An EXCLUSIVE REVIEW Of Some Of The Top Rated Baby Swaddles

Hey there! I am a mom of four and I am on a mission to find the best products for baby and I. I recently tried out some nursing activewear from Cadenshae and loved it! Now, I wanted to check out some swaddles. I am not going to share with you which one is my favorite because there is not just one size fits all swaddle. Every child is so different and therefore they will have different preferences on swaddles. After trying out these swaddles I found that my four children would have had a different favorite! I also wanted to point out that this is not BabyGaga talking, just me, a simple mom. I tried these current swaddles on my baby who is two months old.

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When my husband and I had our first child my Mother-in-Law gave us two swaddles called Swaddle Me. I was very interested in this because it freaked me out trying to swaddle my child with blankets. I was not confident in my swaddling abilities and I was afraid that the blankets would come loose and smother my babe. So I tried the Swaddle Me. It was at that moment that we figured out my baby hated being swaddled. We aren't sure why but we suspect it was because he was 10lbs when he was born and so he was very excited to spread his wings. My second child didn't like to be swaddled that tight because he had a tough time pooping when he was that snug. My third baby loved it but he grew out of it quickly. Now, with my fourth, the velcro started wearing down and so we decided to switch it up.

Snuggle Me

  • Very easy to use
  • baby feels very secure
  • budget-friendly
  • can purchase at big box stores
  • breathable fabric

I saw this swaddle sack on Shark Tank a while back and I was always curious to see if it worked as well as they said it did! I started researching their products and found that they had some great reviews. I put my baby in it and she is very consent in the Zipadee-Zip sleep sack. The Sleeping Baby Inc company also has other types of swaddles that you can look through as well.

  • They have the cutest fabrics to choose from. I picked the XS feather fabric and it is beautiful!
  • Helps with the startle reflex: When babies get started their hands fly up in the air. With this sleepsack, they are able to be comforted by the soft material and they calm back down.
  • Not a straight jacket: Most swaddles keep their arms tight to their chest so they can't move about. My first child would have loved to be able to have this. He hated swaddles that wouldn't let him move his arms.
  • Easy to put on: I have tried some swaddles that it feels like I need three hands to get my kid into the swaddle. Not this sleep sack, it is super easy and just has one zipper.

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Posted by Sleeping Baby - Home of the Zipadee-Zip on Friday, October 25, 2019

I feel like I have seen the Woombie everywhere that I turn so I had to check it out. This company focuses on what is called "hands over the heart" method. The baby's arms are placed over their heart and then you can zip up baby in the peanut-shaped Woombie! When I contacted Woombie they said that I should try their Original Woombie as well as their Grow With Me Woombie.

The Grow With Me swaddle is exactly how it sounds. You are able to unzip the entire outside of the sack to create more room for your growing baby. Once you have unzipped the sack there is an option to unbutton the arms so that the baby's arms can be freed. My baby was very happy in this beautiful sack and she was so cute too. I put her down for a nap in it and she didn't budge for about four hours. I had to keep going in and checking on her because she was so sound.

  • Gorgeous styles
  • Don't have to keep purchasing larger swaddles
  • Comfortable fabric
  • Very well made
  • Has the option of letting arms be outside of the sack
  • Baby is clearly very comfortable.
  • My daughter is nice and snug but can also easily breath

Woombie Swaddle has been helping babies sleep better for over 12 years! We are proud of our awards and for being the...

Posted by Woombie USA on Thursday, July 4, 2019

I also checked out the Woombie Original. The Original that I received is for 3-6 months and my baby is a bit too small for it so I don't want to have her sleep in it quite yet. She does look absolutely adorable in it though! She seems to really enjoy the sleep sack and I am sure she will love it when she gets older! I will definitely update this post when my baby tries it out. The Original is very simple. You place your baby's hands over their heart and then you zip up your little one in the Woombie

Wow! We really liked this Swaddle. I really wish that we would have had this with my 3rd child! This would have saved us a lot of sleepless nights. When my baby was little he always wanted to be close to me and he wanted me to have my hand on him. He loved having the comfort on my hand and if he had a weighted swaddle on his chest he would have slept a lot better.

  • Weighted: There is a cute little weighted portion on the front of the swaddle. It is filled with little beads (I think). The weight on her chest is just enough to comfort her. Think of it as a weighted blanket that some people use for anxiety. She loves the comfort of the weighted portion.
  • Straps: There are straps inside the swaddle that you can use to Velcro down their arms. I love this! I know that there is no way that she is going to get loose. My four year old said, "it's like she is in jail." I laughed at this and I said, "yes!" She loves it though. She loves being tightly snuggled.
  • Convertible: I love how the arms holes can be zipped off! She is only 2 1/2 months so we will keep them zipped up at night. However, I love that she can wear this during the day when she is wide awake and it will keep her all snuggled and warm but it won't restrict her arms if we use the zips!
  • Light material: I love how the material is so light! Some other swaddles that we have tried seem to be too thick and I always fear that she will overheat! This is very light and I don't fear that she will overheat and I can put her in whatever pajamas that I want underneath.

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In the end, I loved all of these swaddles and I would be happy with any of them for my little baby. She loves the Woombie and the Zen One for nighttime sleep because she loves to be tight when she sleeps. Then she has loved the Zipadee-Zip while she naps. I love all of them because they provide my daughter with a safe sleeping environment.

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