Royal Pregnancies: 15 Pics Throughout History

There is something undeniably magical, whimsical and wonderful about a royal pregnancy. Knowing that an actual prince or princess is growing inside of a well-dressed belly causes people far and wide to brim with excitement, anticipation, and curiosity. What will the royal parents name their baby-to-be? What will the precious newborn wear home from the hospital? Many people find themselves waiting with bated breath to find out the answers to these burning questions, as a royal mama’s due date approaches.

Over the years, many royal mothers have stepped out looking absolutely radiant in all of their pregnancy glory. Their maternity styles are classy, tasteful and worth remembering forever. Kate Middleton is currently in the midst of her third pregnancy, and every time she graces the public with her presence, a collective sigh of admiration seems to be uttered by the world at large. She takes the term pregnancy glow to an entirely new level, as have many of the other royal pregnant women of the past.

Need a reason to get a glimpse of a real-life fairy tale today? The following 15 pics of royal pregnancies will leave you swooning and counting the days until another royal baby-to-be is announced. No pressure, Meghan Markle!

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15 Princess Margaret's Classy Coat

Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth's younger sister, is pictured above looking perfectly posh and polished. The late Margaret was the epitome of class and style when she stepped out one evening, pregnant with her second child, Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones. During both of her pregnancies, Margaret took a break from her royal duties but still appeared in public, often for movie premieres and trips to the theater. This classic pic of the Countess of Snowdon was snapped in 1964. She is decked out in a long, roomy trench coat that disguises her blossoming belly. Her angular handbag and perfectly coiffed hairstyle only add to her exquisite look. Her smile is confident, sweet and demure. If she's feeling any sort of discomfort due to her growing baby bump, she's certainly hiding it well!

14 Darling Diana

The picture above features the late Princess Diana. She's most definitely a vision in white, and looks downright incredible, in a white ball gown embroidered with silver. The Spencer family tiara perched atop her head is the icing on the cake to this breathtaking look. Diana is also sporting a diamond necklace that shows off the Prince of Wales' feathered crest. Princess Di suffered from intense morning sickness and fainting while pregnant with her firstborn son, Prince William, but her ailments did not stop her from attending public engagements on a regular basis. Speaking about her first pregnancy, she later told her biographer, Andrew Morton, "Couldn't sleep, didn't eat, the whole world was collapsing around me. Very, very difficult pregnancy indeed. Sick the whole time . . . With Harry, it wasn't so bad. With William, it was appalling, almost every time I stood up, I was sick."

13 Kate Looks Great

Just like her dearly departed mother-in-law, Kate Middleton has suffered from extreme nausea, also known as hyperemesis gravidarum, during all three of her pregnancies. She has had to cancel appearances and was even hospitalized during her first two pregnancies due to nausea, vomiting, and dehydration. When the Duchess of Cambridge was expecting her first child, George, she began suffering extreme nausea while visiting her parents in Berkshire. She was admitted to King Edward VII hospital and was unable to perform her royal duties for the next 1o days, as she recovered and received intravenous fluids. With her first two pregnancies, Middleton ended all engagements and appearances a month before giving birth and is expected to do the same with her third baby-to-be. Above, Kate is pictured looking simply stunning in a shimmering baby blue maternity frock. If she is still experiencing nausea, she's hiding her discomfort extremely well.

12 Princess Anne's Casual Pregnancy OOTD

Princess Anne, the sole daughter of Queen Elizabeth, is pictured above enjoying the great outdoors, while noticeably pregnant. She chose to dress comfortably throughout her pregnancies, but her style never suffered as a result. The photo above was snapped in 1977 when Princess Anne was pregnant with her first child. She is dressed in a tasteful, cozy sweater, grey wide-legged pants, and a fetching headscarf. Her stylish look is made complete with black leather boots and a beautiful sparkling wedding ring. It has been reported that the royal mother-to-be didn't spend money on maternity clothing, but instead opted to alter stylish duds she already owned to accommodate her blossoming belly. Have a baby on the way and heading outside? Princess Anne's maternity look is a great one to emulate. No one will argue that being comfortable while pregnant is of utmost importance.

