Rock The Bump: What Real Moms Loved And Hated About Being Pregnant

We can probably all agree that pregnancy is one of the most amazing things in the world. After all, it’s that one opportunity to get to see the very miracle of life at work right in your very own body!

On the other side, it can also be one of the most difficult things for moms to go through. After all, it can come with a lot of tough experiences such as morning sickness, bloating and fatigue. That’s not even to mention the abrupt body changes that can take a toll on a mom’s self-esteem.

But the experience of pregnancy does vary from mom to mom. This time around, we wanted you, our dear readers, to tell us all about your own pregnancy. On Facebook, we asked you to tell us the best and worst parts of being pregnant.

So, we present to you what the BabyGaga community has to say about pregnancy. To top it all off, community photos that prove to the world just how all kinds of women can look fabulous with that baby bump!

52 Karen Moreno

“I love feeling the baby move, but hate feeling tired all the time.”

51 Julie-Ann Hatcher

“I love being pregnant because of the amazing feeling you get when you feel the moves and kicks. The only thing I hate are the dang stretch marks.”

50 Claire Helena Dashwood

“Love the feeling of the baby growing every day. But hate the heartburn!”

49 Robyn Jay Booth

“The thing I love about being pregnant is feeling the first kick and seeing the baby for the first time. The thing I hate about being pregnant is the sickness and heartburn. I get the worst heartburn ever.”

48 Kari Goodson

“This is my 3rd baby. I'm due October 30th 2016. I love the feeling of the little movements of baby and knowing that in a few short months this bump will be a little person in my arms!

I hate the constant peeing and being hot all the time!”

47 Stacy Ann

“My love about pregnancy is knowing I'm carrying a child and being able to feel her move. We didn't know if we would be able to have our third child due to fertility issues, but she's growing.

I dislike the long wait and the horrible constipation and morning sickness in the first trimester.”

46 Amber Hayes

“Love feeling the baby move. Hate feeling tired all the time.”

45 Leah Moranda Camacho

“One thing I love about being pregnant is being able to eat as much as I want without being judged! Haha!

One thing I hate is when people give me terrible advice about my pregnancy.”

44 Gabriela Huerta

“What I love of being pregnant is listening to the heartbeat. What I hate is the pain I get when my skin starts to stretch.”

43 Brittany Lizakowski

“My favorite thing about being pregnant is feeling a little human growing inside of me. I miss being able to eat whatever I want, such as cold meat sandwiches, and having the occasional cocktail.”

42 Ashley Elizabeth Cotham

“I love the anticipation of being a new mom and I hate that none of my clothes fit!”

41 Amanda Trippett

“I love being able to try and feel what body part my baby is pushing out with. I dislike random nausea waves!”

40 Misti Marie Lee Kauff

“I love feeling the movements. I hate peeing every 30 minutes.”

39 Pat Ty

“I love shopping for my first baby, which is a girl! And I hate swollen feet and heartburn! I can't wear my cute shoes anymore. Heartburn stinks too! Also can't wait to be able to take Advil for pain! Not being able to take any ibuprofen when you're pregnant is terrible! So is limiting my caffeine intake. I miss my venti lattes and Dr. Peppers! Lol!”

38 Megan Nicole

“One thing I absolutely LOVE about being pregnant is feeling her little hiccups and the way she reacts to her daddy’s voice and touch. She's gets so active whenever he talks to her or even touches my belly. It's like she knows it's him. Every time I feel her move I'm reminded that I have a beautiful little miracle growing inside of me.

One thing I HATE about being pregnant is waiting for her to be here! It's so bittersweet. I love feeling her move but I'm so anxious to meet her! I'm almost 32 weeks and I've been ready to meet her since we found out we were expecting! Heartburn isn't very fun either.”

37 Chyna Campbell

"I love feeling his tiny little kicks and eating as much as I want without being judged.

The only thing I hate about being pregnant is how easily I get dehydrated and how easily the temperature affects how badly I overheat."

36 Shelby Hicks

“Love feeling her kick. Hate the wait to see her beautiful face.”

35 Jackie Zegarra

“I can be pregnant forever. I love seeing my belly grow. From the beginning I always looked at my stomach and pushed my belly out to see how it could look. I've never been scared that I wasn't going to fit into my clothes anymore. I've embraced my bump. Taking my weekly pictures, I love seeing the progression. Feeling my baby girl kick, roll & hiccup inside me gives me so much happiness & pride. I am lucky to be given this opportunity to produce a life.

