Rock Star Baby Gives the 'Sign of the Horns' During Mom's Ultrasound

Ultrasounds are magical. They're the first time we get to see our little ones, as they're growing. How cool is that? There's nothing quite like pointing out their little digits, big ol' heads and even their teeny, tiny toes. It's one of the best parts of pregnancy. Sometimes, babies can maneuver themselves into strange positions, but one little one took the crown of awesomeness. Parents Jodie and David Langham were delighted to see their little baby girl rocking out in their 24-week sonogram. According to People, the now 18-month-old loves music as much as her daddy.

Throughout her pregnancy, Jodie and her husband had made it a point to play music to baby Isla while she was in the womb. They would blast Michael Jackson and Andrea Bocelli via headphones which they placed over the blossoming baby bump. David is an avid music lover, so it's only natural that his daughter follow in his footsteps. They just didn't realize exactly how early her love of music would develop.

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During the sonogram, the tot placed one hand above her head and made the "sign of the horns" symbol, usually reserved for hardcore fans of music. That includes Isla, although she was only 24 weeks old at the time. Jodie is quick to point out that her daughter adores music so much that any time she hears it she immediately dances her butt off. It doesn't matter if it's from a passing car, or if she's walking down the street. This girl just loves to get down.

The couple were delighted to see Isla's hand in the sonogram, but even more delighted when she started taking more interest in music post-birth. Jodie and David admit they thought it was the "best thing ever," but are over the moon to see just how deep Isla's appreciation for music goes. Considering her incredible rock-chick status at less than two years old, we can only imagine what Isla is going to be like in years to come. They just might have a future rock star on their hands...after all, she was born with it.

We'll be in the front row!

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