Robbie Amell and Italia Ricci Announce They're Pregnant With First Child

Robbie Amell and Italia Ricci are both excited to announce that they are pregnant! Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

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The Duff star, Robbie Amell and his wife, Italia Ricci, have some amazing news that they want to share with us! After being married since October 2016 the couple announced that they are pregnant and they are going to be expecting their first child!

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The couple shared their pregnancy by showing a picture of both Robbie and Italia on Instagram. Both Robbie and Italia showed as if they had baby bumps. Obviously, Robbie was wearing something under his shirt to make it look like he was pregnant. They titled their post, "only one of us is actually pregnant!" The couple seemed to be very excited. Italia responded to the Instagram post with, "probably the sober one with lopsided boobs cellulite and uncontrollable gas thanks babe." These two have the best sense of humor!

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Robbie said that he probably won't be able to promise that he is not going to take ridiculous pictures of his baby. We are all excited to see them as parents. They are going to be such fun parents to their child and of course, that baby is going to be gorgeous! How could they not be? Italia is stoked about becoming a mom. She shared a picture of her looking at baby books and she wrote, "book club: mom edition." They are certainly looking forward to the next chapter in their lives! And we can't wait to see pictures of their sweet baby!

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Congratulations are in order to the wonderful couple! We are all so excited about his amazing news. We hope that you have an amazing, healthy, and happy rest of your pregnancy!

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