11 Sarah's Sensational Maternity Look

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, was home alone for most of her first pregnancy with Princess Beatrice, as her Royal Navy officer husband, the Duke of York, traveled for his position. She turned to food to fill the void of loneliness she experienced in her hubby's absence. She wrote in her memoir My Story, "The more upset I grew at Andrew's absence, the more I grew in general. I drowned my sorrows in mayonnaise, sausage rolls, and smoked mackerel paté sandwiches. I got bigger and bigger. My hands and ankles swelled. I felt like an elephant, ugly and grotesque." During her second pregnancy with Princess Eugenie, Ferguson fared better and gained less weight. That is, however, until an upsetting incident involving an altercation with palace courtiers caused Eugenie to move into a breech position.

10 Sophie's Sophisticated Style

Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, is rumored to be the favorite daughter-in-law of Queen Elizabeth. She is seen above looking sophisticated while expecting in a well-cut coat with a sharp geometric print. The countess and her husband Edward, the Earl of Wessex and youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, have been through their fair share of hardships while bringing children into the world. Sophie suffered an ectopic pregnancy in 2001 and lost the baby as a result. In 2003, she delivered her daughter, Lady Louise Windsor, six weeks early in an emergency C-section after a sudden placental abruption. Thankfully, her third pregnancy with son James, Viscount Severn, in 2007, was far less difficult. While pregnant with James, she attended events up until the month before she was due to give birth.

9 A Dress Fit For A Princess

Princess Diana is pictured above looking simply divine, as she greets dignitaries at the Barbican Center in London in 1982, while pregnant with Prince William. The glamorous gown she is wearing is by David Sassoon, and it fit the royal mother-to-be, and her baby bump, like a glove. The bell-sleeves and empire waist on the dress were impeccably done. The bows at the sleeves and bust add an air of femininity and grace to the ensemble. This dress is truly made fit for a princess. The sparkling necklace Diana wore with the dress was framed perfectly by the white lace trim added at the neckline. Needless to say, Diana wowed all who saw her in this red dress and reminded the world that when it comes to maternity style, royals don't mess around.

8 Anne's Amazing Attire

Princess Anne pulled out all the stops when she stepped out to attend a spring wedding,  weeks before her 1981 due date while pregnant with her second child, Zara. The cream-colored cape, she selected, perfectly compliments the hues of blue in the dress she is wearing underneath it. Her headscarf, gloves, and square-toed pumps tie everything together brilliantly and remind the world why we love pregnant royals so much. The serene and dignified look on Princess Anne's face is even more alluring and impressive than her outfit. She appears to be sure-footed, calm, collected and in no way uncomfortable. How did she do it? This woman knows how to make pregnancy look glamorous and effortless: something that anyone, who has ever been pregnant, will agree is a very difficult thing to do.

7 Autumn's Breezy Maternity Look

Canadian-born, Autumn Phillips, the wife of Queen Elizabeth's oldest grandchild, Peter, has had two healthy pregnancies that have resulted in two beautiful little girls. While pregnant with her second daughter, Isla, Phillips was photographed smooching her man at Gatcombe Horse Trials just five short days before giving birth. Her effortless maternity style is functional, as well as flawless. Her flat shoes are a wise choice and were most likely selected by Phillips to ensure that she'd be able to chase after her older daughter, Savannah, or her adorable pooch if the need arose. We should also mention that her flowing t-shirt and cardigan are the excellent pairing, certainly fit for a royal pregnancy. Additionally, her sporty sunnies are the perfect accessory for the entire outfit. Well done, Autumn! Way to rock your royal bump!

