Russell Brand Is A Dad: 20 Ways He’s Choosing To “Parent”

Russell Brand is the loud-mouthed U.K. comedian who made headlines for marrying pop star Katy Perry after a whirlwind romance in 2010. Fans of the unlikely duo were rooting for their marriage, and though the two seemed head-over-heels in love with each other at the beginning of their relationship, things came to a dramatic end in 2012 when Russell finally filed for divorce.

Since the end of their iconic relationship, Russell has found love again — as well as tied the knot once more! In 2015, the celeb began a relationship with lifestyle blogger Laura Gallacher, of Scotland, with whom he'd been romantically involved on and off since 2007. The couple has since welcomed two daughters: Mabel in 2016 and Peggy in 2018. Russell and Laura officially tied the knot in 2017 in a small yet romantic ceremony.

Given his wild reputation, it comes as no surprise that Russell is anything but a traditional parent. Since becoming a doting dad, the star has made headlines for his contemporary views on parenting. Read on to learn more about how Russell and his wife are parenting their two adorable daughters.

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20 He’s Raising His Kids Gender-Neutrally

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Nowadays, more and more parents are choosing to raise their children gender-neutrally, meaning they don’t push them to associate with either the male or female gender. While some people have criticized this controversial parenting style, Russell revealed he and his wife weren’t going to push gender labels on their girls.

“We don’t know the gender,” Russell said in an interview with Jonathan Ross before the birth of his first child, Hollywood Life reports. “I may not even ever impose a gender upon it, let the child grow up and be whatever the [heck] it is.

He added, “[I’ve] accepted the idea that that person will be more important than me.”

19 His Girls Likely Won’t Listen To Katy Perry

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Before he found love with Laura Gallacher, Russell was famously married to pop star Katy Perry. But judging how messy things got by the end of their marriage, we have a feeling that Russell’s girls won’t be listening to Katy Perry any time soon.

Russell and Katy originally met in 2009 when she filmed a cameo for his movie Get Him To The Greek (though her scene was eventually cut from the film). The two became engaged that year on New Year’s Eve and were then married in India in October 2010.

However, a little over a year later, Russell filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences, and it was finalized in 2012. Katy later said that their conflicting schedules as well as her not feeling ready to start a family contributed to their split.

18 He Was Very Involved In His Wife’s Labor

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Some dads-to-be might feel intimidated by everything that comes with pregnancy and especially the birthing process. But Russell was elated to be right beside his wife during labor and, since then, he’s been open about how incredible the entire process was for him to observe.

"[It was] really quite profound,” he explained during an appearance on John Bishop in Conversation in 2017. "I felt extremely present in that birth..." he continued. "I've heard a lot of men say, 'I didn't know I had so much love in me', but I did know I had so much love in me. I just didn't know what to do with it. And when I saw her, I felt something switch on – this sense of very determined and clear purpose."

17 He Doesn’t Spend Time Alone With The Kids

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Given Russell’s hectic schedule, it’s no surprise to hear that his wife spends more time at home with their little ones. But fans were surprised when the comedian once admitted he’d only ever spent “a night” alone with his girls - and he’s fine with it.

“Um, I’ve done like, a night. But they’re asleep then. [My wife] wouldn’t go away for 24 hours, Laura. She respects and cares for their safety too much,” Russell said this past January, Global News reports. “Yes, I’m very, very focused on the mystical connotations of Mabel’s beauty and grace. Not so good on the nappies and making sure that they eat food."

He added, “When I looked after Mabel on her own, she dropped two social classes in an hour.” Yikes!

16 But He Swears He’s An Involved Parent

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Despite admitting to the fact that his wife does the majority of the child rearing (and that he’s rarely alone with his girls), Russell says that he’s still an active, involved parent.

“I would [really dislike] for you to leave with the impression that [I sit] watching television, peering over the armchair at what’s going on,” the celebrity has said, Global News reports. “Yesterday, like, I drove Mabel to the playschool and I drop her at the playschool. But I’m sensitive and awake and aware, so I have to dial a lot of [stuff] down to go through life normal.”

It sounds like balancing being a dad and a celebrity is still a bit tricky for Russell!

15 He Thinks Fatherhood Is Turning Him Grey

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No one ever denied that parenthood is stressful, but we doubt Russell was expecting it would take a toll on his hair. During an appearance on Good Morning Britain last September, the celebrity joked that becoming a dad has started turning his hair grey faster.

"A lot of this greyness is being applied retrospectively, though some of it is as a result of having two daughters, so it's a combination,” he said. “Do you know what? It's bliss. Exhausting bliss. Shattering bliss. Knackering, beautiful, glorious bliss. Help me!"

