Rodney Atkins Shares Pregnancy News In The Most Epic Way

Rodney Atkins and his wife, Rose Falcon, are expecting their second child together. They announced their awesome news through a music video.

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Rodney Atkins and Rose Falcon didn't want to announce their pregnancy in any normal fashion. Having another baby is awesome and so they wanted to announce in an awesome way. Rodney Atkins has two children, but this baby will be the second child with his wife. When they found out they were pregnant they knew they wanted to announce in a way that showed how important this baby was to them.

All of their fans found out that the couple was expecting their second child together after watching their newest music video. As long as you are paying attention to the message of the music video, you will definitely be able to catch on to their incredible news.

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The music video is very romantic, calming and personal. The video is comprised with pictures of Rodney and Rose, handwritten letters and different pictures of things that mean the most to the couple. The video begins to slow down and it shows a pictures of Rodney's sons, Elijah and Ryder. The picture focuses on the ultrasound held by Ryder with the simple phrase, "Love at First Sight"

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Now, before you decide to just fast forward through the video in order to see that final shot, take a moment to understand the importance of the whole video. Rodney shared a story about the music video. His wife's grandparents were married for 71 years. Her grandmother was a surrendered orphan and she spent a good chunk of her life without a family. When her grandmother met her grandfather, he said that he was determined to have her have a better life than her first part of her life. In her last years of life she couldn't talk and so she had to write things. "The last note she wrote for Rose’s grandpa said, ‘I loved my life.’ He said, ‘Thank you, baby. I did my job. You just made my life. You can go now. I’ll see you soon.’ This song is inspired by that note." The music video is not only about their baby announcement, but it is about love. It is about caring for somebody through thick and thin.

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This is by far one of the most heart felt pregnancy announcements that we have ever seen. It has moved many people to tears and it has such an extraordinary message. Congratulations to Rodney and Rose and we are so excited to be able to watch your family grow!

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