6 Rania Looks Radiant

Queen Rania of Jordan most-definitely turned heads when she attended the 2000 British Red Cross Millennium Midsummer Ball, while she was expecting. She and her husband, Jordanian King Abdullah bin Al-Hussein, have four children together. She is a fashion icon, and it isn't difficult to see why. The mother-to-be wowed in a deep purple empire-waisted gown with glittering embellishments on the bust and cap sleeves. Her hair was slicked back into a chic updo and her face was serene, regal and totally breathtaking. The shimmering necklace and earrings she wore completed the look and made it a look that no one will ever forget. Her other accessory, her blossoming belly, only added to the overall look and solidified Rania as a mom who knows her stuff when it comes to dressing a baby bump.

5 Princess Mary's Effortlessly Exquisite Style

Australian-born Princess Mary and her husband, Prince Frederik, have four children together: two sons and two daughters. Their first son, Prince Christian Valdemar Henri John, arrived in October of 2005. The royal mother looked comfy and classy when she attended an event with her very own Prince. She wore a wrap dress decorated with an eye-catching pattern and completed the look with a wide-brimmed sun hat. The floral embellishment on the hat helps tie everything together and ensures that Mary will go down in history as a royal with maternity style to spare. What heartburn? What leg cramps? Mary may be experiencing the unsavory side effects that come along with having a bun in the oven, but if she is, she's sure great at hiding it.

4 Princess Aimee Is Perfection

Princess Aimee of the Netherlands attended the 40th birthday of the Dutch Crowned Prince, at Loo Palace,  just one month before giving birth to her first child in 2007. Talk about a stately pregnant woman! Not only did she appear as cool and collected as any woman ever has, she also seemed comfortable and carefree as she posed on the red carpet with her baby-to-be's daddy, as they arrived at the event. The royal expecting mama stunned in a chocolate brown empire waist dress. The gown was made even more memorable and lovely by the shimmering intricate designs embroidered in the green thread on the bust of the dress. The beauty and her husband, Prince Floris now have three children together: two daughters, Magali and Eliane, and a son named Willem.

3 Queen Letizia Of Spain

Princess Letizia was a television journalist before marrying Prince Felipe of Spain. She maintained her smart reporter style throughout her pregnancy with her first daughter, Leonor, in 2005. She is seen in the shot above looking simply sensational in a black and white ensemble, that flatters her growing bump from every angle and solidifies her as yet another royal who knows how to rock her maternity style. During the whole of her first pregnancy, she was seen wearing tailored trousers and sophisticated blazers like the one pictured above. Her glowing skin and radiant smile only added to her already impeccable taste and overall look. She looked just as sharp and stylish when pregnant with her second daughter, Sofia, as she did with her first. Looks like her first job prepared her well for a lifetime of being photographed!

2 Queen Elizabeth Steps Out While Expecting

During her first two pregnancies with Prince Charles and Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth was not yet a monarch. She enjoyed an active social life despite suffering from morning sickness during her first trimesters. However, the queen was rarely seen in public during her final two pregnancies as it was considered inappropriate for such a powerful ruler to be seen in such a "delicate condition." She was captured out and about, while expecting, during a rare public appearance, on a cold winter day in 1960 as she, husband Prince Philip and her eldest son Prince Charles went for a stroll with their dogs. She looked every inch a queen in a smart overcoat that flattered her growing bump, a feminine scarf, a fetching hat and sophisticated black heels. The royal mom-to-be proved that she was sure-footed, strong and far from "delicate" when she had a baby on the way.

1 Zara's Fabulous Life 

Zara Phillips, Princess Anne's second child, is known far and wide for her equestrian prowess. Just like her mother, she has a relaxed and carefree approach to pregnancy and continues doing what she loves while expecting. Phillips continued riding horses up until the fourth month of her pregnancy with her daughter, Mia. The royal mother-to-be is pictured above looking effervescent, and excited, as she rocks her growing bump, while perched atop a gorgeous chestnut-colored horse. She didn't allow her bun in the oven to slow her down, even as her baby bump grew. As her due date grew nearer, the royal mom-to-be attended horse racing events and went to church with her family on Christmas Day. Zara sadly suffered a miscarriage soon after announcing her second pregnancy.

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