However, he added that he couldn’t be happier. "I feel happier living with a person, having to pick up dog poo and change nappies, than I ever did being involved in more decadent activity.”

14 He Read A Lot Of Parenting Books Beforehand

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There’s no correct way to prepare for becoming a parent - some parents-to-be believe it will come naturally, while others find comfort doing research beforehand. Russell has admitted to reading a ton of parenting books before welcoming his first daughter, though he’s unsure if they were of much benefit.

“I read a different book every week to mentally prepare me for it,” the actor said before Mabel’s birth, Hollywood Life reports. “I don’t know that it has prepared me for it.” Most parents feel unprepared regardless of how much material they read, so we don’t think Russell’s feelings were unusual. And by the sound of it, he’s doing pretty good at parenting nowadays.

13 He Takes His Kids On Tour

via US Weekly

Russell has done plenty of stand-up comedy tours during his life so far, and the celeb was determined not to let that change when he became a dad. But instead of just leaving his wife and girls at home, the star has actually brought his young family on tour with him - and he makes it sound like a breeze.

“We go on the road like travelers. The baby comes, Laura comes. We are all jammed up in the car with saucepans, like the Beverly Hillbillies! There’s stuff clattering up on the roof, the dog’s barking, it’s mental,” Russell said in 2017 in reference to his then-upcoming tour "Re: Birth," The Irish Examiner reports.

12 His Wife, Laura, Is A Stay-At-Home Mom

via OK Magazine

Ever since they announced their first pregnancy, fans have been curious to know everything there is to know about Russell’s now-wife, Laura Gallacher, who wasn’t in the spotlight prior to their relationship.

Although Russell continues to pursue his work in the public eye, his wife, who previously worked in the restaurant industry, has largely stayed out of the spotlight despite the media attention around their marriage.

Russell has said that his wife is currently a stay-at-home mom to their two girls and he doesn’t know how she does it. “[The way she] sustains ... domesticity ... in a way that’s astonishing,” the actor has said about his wife, Global News reports. “I do whatever I’m told.”

11 He’ll Be Cool When His Girls Start Dating

via Hollywood Life

Well, Russell sounds like the one dad your SO will want to meet!

Many dads dread the day that their daughter brings home her first significant other. And while Russell isn’t hoping his daughters rush into dating, he’s also not concerned about when that eventual day comes.

“I’m going to be very protective, but hopefully by the time she’s interested in [dating] she will be clued in to not doing things just to make a point, or just to make herself feel better,” he told The Irish Examiner. “I’m sure that whoever she brings home will be a blessing to our family.”

10 He Says He Doesn’t Worry About His Kids

via Radar Online

Parents - especially new parents - often find themselves worrying over the littlest things when it comes to their kids. But the same can’t be said for Russell Brand.

The celebrity showed off just how much of a carefree parent he is when he admitted that he doesn’t often worry about his girls. “No, I don’t worry because worrying is praying for things that you don’t want to happen,” Russell told The Irish Examiner about eldest daughter Mabel.

“What I do is move towards making things happen that I want to happen – so I want her to be connected, to grow up knowing what’s real, to know how to deal with her own emotions,” he continued. “I’m going to teach her not to say, ‘I’m angry,’ but to say, ‘In this moment I feel angry but the anger will go and I will remain after the anger has gone.’”

9 He Thinks His Wife Is The Better Parent

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Although he says he loves parenthood, it’s clear that Russell is still learning the ropes when it comes to caring for his two youngsters. The star has admitted that he feels his wife is the more competent one when it comes to child-rearing, which is why he says more of the responsibilities fall on her.

“It turns out that she is extremely well versed in the nuances and complexities of child-rearing,” Russell said this year, Global News reports. “Me, I am dedicated to it, devoted to it, but I am still surprised when it’s like ‘Oh my God, this is really hard and it’s so exhausting.’ The younger one [who is six months], I just feel inept so quickly like with the crying.”

8 He Thinks Having A Newborn Is Like ‘Christmas’

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Many parents will tell you the hardest part of raising a child comes in the first few months when they’re a newborn who refuses to sleep through the night. But Russell had an uncannily positive attitude about having a new baby when he was asked how things were on the home front after welcoming Mabel in 2016.

“Every morning it’s Christmas when that little baby comes in and it’s like, wow – what’s she going to do now?! It’s delightful,” the comedian gushed, The Irish Examiner reports. “At the moment she’s sleeping well and it’s an absolute joy. When she wakes up in the night, that’s not a cool thing. At the moment, life in the Brand household is amazing, with a stupid, mad dog and an incredible, beautiful baby.”

