RHOC Gretchen Rossi Reveals She Had Separation Anxiety After Leaving Baby To Return To Work

RHOC Gretchen Rossi shares that she had a lot of separation anxiety when she left her daughter for the first time.

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star, Gretchen Rossi recently gave birth. She and her partner, Slade Smiley welcomed their daughter, Skylar Gray on July 10. Rossi admitted that she had to attend a work engagement recently and she had to leave her daughter and it was very difficult for her. She admitted that she had a lot of anxiety leaving her daughter and she opened up about her feelings on Instagram. She said that it wasn't even her worrying about her daughter not being okay because she knew she was in good hands. Rossi left her daughter with grandparents and so Rossi knew Skylar was safe. However, she couldn't stop thinking about her the entire time that she was gone and then she was so excited when she got to return to her daughter at the end of the night.

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Rossi shared that she was away from her daughter for a really long time and she never felt like she was able to relax and "enjoy" the moment by herself. She just couldn't stop being anxious about her daughter and being away from her. She was gone from Skylar for 8 hours and she stated on her Instagram that it was very difficult for her. On her post, she shares how she now understands what people mean when they have said that there is a bond between a parent and a child. "It’s just the best connection in the world! ❤️” she wrote alongside her picture.

Ever since she has had her daughter Skylar she has been very honest about motherhood and the trials that come with it. She has already been criticized and mom-shamed and so she has officially been welcomed into the mom club. She had a c-section and she said that she had to take some time off from social media to help her recover and her fans actually got upset with her for not showing pictures of little baby right away! She only spent 6 days away from Instagram and some of her fans were really negative about her decision. Rossi was not happy about their negativity and she called them out! She wrote, "I have to say I was not only shocked by some of the comments on my last post but super hurt and disappointed by some of your guys attitude about how I have not shared pictures quite yet, and the attitude that I owe you something.”

We are happy that Rossi is recovering nicely from her cesarean and we hope that she can continue to get better and that little Skylar continues to grow big and strong!

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