Revealed! 25 Baby Names Of The Most Badly-Behaved Kids

Well, if any parents have kids with any of these names, they might need a few extra timeouts. Mom and Dad might need to break out the child locks. These names come from an annual survey that schools do on the children’s names, and they collected data on the most common of kids, who could use a timeout for acting out in school. There are well over one million children's names, first names only, that are tracked for acting out in schools everywhere. They pick the top 50 names on that list. Obviously, there are many children on this list who have these names who are perfect little angels, just as it can be that some names on this list can be a bit of a handful.

While parents have the most exciting tasks of picking the first name the baby will carry hopefully for the rest of their lives, it isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Parents want to provide the child with a name that will give them strength. A name is more than a word. It has more power behind it than we can ever fathom. It makes sense to give the child a name that represents something optimistic, rather than something bleak. At the end of the day, the child’s name will have an influence on his or her life. But, parents hold the key to their own thoughts, emotions, and behaviors despite the names that we have given to our children. It is also up to us parents to teach our children the best behaviors, that we can to make sure they stay on the right path in life.

24 Ella

The name Ella is a very sweet name, one would never think that with a name like this, that it could be on the list for bad behaving kids. The meaning of Ella is all complete and fairy maiden.

It origins from German and English, it is actually very high on the name lists for being a popular name. The name is also popular in Sweden and Australia. Why would this name ever be on the bad behaving list? Well, maybe, she is a very sweet girl who can get whatever her heart wants, and she doesn't know how to take no for an answer or share very well with other.

That could be the problem with the name Ella; she is used to getting what she wants. Now, don’t get me wrong, there could be a lot of sweet little Ella's out there who don’t get in trouble. After all, it does say in the meaning that she wants it all completely for her and that she is a fairy maiden.

23 Joseph

The name Joseph is one of the most classic names in American nomenclature, popular with parents from many ethnic backgrounds and having dual-religious appeal. The meaning of the name Joseph is Jehovah; the origin is from Hebrew. His nickname could be Joe, and he is also on the list of bad behaving kids. People could see that with a name like Joseph, he could get into a fight every now and then. But then again, his name is in the old and new testament, so he could be a very sweet and lovable little boy.

Whether or not Joseph is a good or bad little boy, depends on how the parents raise him to be. But he is on the list based on the schools, so that he could be a little bit of trouble for his parents at times. So, parents, keep an eye on the perfect angel of his parent's eyes.

22 Bethany

Bethany is the name of a village just outside Jerusalem where Jesus stayed during Holy Week. That sounds like her parents have a really great little girl, who would never get in trouble at all. Guess again, her name is on the list also. The meaning of the name Bethany is, the house of figs, and its origin is a Biblical place name and Hebrew. Now, I know mom and dad are saying not my little angel, she is always a good girl or never does anything wrong.

Well, that is not what the school survey is saying, that name made the list from all over the place. So just maybe the parents need to teach their child some manners, and to give respect for other. And yes, not all Bethany’s are bad behaving.

21 Cameron

The name Cameron on this list is the male one, not the female one, sorry boys. This name is a popular Scottish name for both boys and girls, thanks to Cameron Diaz. The meaning of this name is a crooked nose; wow, that is a one of a kind meaning for a name. Its origin is a Scottish surname.

Maybe Cameron wasn’t happy with things he was learning in school, that’s why he made the list. But whatever the reason is, hopefully, his parents are telling him to do things better, or putting him in a lot of timeouts for his poor behavior or for choices he is making. A lot of children these days are used to getting things their way, parents need to let them know the world isn’t that way, everyone must work to get what they need in life.

20 Eleanor

Eleanor is a notable namesake from First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Also, two other English queens bore the name from the wives of Henry III and Edward I. There is no meaning for this name, and the origin is English variation of French Provencal Alienor. Eleanor is a stately name that's been around since the twelfth century. Eleanor is a straightforward name that has just the right note for parents who want a girl’s name that combines substance and style.

But guess what, Eleanor made the list, sorry to say that parents. Maybe she was just too straightforward to other children in school and got in trouble for the things she said or did. It sounds like she needs to be put sent to her room.

19 William

The name William has been among the most enduring of classics. William has been the second only to John as the most popular name in the English-speaking world. And now, of course, it’s also a well-established name thanks to Prince William. There are tons of worthy people with this name which includes William Shakespeare, Bill Gates and four U.S. Presidents. The meaning of this name is resolute protection, and its origin is English from German.

With a name that has that many popular people going for it, I can’t understand how it made the list of bad behaving kids. But this name did make it; maybe little William needs some timeouts and to also start listening in class. His parents need to have a talk with him about doing better in school, and most likely at home too.

18 Olivia

Olivia is a sweet girls name, and it was also a lovely Shakespearean name with an admirable balance of strength and femininity, plus it is one of the most popular girl's names in the world. The meaning of this name is an olive tree, and the origin is from Latin. With such a beautiful name as this, how could it make the list of bad behaving kids?