7 He Spilled The Baby News At His Stand-Up Show

via In Touch

Russell was so excited that he was going to be a father that the actor couldn’t wait to make a formal statement to announce the good news.

Rather, the star spilled the news of his girlfriend’s first pregnancy unexpectedly during one of his stand-up shows in Nottingham, England, in 2016. Actually, Laura had already given birth when he made the announcement.

“He was conscious of the clock and made sure he was off stage by just approaching 9 p.m. as he ‘needed to get down the M21, as my girlfriend has just had a baby,’” an audience member told Hollywood Life about how the actor shared his news.

6 He Tries To Keep His Family Out Of The Spotlight

via People

Despite living much of his adult life in the public eye (no one can forget his high-profile marriage to Katy Perry), it sounds like becoming a dad has changed Russell. Nowadays, the star is said to be more private than ever and goes out of his way to keep his kids out of the limelight, which is likely why there are scarce photos to be seen of his girls.

For instance, when the news first broke about his girlfriend’s first pregnancy, a source told The Sun that the couple didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. “Russell didn’t want a big fuss this time after his very public relationship with Katy,” the insider explained.

“Laura is also keen to keep their romance low-key, so the small ... party was very much in keeping with their ‘homebodies’ image,” they continued. “As they are becoming parents, Russell wanted to do the right thing and make Laura his wife. She’s delighted he asked.”

5 He Didn’t Find The Transition To Fatherhood Hard

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Many new parents find it tough to transition from a life free of kids to one with a newborn. Given Russell’s party-hard reputation, some fans wondered if he’d have trouble settling into his new role as a dad. But the celeb says it was no trouble at all as he’d been mentally preparing months in advance.

“It’s not like childbirth dropped ... into the chaos of my life and sorted everything out,” Russell once explained, The Irish Examiner writes. “I got into a position psychologically and emotionally because of this program, so that it was possible that the best thing in the world could happen to me – and that was becoming a father.”

4 He Swears The Kids Never Annoy Him

via Pure People

Anyone with a toddler knows that a lot of patience is needed to get through the day given their wavering attention spans and long list of demands. But it sounds like Russell absolutely adores fatherhood, even the parts that would drive most people crazy.

"She grabs my face, closes her fist and twists it. I quite like that. Nothing she does annoys me,” the actor told Stellar magazine in 2017 about his eldest daughter, Mabel. "It's just that you can't ever go, 'Would you mind being on standby for an hour so I can do something else?' It's a total lack of control: she'll punch and I'll surrender'."

3 He Always Knew He Wanted Kids

via CNN

No one would’ve ever pegged Russell Brand for a family man a few years ago, given his struggles and his tumultuous relationship with Katy Perry. But the star has since revealed that being a parent has always been on his mind, and he couldn’t be happier now that he does have kids of his own.

"I've always loved being around kids; sort of obsessively, really. I have strong relationships with all my mates' kids," he told Stellar magazine in 2017. "If I go to their house I sometimes spend more time with them. Because I enjoy play quite a lot – and kids are willing to just put on stupid voices and muck around."

Maybe this is a sign that more kids could be in his future!

2 He Wants A Whole Team Of Kids

via Daily Mail

Fans needn’t worry that Russell brand will just stop at two kids. Not only has the actor been open about his life-long desire to start a family, but he’s also been adamant about wanting a whole slew of kids. Maybe he and his wife will be the next Brangelina (minus the divorce, hopefully)!

“I want loads of kids. I’d like to fill every nook with kids, stack ‘em up five high, like one of them Japanese hotels where they just pop you in a little sock and dangle you from the ceiling, 20 of them hanging from papooses,” Russell told The Irish Examiner in 2017 about his hopes of having a large family.

1 His Family Comes Before His Stardom

via NY Daily News

Fatherhood certainly hasn’t cramped Russell’s style, as he’s continued to do all sorts of projects in the entertainment industry, including movie roles and a stand-up comedy tour. Still, the celebrity maintains that his family comes before his stardom no matter what.

“I might do a film, or a television programme. I do a radio show and a podcast every week, but mostly my life is about Mabel, Laura, Bear (the dog), Morrissey (the cat, not the pop singer although he does still play a part), Jericho the cat, and a tortoise called Rachel who has come into our lives,” he told The Irish Examiner.

Sources: Hello Magazine, The Irish Examiner, Global News, Our Windsor, Hollywood Life, Hollywood Life

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