Rules These 15 Moms Make The Help Follow For Their Kids

Many celebrities claim to be just like everyday people. They put their pants on one leg at a time, have messy children and have to do all of the daunting tasks we all have to do everyday. They claim to stay humble and remember their roots. For many of them, that can be true. They feel blessed to be able to do what they love and live such a wonderful lifestyle. Others occasionally let some of the fame get to their heads.

Being in the spotlight can require some extra hands to get daily tasks done. This is particularly true if the celebrity has children. Many celebrities have to hire nannies to be on staff to care for the children while the celebrity parent(s) are on set or are traveling.

Some of the celebrities may even need to take these nannies with them on vacations with the children. While there are some celebrities that treat their nannies like a part of the family, there are others that are not so lucky. These nannies are given rules that may seem a bit bizarre or extreme for everyday people. The celebrities want the best for their children, which is why these rules are put in place. In their eyes, nothing is wrong with these rules. Do you think these rules are too ridiculous?

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15 Kardashian Nannies Must Dress The Children Just So

With a big brand name like Kardashian, it is no surprise that there are some strict rules in play. The Kardashians live their entire lives in the spotlight and are constantly under intense media scrutiny. They care deeply about their children and try to protect them from this. Since the Kardashians have their own fashion lines and makeup brands, they believe that how their family looks is important.

The nannies, particularly Kim’s nannies, are expected to dress the children in ways that she details. There are to be no repeat outfits and most of the outfits help promote one of their many endeavors. The nanny must be sure to dress the child correctly, as the children get photographed by paparazzi regularly and featured in the tabloids. Shameless self-promotion in adorable child form!

14 Blue Ivy Must Have Three Nannies At All Times

When you are considered the Queen Bey, there is a lot of pressure put on you and a lot of eyes constantly watching. Beyoncé and Jay-Z take their children’s care and safety very seriously.

It is rumored that Queen Bey wrote up an entire book of rules for her staff, particularly the nannies.

Bey and Jay are concerned about the safety of daughter, Blue Ivy, and want to make sure that she is not harassed by the media or taken by any obsessed fan.

Blue must have at least three nannies watching her at all times to try to maximize her safety. On top of those three nannies, the rest of the staff must also keep an eye on Blue. The child’s chauffeur is responsible for her safety when they leave the Carter household.

13 Mariah Wants To Be More Loved Than The Nanny

Mariah Carey is known to be one of the biggest divas of pop. Some people think it is an act, but it appears she may be that way in her home, too. Her former nanny is actually suing her for a variety of reasons. The nanny has stated that she was not supposed to show the children much affection, as Mariah was afraid that the nanny would replace her in their hearts.

Mariah wanted to be the number one woman in their lives, even if she was not always able to be around. This nanny ended up getting fired for being too affectionate towards twins Moroccan and Monroe. Every mother’s biggest fear is that their children will love someone else more than they love their mommy. Children need love from a lot of people in order to flourish.

12 Gwen Stefani’s Nanny Must Dress Up Per The Boys' Request

Gwen Stefani is all about creativity and expressing herself. This goes for her children as well. Gwen wanted to enable her children’s imagination by allowing them to play dress up. The nanny, or manny in some cases, would be required to dress up with the boys. What the boys requested was ultimately what had to happen.

Gwen’s children were incredibly fascinated by superheroes and would request that their nanny would dress up as their favorite superhero of the day. In many cases, this would mean that the nanny would have to come prepared with a number of different costumes to dress up in. Enabling creativity, imagination and power can be a great thing, but it is a strange rule to create. Some nannies did not appreciate the constant dress up and role play.

11 Nannies Must Be Ready To Go Goop For Gwyneth

Gwyneth Paltrow is known for being a little earthy-crunchy. She releases books and publishes different things to her website about the latest health trend/craze that she is following. Gwyneth wanted to make sure that her children would be at optimal health by making sure they followed her gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free diet.

While this would limit what they could have for food, that was not the nanny’s most difficult task. The nanny had to follow the same diet as the rest of the family, also cutting out any caffeinated or alcoholic beverages. This can be an incredibly shocking and challenging lifestyle change for many people. With Paltrow’s methods consistently changing, it must also be difficult to keep up with what could and could not be consumed. This nanny had to be dedicated to more than childcare for this job.

10 Kate Requires Her Eight And Nanny To Tip Toe

Kate Gosselin is the original over-the-top mom. With eight children, including a set of twins and a set of sextuplets, it must be difficult to manage all of these children.

To guide her nannies into following her ways, Kate wrote a book about what was expected of the nannies. There were a number of extreme rules and duties that the nanny would have to follow, even when Kate and her offspring were not at the house. She was also clear about the habits that irritated her, explaining that nannies were not allowed to take heavy steps or stomp their feet.

Not only were they ultimately supposed to tiptoe, but they were also expected to teach the children how to walk as quietly as they were so they would not get on Kate’s nerves.

9 Angelina Jolie’s Nanny Must Give In To Every Request

The Jolie-Pitt family consists of six children. That is a lot of little ones to watch over. Although children require adult supervision, Angelina Jolie wanted to make sure her children were free to express themselves and do as they please to learn from life.

