How To Return Baby's Unwanted Gifts After Christmas

It's a few days after Christmas and we're finally recovering from our post-Christmas fatigue! My kids have been utterly spoiled this Christmas, of course! Our family is beyond generous. My kids' aunts, uncles, and grandparents get them the best gifts! But sometimes, your baby gets a toy no one should ever buy for an infant. Eh, sometimes I just want the mug in a different color, ya know? It's not personal - I just want to return Christmas gifts without the hassle. What exactly is the social code on returning gifts anyway? Which stores will allow me to do a return without a receipt? Whether it's baby toys or a Swell bottle for mama, don't stress out over post-Christmas returns with this guide!

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Include A Gift Receipt In Your Christmas Presents

Nobody wants that ugly Christmas sweater, Felicia. Via My Family Club

If the item you're gifting is sized or has variable color options, try to include a gift receipt. Don't be offended if your giftee returns or exchanges it! Your thoughtfulness matters and they took note - they just needed a different size. Christmas has not been kind to my waistline, people!

How To Identify Major Store Brands Easily

Some stores allow you to return through an app! Via APPN

This is so easy, I can't believe I'm even writing about it. Just Google it! If you get a box of Up & Up paper towels (just go with me here), you might not know where they were purchased. But a quick search will tell you Target's store brand is called Up & Up. Now that you know which store sells it, you can return the gift without a receipt. Clothing stores sometimes include unique identifier tags inside items - they're small and generally hidden behind other tags. Sometimes that information can help you find the store you're looking for!

How To Return A Final Sale Item

If you complain enough, they will give you a refund. Via Time Magazine

I worked in retail in my youth. Lots. And. Lots. Of retail time. One thing I can tell you is this: you can always return an item. You may not always receive your refund in the form you'd prefer, but you can always return an item. I have even seen people return things that were sold as a Final Sale! At a certain point, it's not worth fighting someone so determined, so 99.999% of cashiers will just do the return to avoid the hassle. This is not the most classy way to go about doing things, but it's worth noting.

How To Return A Christmas Gift Without A Receipt

"This was a gift." Via Money Talks News

If you can pinpoint where your gift was purchased, you should be able to complete a return even without a receipt. Again, you might not get cash or gift cards for your item. Some retailers use store credit if an item is returned without a receipt, even in forms that require an ID to redeem! Best case scenario, you'll get a gift card in your hand that you can use right away for another.

How To Return A Christmas Gift Without The Gift-Giver Finding Out

They won't take it personally. Right? Via Time

This is a two-part problem, friend. First, how can you logistically return the item without possibly alerting the gift-buyer? If they purchased the item with a card (which, let's be honest, most of our transactions these days are by debit or credit card), their account would reflect a return item. The money would go back to them, not to you! Avoid this faux pas by telling your cashier the item was a gift. With or without a gift receipt, you should be able to avoid an embarrassing conversation with Aunt Esther about those Christmas slippers.

The second part of this problem is the social aspect. How can you avoid hurting your friend's feelings while asking for a gift receipt? Can your relationship with your brother survive a returned Christmas gift? Well, I hope so! Keep in mind that what they don't know can't hurt them! In most cases, this adage will reassure you that your gifter isn't sitting on pins and needles waiting for you to #latergram that scarf. Of course, you could just come clean about it and ask your friend outright if it's okay if you exchange the item. If they can put your friendship (and the magic of Christmas) before their ego, I bet they'd be happy to gift you something you love! Better yet: set a date to go shopping together, where you can collaborate on the item you get instead! In all honesty, everyone is so enthralled with their own gifts they probably won't notice that you never used that stinky candle in your office. No worries.

Find Major Retailer's Return Policies Here

Since I figured you'd be annoyed having to search everywhere yourself, I handily compiled store policies for you! Some of these stores might cover gifts for both you and baby!

A few of these stores are on my post-Christmas return list! Which are on yours? Send me pics of your to-be-returned Christmas gifts on Twitter @pi3sugarpi3 with #ReturningThisGift


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