Meghan Markle Must Follow These Unexpected Royal Rules Throughout Her Pregnancy

Meghan Markle has been a royal for over six months now, but she is still learning the ropes of the family protocol. Now that she is pregnant with her and Harry's first child, there are a whole new set of royal pregnancy rules she must follow.

The Duchess of Sussex is glowing these days, and pregnancy appears to fit her perfectly. However, what the camera and her gorgeous smile can't capture are all the rules she is adjusting to as an expectant mom. These are not just the ton of rules that non-royal pregnant woman must follow such as no sushi, no alcohol, and a few others.

In the Royal Family, those who are expecting must adhere to a few guidelines that rest of us do not. No baby showers are at the top of the royal pregnancy rules list. The Mirror recently shared that because of the family's wealth, it is considered inappropriate for the parents to be to accept any gifts for their child.

Harry and Meghan are not allowed to reveal the sex of the baby to anyone before the little one is born. Most of the royal parents are kept in the dark about the baby's gender to help adhere to this rule easier. It would be a mighty hard secret to maintain otherwise.

The Queen has to be the first person told about the baby's birth. Once Queen Elizabeth II has learned of the news, then Meghan and Harry will be able to share the news with their parents. Hours after the baby is born, the Duchess will appear alongside her husband and introduce their child to the world.

While pregnant, Meghan Markle must keep her toes covered when she is in public. She also must wear clothing that is not too body-conscious or revealing. Now, this rule is one she must follow all the time. However, she has pushed the envelope slighting since marrying Prince Harry, but now that she is pregnant it is more critical than ever she follows this guideline.

Since they became a couple, Prince Harry and his wife have been known to buck tradition a little. These pregnancy rules though appear to be set in stone and no room for evading tradition.

What do you think about these guidelines that the pregnant Duchess has to follow? Did you abide by anything similar? Let us know in the comments.


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