A former nanny has stated that there are no strict rules in the house, except that every child must go to therapy. They do not have to follow up with their school assignments or do specific chores. Some of the young children would occasionally drink alcohol just for the fun of it. All the nanny could do was supervise the children and make sure that no one got seriously hurt. The nanny was ultimately just an extra set of eyes and hands in case of an emergency.

8 All Of Kourtney’s Helpers Must Watch Over Her Kids

The Kardashians have a lot of staff members to help make sure their empire stays afloat. From chauffeurs and assistants to chefs and nannies, it is all hands on deck for all of the Kardashians. Kourtney is particularly strict about her expectations from the staff. Some of the staff members have to do double duty.

Assistants may have to watch the children or take care of a mess that one of the children created. If Kourtney is doing something or cannot be bothered, she expects that the other staff members will step up and cater to her needs. If she is doing business at one of her stores or pop-ups, the staff of that store may get put on baby duty. Kourtney has important things to do.

7 Madonna’s Nannies Do Not Get Breaks

When someone has a baby, they often hear all of the jokes about how that is the last full night of sleep that they will have for the rest of their life. As parents, many people are expected to cater to their children, no matter what time of day it is. Madonna has this expectation as well, but it is for her nannies.

As one of the nannies for Madonna, there is no time for rest. There may be some sleepless days where napping is not allowed and there is no such thing as breaks. The children may need something from getting their hair done to helping with homework. The nannies are expected to not complain about this extreme schedule and should be prepared for anything. Nannies are always on-call here.

6 Katie Holmes Has A Driver For Her Tween

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise split a few years back. Holmes was given custody of her daughter, Suri, as a result. Having two celebrity parents can come with its perks. Suri is now a tween with little to no limits. Holmes has hired a number of personal drivers for her daughter.

If Suri wants to go somewhere, she is allowed to go, as long as her nanny and bodyguard accompany her. The drivers are expected to bring Suri wherever she would like to go, from the toy store to the bakery. She can go shopping whenever she wants and wherever she wants. The world is her oyster. It seems as though she does not have to ask for much, as the answer tends to be yes for this little pseudo-princess.

5 Julia Roberts Makes Her Nannies Wear Wigs

Julia Roberts is one of America’s sweethearts. This redhead is known for her big smile and amazing acting skills. When she had children, she had to hire a number of nannies to care for them while she was away on set or at an appearance. These nannies were like regular nannies with one exception.

When it was time to put the children to bed, the nannies had to put a red wig on, reminiscent of Julia Robert’s own hair. This made it seem as though Roberts was home to put her children to bed to give the kids comfort and so they would think she was there more often than she was. Being asked to wear a wig as a part of a nannying job is a bit strange, but Roberts had good intentions behind this strange rule.

4 Jessica Simpson Requires Certain Nannies To Color Their Hair

Jessica Simpson grew to be a bit paranoid after having her children. Hollywood’s leading men are notorious for sneaking off for a romp with the nanny. This made Jessica want only unattractive nannies to care for her children. She figured that would stop any temptation that her husband may have.

After rumors started that her husband still had an affair with the nanny, Jessica became stricter with this rule. She would not allow blonde nannies within the house, which may have caused some women to color their hair. She wanted her nannies to look homely. While this does not directly impact the children, it is a strange request to have. She may have missed out on quality, yet pretty, nannies with this.

3 Jessica Alba’s Nannies Must Honestly Live Organically

Jessica Alba is known for trying to live organically and for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She even started The Honest Company to try to help everyday people reach that same goal. Alba believed that anyone interacting with her kids would affect their energy and mentality.

In order to hire a nanny, Alba would require the nanny to meditate before interacting with the children as well as with the children. This helped keep a serene environment within the household.

Alba did not want tension between anyone in the household out of fear that it would negatively impact their health. Alba also required that organic food and care products were used by all of the people in her household, including the nanny. Health is an important thing in this Honest household.

2 Britney Prefers Nannies Like Her

Britney Spears has two children who are the center of her world. She is an incredibly busy popstar and required the help of nannies to make sure her children were cared for. While interviewing nannies, Spears allegedly asked limited questions about how the nanny would interact with children.

It appeared Britney wanted a kindred soul to become the nanny to her children. She wanted someone that would be a great friend to her and an okay nanny to her children. She did not want her children to love the nanny more than her, but she wanted someone that she could easily relate to. The nannies were generally required to be around the same age as Spears as well, as that is who Britney could talk to and relate to easiest.

1 The Beckhams Require A Personal Seamstress

David and Victoria Beckham are known for their good looks and impeccable sense of fashion. With only one daughter and several sons, this is almost a tragedy for the fashion-loving Posh Spice. Daughter, Harper, has become one of the favorite children because of this. Harper’s nanny is required to be an expert seamstress on top of her nanny responsibilities. Harper is expected to be dressed impeccably.

The seamstress is also expected to make Harper’s dreams come true, fashion-wise. Once the nanny creates all of the unique clothing items for the young child, they are then expected to bring her to school and to things like fashion shows and high-end stores. Having a seamstress who doubles as a nanny before kindergarten seems like a stepping stone for a future fashion designer.

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