RHOBH Star Lisa Rinna Opens Up About Daughter Amelia's Eating Disorder

RHOBH Star Lisa Rinna Opens Up About Daughter Amelia's Eating Disorder

Lisa Rinna recently opened up about her daughter Amelia's eating disorder and admitted that she blames herself for her seventeen-year-old daughter's struggle. It was on the latest episode of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills that the actress invited the viewers to her home where she was having a family dinner with her husband, Harry Hamlin, and daughters Amelia, 17, and Delilah, 20. The footage showed Lisa and her daughters sitting down to enjoy a meal prepared by Harry, but while the rest of the family dug in on the burgers, corn cobs and hot dogs, Amelia was saying she was 'allergic' to every single item, and that she was not hungry.

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Of course, both Lisa and Harry were concerned over their daughter refusing to eat, especially given that she has been battling anorexia for a long time. Amelia publically opened up about her struggle with the horrible eating disorder about a year ago, when she shared a post on her Instagram page in which she explained that she is already suffering from numerous health problems from having starved herself for such a long time. When the worried parents tried to encourage Amelia to eat a little bit, the seventeen-year-old model lashed out at her father and even gave him the middle finger.

RHOBH Star Lisa Rinna Opens Up About Daughter Amelia's Eating Disorder
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As reported by Hollywood Life, Lisa candidly said that as a parent, she wonders if it is her fault and that she blames herself for her daughter's problems. The fifty-five-year-old reality star went on explaining how hard it to see Amelia in pain and that she wishes she could make it go away, something which any parent can relate to.

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After the episode aired, Amelia addressed her behaviour in another Instagram post, saying that the footage clearly showed how her struggles with anorexia affected her whole family and that she was not doing well at the time. The seventeen-year-old explained that the person displayed is not who she is; it is the person anorexia made her into being. She also admitted that it was hard for her to watch the clip, but that she hopes it will make her stronger.

Eating disorders really do affect the whole family, and it is admirable of both Lisa and Amelia to share this moment, as hard as it must be to relive for all of them, in the hopes of it helping others in a similar situation.

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