Robin Thicke’s Girlfriend April Love Geary Is Proudly Feeding Her Baby

Fans of Robin Thicke, whose girlfriend April Love Geary gave birth to their first child earlier this year, really like images of baby Mia, who's a real handful. And with Instagram shots recently distributed online, Mia can also take in quite a mouthful. As in, man, that kid's hungry!

The Instagram pic features Geary in full motherhood glory, as it shows the tyke's face for the first time ever. Then there's a shot of baby Mia all swaddled in a comforting blanket and with her half-brother Julian.

It's the first baby for the 41-year-old Thicke, best known for his hit "Blurred Lines", and 23-year-old Geary, who models for Photogenic Media. Thicke didn't waste much time hooking up with Geary, when he first started going out with her while separated from now ex-wife Paula Patton. While we haven't heard much from Patton about the pairing, seven-year-old son Julian from Thicke's marriage has apparently taken to the baby girl just like an adoring big brother.


The celebrity sphere of the online world is heavily populated with shots of Geary after her pregnancy, showing she's no worse for wear. And her galley of followers, roughly 135 million of them on Instagram, not only were agog at the equally photogenic Mia, but marveled at how great Geary looked after delivering her new wonder.

The arrival of Mia is probably the best news that Thicke has received of late. After getting his scandalous 15 minutes of fame back in 2013, when he became an enabler to Miley Cyrus scoring mondo headlines with her twerking while his hit "Blurred Lines" was being played at the MTV Video Music Awards, not much has been heard from him.

His breakup with Patton, shortly after the awards show was quite messy as well. So was a custody battle involving Julian, when Thicke's ex-wife claimed the singer had a long-running substance abuse issue. It also didn't help that subsequent singles like "Get Her Back" totally bombed and that "Blurred Lines" (co-written between Thicke, T.I. and Pharell Williams) lost a major lawsuit to the estate of Marvin Gaye, claiming the song was remarkably similar to the Gaye hit "Got To Give It Up."

And then there was the death of his father, Alan Thicke, the star of Growing Pains and a hit songwriter in his own right, in 2016. Hopefully, with a new life as an incentive to take care of, Robin might be able to turn things around.


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