister. It's a name that brings a smile to the face. Noahs tend to always be there when you need them.

3 Emma

Emma is a really, really popular girl's name, but not one you run into every day. It comes from a German word that denotes a sense of the whole or the universal. Emmas are practical, yet kind. Take actress Harry Potter Emma Watson as an example. Or actress Emma Thompson. Emmas are competent, but not bossy. They just get on and get the job done, usually with a smile on their faces. It's not a flash in the pan name.

It can be shortened to Em, which is rather nice. And it is related to other "Em" names such as Emily. Emma is a retro name but somehow seems fresh and "with it". It's a great choice for a baby girl.

2 Hank

Hank comes from the name Henry but stands alone just fine. It's another happy name. Hank probably started life as a nickname. Hanks are smiling charmers who don't take things too seriously, the kind of guy who always gets picked first for teams on the school playground.

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It's not a name for a serious kid, but rather a happy-go-lucky one. Good old boy Hank, as they say. It's so totally retro, yet so today and cool. Hank is a great choice for a baby loves to smile. Everybody likes a Hank.

1 Polly

Polly was a really popular name in the 1940s and 1950s.  Polly is a child who is wished for. Pollys are happy souls who seek stability and continuity in their family life. They are down to earth and practical souls who tend to excel in the business world, not in a ruthless way but rather by hard work and determination.

Pollys are usually humble, the type of girl who gets the job done without a fuss and without stepping on toes. It's a name that we think is due for a comeback. It's got a mid-twentieth century feel but is also fresh and up to date.

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