There isn't much I can say that I hate about it. The only thing that I could think of is that constant heartburn from anything I eat or drink. Even water gives me heartburn. But I called it from the beginning that she was going to have lots of hair because of my heartburn. And the old wives’ tale is correct because on ghetto ultrasound they told me that she has a lot of hair. Also, swelling of my hands and feet. Right now, I can only wear crocs because anything else makes my feet swell up like a balloon. Unfortunately, my hands are too swollen to wear my wedding ring.

On a positive note, my hubby gives me lots of foot rubs to help the swelling. Like I said, I love bring pregnant & can do it forever! Can't wait to meet my bundle of joy!”

34 Amanda Pribyl

“I absolutely love feeling her move around, although now that I'm getting near the end, some of her kicks are uncomfortable. I love the bond and unconditional love I already have for her. I love imagining what she will be like.

I hate the fatigue. I'm not good at resting, but I don't have the energy to do the things I'd like to. I push it sometimes but end up more tired and uncomfortable. I know it is temporary and so very worth it, but man, some days can be rough.”

33 LeAnn Eure

“LOVE how sexy I feel! HATE this back pain and no sleep!”

Abbie McFarlane

“This was me at 35 weeks. I love feeling my baby girl kicking and moving in my tummy. It lets me know she's happy and healthy in there and excited to say hello to the world.

I hate the leg cramps at night and constant pressure on your bladder! My baby definitely thinks my bladder is a squeeze toy”

32 Wendi Nicole

“The thing I LOVE about being pregnant is the happy look everyone gives you when you are out in public. They don't know you, don't know your story or your life but yet they give you the biggest smile while checking out your belly. People hold doors open for you and offer to help in any way they can. If everyone treated everyone this way all the time, the world would be a HAPPY HAPPY place.

Of course.... The greatest feeling while being pregnant is feeling that sweet baby kick and flip inside of you. There hasn't been one time that I have felt my baby move when I haven't smiled. It is the most amazing feeling in the world.

The thing I HATE about being pregnant is not being able to sleep on my stomach. There aren't many things I hate about growing this precious life but not being able to sleep comfortably on my stomach is one thing I do hate!”

31 Vonnie Barnett

“I absolutely love how my 3 year old daughter reacts to feeling her baby brother kick. It’s my most favorite thing about being pregnant for baby #5. We love the little baby kicks!

The one thing I hate is the back pain, for sure, hands down!”

30 Sandra Alvarez

“One thing I love about been pregnant is that I get spoiled by my hubby and kids. One thing I hate about been pregnant is people staring all the time at my belly as if they haven't seen a pregnant lady before.”

29 Amanda Patterson

“One thing I loved about being pregnant was constantly feeling my baby move inside me. Especially when he would push out with his foot and i could feel his little foot just by touching my stomach. Sometimes I would imagine that we were playing some kind of game because wherever he would kick, I would rub. And every time he moved, I moved. It was kind of like we were playing and I was chasing my son. LOL! He always seemed like he knew what I was doing because I swear he would start kicking in different spots even more when I would respond to his movements. It definitely made me feel like my son and i were already connected and that he already had a cute little sense of humor

One thing I hated while I was pregnant was the CONSTANT urge to pee. My boyfriend would have to stop everywhere for me. Multiple times in one short road trip. And I know it drove him nuts even though he didn't let it show, LOL. It would drive him even crazier if i would try holding it instead of burdening him with my uncontrollable bladder, LOL. I have this thing where I'm extremely weird about using public restrooms but being pregnant didn't give me a choice to be picky, especially as i got bigger. I also REALLY hated not being able to do things for myself as well. It drives me insane having to wait on other people to get things done especially if you want them done right and if you're picky like me.”

Heidi Meuris

“12 weeks pregnant! Second baby. I love the fact that I feel absolutely nothing. On the other hand I am worried all the time because I feel nothing. Hormones I guess...

What I hate about being pregnant is that I am going to gain weight again and that I cannot have a drink sometimes. Also that people always tell me to be careful because I am pregnant. I know how far I can go...”

28 Alycia Jackson

“What I love about being pregnant: the kicks and movements I feel. I don't hate anything about it but having to roll off the bed and struggling to stand up a little much.”

27 Kristina Lazaris

“I love knowing that I am growing another human being and feeling her little kicks! I hate being so uncomfortable from the heat and all the weird pregnancy symptoms.”

26 Heather Allen

“I love being able to feel my baby move and hear his heartbeat and see his ultrasounds. I hate being sick all the time.”

