Sacramento Police Officer Delivers Baby On The Side Of The Freeway

A California Police Officer, Jeffrey Loyd, was able to help deliver a baby while on his patrol. He was in Sacramento on the highway and he was driving his route like he normally does while on his shift. It was around 4:30 P.M and Loyd remembers noticing a gray SUV had pulled up behind him. He was a bit surprised by the aggressive behavior of the driver and was thinking that was a bit suspicious. The SUV began honking their horn at Loyd and so he quickly pulled over. He wasn't sure why they were honking, but he suspected that they might just be lost and looking for directions.


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Officer Loyd approached the passenger's side of the car. The woman quickly told the officer that she was going to have a baby right now and that they weren't going to make it to the hospital. Officer Loyd quickly got on his radio and notified dispatch of the situation. He then grabbed his medical equipment and was prepared to help deliver the little baby. Officer Loyd said, "she made one scream and the baby was out."

Once the baby arrived, Office Loyd unwrapped the umbilical cord that was wrapped around the little baby's head. He checked to make sure that both the mother and the baby were stable and that they were healthy. The officer stayed with the mother and baby until the Sacramento Fire Department arrived and they were able to help transfer the mother and the baby to the nearby hospital. Loyd was very happy to have been able to have the opportunity to help with the delivery of a healthy little baby. He wanted to tell everybody that officers aren't just there to give tickets and punish people, but they are there to also provide safety and service.

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Mom and baby were able to spend a little bit of time in the hospital and both of them are completely healthy and happy. The mom certainly wasn't planning on giving birth on the side of the road, but they are lucky that Officer Loyd was able to be there and help them with the delivery. Congratulations to the happy couple on their new addition.

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