I Roll My Eyes Every Time Somebody Says "You'll Miss This Stage Someday!"

I love my job as a mother. Being a mother is the most amazing thing in the entire world. The love I have for my children is indescribable. I love them so much that it hurts. My heart physically hurts when I think about how much I love them.

I have three handsome and perfect boys. I have a 5-year-old, 4-year-old and a 2-year-old. They are amazing and wonderful. I also have a 2-month-old daughter who is everything good in this world. My kids are proof that Heaven is real. Although I love my position as a mother, it is tough stuff.

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I have very young children. It isn't like I get help from my oldest children because they still need me to do a lot. They are very good at getting me diapers, wipes and little things like that though. All four of my children are still very reliant on me to take care of them.

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As you could imagine, I am always tired. I do the dishes, do laundry for six people, try to keep the house clean, take my oldest to and from kindergarten, and my second oldest to and from preschool. I am nursing a baby every two hours. I have a part-time job that I do at home. My kids are always hungry and so I am constantly feeding them. I break up 5,000 fights a day. I am changing diapers, cleaning messy faces and constantly being yelled at by my little people.

Sleeping Should Be Easy

When my kids get older, there is going to be a lot of stuff that I will miss about this stage. I have a hard time watching my kids grow up because that means that they need me less. It is hard thinking that one day they will be driving, dating, going to college, getting married and having children. That is really hard for me to wrap my brain around.

I will definitely miss the baby snuggles, the cute little chubby faces, and little tiny baby socks. I will miss their innocence, their goofiness and how fun they are. You know what, I am not going to miss this stage though. People who say that they miss having their kids be little don't remember the hardships, they just remember the cute stuff.

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The people who say that I am going to miss this someday don't remember getting only six hours of sleep every night that is often interrupted by children. They don't remember hearing the word "mom" 7,000 times a day followed by some sort of demand. They don't remember having to put four children into car seats. They don't remember the very little time you get to spend together with your spouse. They don't remember not going on vacations, changing diapers constantly, the endless laundry or the crying about nothing.

I know there will be little things that I will miss, but I am looking forward to the next stage.

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