Maybe it could be one of these problems that she is used to getting everything that she wanted and did not learn the word no. Or maybe she just doesn’t like being told what to do. Her parents taught her the value of helping others but she does not seem to want to listen to them very well. Olivia might be getting sent to the corner if she didn’t listen to what she was told to do.

17 Jake

Sorry parents, Jake made the list too. The meaning of this name is supplanted, and the origin of Jake is Hebrew, diminutive of Jacob. But, Jake does sound like one of the cute bad boy kinds of name. Mother’s know that bad boy type, the kind that drove her own parent’s crazy with her always getting into trouble with them. Yes, a Jake may just be that boy moms! So, we can see how he made this list of names that will lead to bad behaving kids.

And Jake was most likely always getting into things that he shouldn’t have when he was really young. So, his parents probably have to send him to bed early a lot, and maybe even take things away from him till he listens better.

16 Laura

Laura is a really pretty name, and it also sounds great when it is said. But guess what, this name made the list of bad behaving kids also. The meaning of this name is bay laurel, and its origin comes the Latin. This name is not one of those fussy ones. Also, it's never been trendy, but it also not dated. The name has been known thanks to some famous people such as First Lady Laura Bush and a writer named Laura Ingalls Wilder.

So, what did Laura do to make this list of bad behaving kids? Maybe she could have been too much of a tomboy and got in trouble for it, or maybe she was just joking around too much with the other kids. Whatever it was, she needs a couple of her electronics taken away from her, and to start listening in the classroom.

15 Joshua

Joshua was an important figure in the Old Testament. This name has a soft sounding middle and its vowel ending make it one of the new gentle boys’ names. It was one of the top ten names for many years. Joshua stands out from the crowd, yet retains its popularity because it manages to present a relaxed, attractive image, with a bit of the old testament. This could be how he got put on the list of bad behaving kids. The meaning of this name is, “the Lord is my salvation,” and its origin is from Hebrew.

Joshua sound like another one of those pretty boy names that make everyone think he is the cool kid. His friends are most likely what got him on this list. Everybody wants to be and do what he does, but little Joshua may need to sit and ponder about his actions after he’s been around his friends too long. Boys will be boys!

14 Holly

Holly sounds like one of those great Christmas baby girl names to give a sweet little girl. The origin of this name is an English nature name, and the meaning is berries. It is really hard to believe that this name made the bad behaving kids list. When people hear this name, Christmas berries come to mind, and for most people happy thoughts.

What could she have done to get here? Well, maybe she is one of those little girls who thinks she can do no wrong. She must not have had a lot of timeouts and was never told that she was not listening to what she was supposed to be doing; meaning she gets her way a lot. Could be that her parents didn’t want to deal with that kind of stuff, and it was easier just to give into her constant demands.

13 Jamie

Parents, this is the boy's name and not the girl's name. And yes, the sweet little boy got in trouble again on this list and tried his best trying to talk his way out of being in trouble. The French variation of J’aime which means I love, and the name origin is from the Spanish variation of James. Let’s face it, we all know a Jamie that has somehow crossed our paths and that he is the sweetest boy, but can’t seem to stop doing stuff to get into trouble. Mainly because he is always on the go wanting to try new things in life.

Jamie is always touching things and wondering how things work. Sometimes even taking things apart that maybe he shouldn’t of have. Maybe that’s how he made this list of bad behaving kids. Then again, maybe he tried talking his way out of the problems he made by arguing like a lawyer to win his case, which this time he didn’t.

12 Courtney

Why is it that most Courtney’s are always getting into trouble? The meaning is a short nose and its origin is from the French. Today, Courtney’s are more in apt to be the babysitter than the baby. They always seem to act more grown up than the child they still are. That could be how she got her name on the list that will lead to bad behaving kids.

When the child is acting like the adult, trouble is normally not far behind. Courtney needs to learn she is the child, and should not try to take the lead on everything. Let the parents and teachers do their job because she just needs to be a kid. Then hopefully she can get her name off of the list.

11 Lewis

The name Lewis means renowned warrior and its origin is the English variation of Louis. We can’t believe that this name made the list of bad behaving kids. It sounds like he should be a more laid-back kind of kid. But I guess Lewis likes to be the bad kind of way, always doing things to get himself in trouble.

Then again, the meaning does say renowned warrior, so I guess he kind of does like the worse active way of life, like living life on the edge. Maybe he didn’t have enough timeouts as a little boy or was just always on the go. His parents are always telling him to stop that, but maybe not enforcing his bad behavior enough for little Lewis to learn how to be well behaved.

10 Daisy

Daisy is a fresh, wholesome, energetic, and is one of the flower names that burst back into bloom after a century’s hibernation. It originally a nickname for Margaret, and is the French Marguerite is a word for the flower. Daisy comes from the phrase day’s eye because it opens its petals at daybreak. Now how could a girl with this name ever be on the list of bad behaving kids? This name makes her sound so sweet, and innocent, but then again even the best of people can have a bad side to them.

Daisy must not have had any timeouts when she was younger, because she was the apple of her parent's eye, and could never do anything wrong. Yep, I bet that this was the problem. She would bat those eyelashes, and her parent would forget what she did.