25 Fergie Lynne Smith

“I hate the continuous worry that you’re going to be a bad mom. I love feeling of the baby kicking.”

24 Melinda Allen

"Good: Sex: For once in your life, you're neither worried about getting pregnant nor trying to get pregnant. You can have sex just for the pure fun of it. Also wearing summer dresses lookin’ adorable!

Bad: Being uncomfortable: i can only sleep well sleeping on my belly, but that’s a no-no. Car rides aren’t as comfortable as they are. When you hit a bump it triggers my bladder. "

23 Misty Gray

“What I love about being pregnant is the little kicks. One thing I don't like about being pregnant is the waiting game. I'm due any day and she's stubborn and doesn't want to come out, hehe.”

22 Miranda Vincent

“I absolutely love being pregnant! It gives me a new sense of energy and love the way it makes me feel overall! Feeling the baby move is one of my absolute favorite things to feel!

I dislike all the heart burn... I could deal without it, but other than that bring on the pregnancy! This is my 2nd and still feel great!”

21 Ashley Scott

“I love feeling my baby move around and kick. I hate all of the doctor’s appointments I have every week. I also hate dealing with gestational diabetes and carpal tunnel.”

20 Faith Kusek

“I love being able to experience pregnancy after experiencing fertility issues. I dislike the out of nowhere nausea.”

19 Melissa Foster

“26 weeks pregnant. Love my small bump (my third pregnancy, 1st boy and smallest bump). Love movements and the bond

Hate the aches and pains. Backache, but only at night time, and random outbursts of exhaustion throughout the day.”

18 Ashley Necole

“30 weeks with twins. I love feeling them kicking. I hate not being about to breathe well, and that I have to be on bed rest. And the wait ‘til time for them to come out drives me crazy.”

17 Kayla Dagnall

“I loved the baby kicks and punches! I hated the nausea and pain from having SPD!”

16 Domanie Sabandith-Elmer

“Love feeling her kick and wiggle inside me. Hate the Southern heat and humidity!”

15 Gussie Thibault

“The thing I love most about being pregnant (besides eating whatever I want) is feeling my little one moving around inside my belly! It's the greatest feeling ever!

The thing I hate about being pregnant are the trips to the bathroom! It is the worst. I get comfortable and bam! I have to pee again! It's a never ending battle.”

14 Erica Foster

“Love that we have another life coming into ours’. Hate that I have a million problems and will not be able to have another after this.”

13 Miranda Mac

“What I enjoy about the experience of pregnancy is that I love being able to feel the kicks and movements of my little baby boy inside me. Just knowing I'm growing a life is so empowering.

The thing about pregnancy that isn't so favorable is getting a comfortable night’s sleep. Ugh... I guess it's preparation for when baby arrives. In the end it's all worth it.”

12 Hannah Elder

“I hate that I still have morning sickness at 23 weeks. I love feeling her kick even if it is at silly times.”

11 Christine Duffett

“I love feeling the baby move but I hate feeling huge and uncomfortable.”

10 Yalancia Palmer

“I loved the baby kicks and how beautiful I felt and looked while pregnant. The only thing I hated was not feeling my baby move around much at the end and how uncomfortable I was.”

9 Zoey Keller

“32 weeks absolutely love feeling him move around and the life inside me. Absolutely hate the way I am so tired, I can't stand it every day.”

8 Jenn Lynn

“9 months on Wednesday! I love that my bump is little, but I hate that the stretch marks feel like bruises.”

7 Krystal Nichole

“Love feeling her move. Hate how huge I’ve gotten.”

6 Tayza Doen

“I hate not being able to sleep on my stomach, but love the constant hiccups.”

5 Hannah Lindsay

"I LOVE everything about pregnancy. #1 is feeling my sweet girl dance in my tummy. What I hate: migraines!"

4 Joselynn Sponsler

“The thing I love most about being pregnant would be feeling the baby move. There is really nothing that I hate about being pregnant. It's the best feeling.”

3 Alicia Lunsford

“I love feeling his little movements, but hate that I am not allowed to do anything fun and I'm always tired. Can't wait to meet my little man.”

2 Lauren Mason

“29 weeks, due on 25.09.16, 4th Boy. What I love about pregnancy is my growing bump and feeling him move and kick. What I hate about pregnancy is constantly feeling drained and having no energy.”

1 Kara Wilson

“Hated: being sick ALL the time. I didn't have morning sickness. I was nauseated the entire pregnancy...including the day I gave birth. I had to force myself to eat. Loved: I weighed less after giving birth than I did before I got pregnant because I didn't want to eat.”

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