Ryan ToysReview: My Kids Love Him & I Hate Him

My children started watching Ryan ToysReview back in about 2016. When we started watching, I really had no problem with either Ryan or his parents. It was kind of a cute show. The show was done with a very simple camera and only featured Ryan. There were never any special effects, and it was just a normal mom doing science experiments and little activities with her toddler. They lived in a modest home, and it was a lot like we were watching home videos.

Soon, the show turned into Ryan playing with toys that his parents would buy him to show people. I didn't really like that little change, but it wasn't too bad. It was kind of weird having my children watch another child play with toys. My kids don't watch a lot of television- but if they do, I want them to watch something educational. Slowly, the show started to get bigger and bigger. Companies started sending Ryan toys to play with, and then others paid for him and his family to go on extravagant trips while they filmed these experiences. After this, the show got out of control. Ryan and his family moved into a mansion. They now have their own warehouse with their own staff. Ryan has his own toys and brand of clothing that can be found at Target and Walmart.

I've since told my kids that I don't like Ryan, and so I won't turn it on for them. However, they still ask for it because they just love it so much. The entire show doesn't teach my children anything good. The show teaches my children gluttony and what it's like to be spoiled. Every once in a while, they have an episode learning about something- but then the annoying dad is usually there being weird.

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When my children watch Ryan ToysReview now, it's all about them marketing their own toys and Ryan wearing his own face on his shirt. He has had birthday parties where the theme was "Ryan." What 6-year old wants himself to be the theme? Each of the children at the party had to wear one of Ryan ToysReview t-shirts, and also got some silly big Ryan egg with a whole bunch of Ryan toys in it. Ryan's mother was continually trying to get her son to pay attention and do stuff at the camera. It was painful to watch because I could tell he didn't want to- he wanted to just enjoy his birthday party.

The parents have become a huge part of the show. There are some episodes where Ryan doesn't appear because he's clearly at school. So there are many episodes that appear where it's just grown-up staff members and Ryan's parents doing ridiculous things.  The family's always getting the most expensive toys. Their family's always vacationing and every place that they go, they're getting escorted to their private seats. Ryan gets every toy and every treat he could ever dream of. Maybe not in real life- but in their video-driven lives he sure does.

I really liked the show when it was just a cute kid learning science experiments and playing with Hotwheels. Now, it's a young boy who makes millions of dollars playing with elaborate gaming systems, going on extravagant vacations that normal families don't get to regularly, and eating thousands of calories in desserts no matter where they go. There's no learning from it anymore. The entire show is one big commercial for Ryan's products or something he's advertising.

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