9 Adam

Can we believe that this name Adam is on the list of bad behaving kids names? The meaning of this name is the son of the red earth and its origin is Hebrew. Adam, of course, is the first man heavenly created. It is also a generic term for mankind and was a primal Old Testament name. With a first name like this how in the world did he go wrong? But then again, Adam was a lady’s man, and that sometimes gets him in trouble.

Adam might have had a lot of timeouts growing up when he was little, but then again maybe he had mommy wrapped around his finger. She was always letting him off the hook for the things he did because he was the apple of her eyes.

8 Ryan

Yes, Ryan did make the list of names that will lead to bad behaving kids. This is the boy’s name, not the girls one, sorry boys. The meaning of his name is little king and its origin is Irish. Ryan has been one of the most popular Irish names in America for decades. There are many famous actors named Ryan, and they all seem to be very easy on the eyes.

So maybe, some of this was mom’s wrong doing, not grounding him when he needed to be. It could always be that he is one of those great looking kids who thinks he can do no wrong because his great looks have gotten him out of trouble. Well, sorry Ryan, not this time.

7 Amber

Although the name Amber is a cute name, it still got her on the list of bad behaving kids. The name Amber meaning is a jewel, amber stone and its origin from the English. She is one of those sweet little angels that her parents think can do anything wrong. Or it just could be that she is one of those girls whose parents can keep an extra set of eyes on her because she is so strong willed.

Whatever got her name on the list, she still has those bad behaviors, that she needs to learn to respect people. And not act on her impulses, so she can get her name off of the list. Hopefully, by next year that name will be off of this list, fingers crossed.

6 Benjamin

Benjamin is a biblical name that has enjoyed a widespread favor for decades and is attractive and strong enough for it to get into the top 10 lists of names for boys. In the old testament, his name was the youngest of the twelve sons of Jacob. The meaning of his name is the son of the right hand and its origin is Hebrew. Can we believe that this name Benjamin is on the list for the bad behaving kids?

Well, guess what, it is on the list; so what is it that he keeps doing wrong. Maybe he just doesn’t know how to not get in trouble. Or could it be that he just didn’t get a lot of timeouts when he was younger? Whatever Benjamin is doing, he needs to learn to stop acting up and be good.

5 Caitlin

Caitlin is a huge name over the past few decades, and it is just starting to move down over the name charts. This name has been considerably overused but it's still popular in Canada. The meaning of this name is pure, and it was borrowed from the Irish. Could that be why her parents think she can do nothing wrong and lets her get away with things?

Nevertheless, Caitlin has made the list of bad behaving kids. Why didn’t her parents give her more rules when she was just a little girl? Maybe they gave her everything is wanted, so they didn’t have to deal with her bad behavior. Caitlin needs to learn that her actions speak louder than her words. They must start to teach her right from wrong, and now not later.

4 Ethan

Ethan is a name that succeeds in being the once classic and fashionable, serious, strong, and yet sensitive. There are several Ethan’s in the old testament. The meaning of his name is strong or firm, and its origin is from the Hebrew. Let’s not forget the name was given a big boost in the name of Tom Cruise character in the Mission Impossible film series. So, know we know why Ethan is on the list of bad behaving kids.

He likes to be the strong yet firm kid in school to keep everyone in line and off of his back. Maybe his parents should have told me that wasn’t nice. Maybe even put him the corner, when he was telling the other playmates what to do and what to play with while he was acting like the natural born leader that Ethan’s tend to be.

3 Jasmine

We all know why Jasmine made the list of bad behaving kids. The meaning of her name is a flower, and the origin is from a Persian flower. There are many actors that have named their daughters Jasmine. Also, it is one of the Princess names in the Disney Aladdin movie. Her parents most likely let her know she is a princess and can have anything that she wanted.

But Jasmine is one of the bad behaving kids because of the way her parents let her get away with anything she did. There were no timeouts for her. She was also taught that she didn’t have to work for anything she wanted and that she had no respect for anyone else.

2 Luke

This is one of those cool names for a cool, strong boy; he has the looks also. The meaning of Luke’s name is a man from Lucania, and the origin is from Greek. He is on the list of bad behaving kids. He is one of those boys that in school, he could get into a lot of fights, just to let everyone know he is not to be messed with.

His parents most likely did put him in timeouts, but they didn’t really work on him. He knows he is cute and can get away with a lot, yet he does sometimes try to be a good boy. He is on the strong side for a kid his age, and that is what gets him in trouble most of the time.

1 Alice

The name Alice noble and she is from the origin of German. The name Alice is quite distinct from traditional girls’ names, it is feminine and dainty, yet with more lightness and innocent charm to it. But yet, with a name this sweet, she is on the bad behaving kids list. Can one even picture that? I guess Alice doesn't like playing nice in and out of school.

Alice’s parents can’t believe that she isn’t behaving nicely, they still see her as their sweet little girl who can do no wrong. Maybe her parents should have grounded her a few times. But they always give her what she wanted, and didn’t teach her to share. So, she is having a hard time with getting along with other kids.

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