Ryan Lochte Is "Struggling" To Find Balance Between Being A Dad & An Olympian

Ryan Lochte shares with People about how he is struggling to find a balance between being a father and trying to be an Olympian.

One of the hardest things about being a parent is learning how to juggle your current life with your new parenthood life. Many people believe they are very busy and then when they become parents they will think, "what did I even do before I had to take care of this baby?" You really won't know what you did with all of your free time before. A very hard thing to figure out is how to be a parent while having a full-time job, exercising, cleaning the house, maintaining relationships and trying to not lose yourself in the process. It can be a lot and it is very stressful!

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Olympic swimmer, Ryan Lochte, shares how it is very difficult for him to try to juggle being a father and an Olympian. Lochte has been training really hard and has been putting in a lot of hours in order to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In the past, when he has been working hard at getting ready for the Olympics it was just him. Now, he has a wife and two children. Since the 2016 Olympics he has married is wife Kayla Rae Reid and together they have two children a 5-month-old daughter Liv Rae and a two year old son named Caiden Zane.

Lotchte spoke to PEOPLE about how he has had to learn how to get into shape but then also he is a father. It has been hard to balance work and life. He said that the hardest thing right now and he is struggling but it really is rewarding. “Being able to train at the highest level that I can and going to the swimming pool, training and then coming home, I don’t have the luxury of taking naps because I have two kids that want to play with their daddy,” Lochte says. “I have to have all this energy when I get home to play with them all day.”

“Then I don’t get a nap, and then I go back to afternoon practice and do it all over again,” he adds. “So it is very hard in that sense of time management and having my body recover, which I don’t get. But they’re sacrifices that you have to make. I’m enjoying it. I’m loving it.” He said that he really has to rely on his wife to help him out. She watches the children by herself so that he can go out and swim and train. “She watches the kids when I’m gone for practice, but at least then my practice is only two hours. We take turns,” Lochte shares. “I love just playing with them. If I’m watching or playing with the kids, she can go do the dishes or clean, and vice versa.”

He said that he really loves being with his family and he loves coming right home to spend time with his wife and their two children. He said it is very difficult but he has just loved being with his family and even though it is difficult it is very worth it and he likes to work harder just for his family.

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